How COVID-19 Is Changing The Gun Control Debate


It’s pretty clear to everyone who isn’t sticking their head in the sand that the COVID-19 situation is radically changing huge parts of our society, and many of those changes will be permanent.

For example, how many jobs have already been lost, and how many businesses won’t be able to re-open? How will that mass unemployment change the face of the culture?

One thing that you may not have thought about, though, is how the COVID-19 situation is and will continue to change the gun control debate. Dan Zimmerman writes,


Our morally superior betters in the media and among the fabulist grifters who run America’s Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex aren’t showing it, but behind the scenes, they’re panicked by photos like the one above.

That’s Stephanie the Suburban Soccer Mom dipping into her savings to buy a pistol, a shotgun, a case, and plenty of ammunition as a national emergency is declared and cities nationwide empty their jails. And the gun buying surge hasn’t slowed down much in recent weeks.

Imagine it being your job to tell her — and hundreds of thousands (millions?) of other middle-of-the-roaders —  that having a firearm in her home is simply too dangerous a proposition for the average American family to consider.

Good luck with that.

Why good luck with that? Because many former anti-gunners are realizing that they are not safe, that people get crazy when they are desperate, and that other people who watch the mainstream media are getting paranoid and panicked over the COVID-19 situation. And that means that they want to protect themselves and their families.

Which means that they are now buying guns.

It’s amazing how gun control ideals fly out the window when you realize that your government can’t protect you when you need to be defended.

This means that a lot of former anti-gunners are going to start voting for gun rights which is going to make it much more difficult for anti-gunners in government and the mainstream media to successfully campaign for gun control.

We just have to keep the current crop of anti-gunner nutcases from doing any more damage before we can vote them out of office.



  1. It also teaches people like STEPHANIE all the lies that they have been told that guns are so so easy to get or they can have them shipped to their home …

  2. Common sense has floated to the surface. How fickle so many liberal Americans are. Ya got to love it.

    • At the end of the third paragraph where it says:”Dan Zimmerman writes,” the word “writes” is a link to the original article with a photo.

  3. Don’t know who originally said this but it’s so true : “The best deterrent to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” You never hear the stories about good guys or gals with guns who have saved innocents from bad guys or gals with guns.

  4. It is time for gun control to mean USING TWO HANDS. Those pushing Gon control laws are the Tyrants wanting to remove the ability of citizens to protect themselves from fascism style government. Very few Americans realize just how close the COMMUNIST OBAMA came to doing just that. This vote by mail is another step in that direction. ARIZONA has vote by mail and in the senatorial election the Republican canidate was over 100,000 votes ahead when tusk leads of uncounted ballots from Tucson and Phoenix WERE FOUND and the Democrats won by over 100,000 votes. With nation wide vote by mail how many more truck loads will be found each time the Democrats are behind?

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