Do You Want To Know Who Shouldn’t Have Guns? It’s Folks Like This


Anti-gunners like to argue that there are people who shouldn’t have guns. That there are people so unstable and dangerous that to allow them access to guns means that they would take scores of lives in murder sprees.

I say that if open carry were allowed, the kinds of anti-social psychopaths who want to kill people would never make it beyond the first shot if more Americans took their rights as responsibilities, too, and armed themselves to protect both themselves and others. Those folks would be weeded out of the gene pool pretty quickly. But I digress.

For the sake of argument, say that there are people who should not be able to own guns. Anti-gunners would say that political conservatives should be the ones who shouldn’t be able to own guns. Why? Presumably because conservatives want to own guns while those on the left are terrified of guns.


But what is the truth?

The truth is that, if there is anyone who should not own guns, it is those on the political left and not those on the political right. Want proof? John Boch gives us a recent example of this truth. Boch writes,

A “peaceful” George Floyd protest rally nearly turned into a bloodbath as a radical leftist brought a rifle. While open carrying a rifle in Texas remains perfectly legal, brandishing it to “off racists and MAGA people” is not.

Cops initially arrested 25-year-old Emmanuel Quinones Saturday after he brandished his AR-15 rifle at a rally in Lubbock, Texas. Initially, the masked gun-toting hotshot refused police orders to drop the gun as he held it at low-ready. He had a change of heart when police pointed their guns at him.

But wait there’s more! Cops say the would-be mass murderer shouted “President Trump must die” and “this is a revolution” as they struggled to cuff him. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and chronic in some.

Further investigation of Quinones’ Facebook account showed the graduate research assistant at Texas Tech had posted violent screeds as well as his plans to kill Trump supporters that might appear at the protest or any found nearby.

Where are the right wingers in this story? Oh, wait, they aren’t there, because political conservatives don’t feel the need to shoot people who disagree with them about politics.

So, maybe there are people who should not be allowed to own guns. It would appear, though, that the people who are the threat to other people’s physical well being are on the political left, and anti-gunners should show the honesty and self-awareness to realize that they are the ones that gun control should be applied to. Because they are the ones who can’t be trusted with guns.



  1. Convicted felons, those diagnosed with any illness or mental disabilities or disorder that would render them either unable to control their emotions ( or actions) anyone currently receiving treatment for drug or alcohol abuse should not have access to firearms. Nor should any minors. I also personally believe that anyone purchasing their first firearms be required to successfully complete a firearm safety and use course. Many states now require a hunting safety course for new or young hunters. This should be expanded for all new and young / first time gun owners and made mandatory in all 50 states. Many if not most states have gun safety and security / storage laws. These too should be standardized across all 50 states. I keep my long guns in a gun safe and any of my handguns not in the gun safe are stored with trigger locks to prevent unauthorized access. Gun ownership requires responsibility.

    • Although I do agree with you on most of your opinions I don’t agree with locks on the handguns not in your safe. My reason for this is while you’re fumbling for your keys in the dark trying to unlock your pistol any intruder will easily get the advantage on you since their gun is ready to go! I keep my Guns loaded and unlocked because if the unfortunate event happens and I need it NOW I will be able to use it without wasting the precious seconds that I might not have to unlock it and load it. Just telling your kids “Don’t touch or play with this, it’s dangerous” is the best way to make a child curious as hell and want to check it out for themselves. My Dad was a Police Officer and had to have firearms, with 5 kids all under 8 years old there was more curiosity than a dozen cats at my house. At age 5 he took me and my brother to the Police outdoor range and brought a GI.45 he carried (off duty) and disassembled it letting us play with the pieces explaining what they were. He made us get involved with reassembling it then he put a clip in it and said “Now it’s Loaded” and shot a can of tomato juice that made a BIG MESS and scared the hell out of us! He then MADE us shoot it so we could feel the recoil, smell the powder, see the mess, etc and when we got home he made us help him clean & oil it (against our will) but when we were done he put the clip in it, racked one in the chamber, lowered the hammer and said “Now it’s Loaded” and put it up. You couldn’t MAKE ANY OF US go anywhere near the guns because ALL CURIOSITY was gone! I did the same thing with my son’s and got the same results. Take away the curiosity from your kids and you won’t need the Locks that could cost you the time needed to save your life!

  2. Guns are like the jack in your car!Not worth mentioning until you need it!! Then you need it badly!! Everybody should have one(some)!!

  3. I’d like you to include the bougaloo boys,the kkk,the skinhead groups and other pro fascist groups in the country in you discuission about who should own guns in my country.

    • Didn’t realize you owned the Country. And so long as their not criminalS, nutz or otherwise banned they can own them. Sorry you Or I don’t share their opinions. Imagine had a lot more Jews owned guns when Hitler and his brown shirts started to rise to power. Just maybe WW2 could have been prevented .

  4. The founders had it right.
    Everyone has the right to defend themselves. It’s a God Given Right.
    Some will abuse that right and wave their guns about and threaten Trump and his supporters.
    Some are just old guys that will carry concealed and shoot those silly Communist Pricks if they point their weapons at us. If they don’t point their weapons at us, no problem, have a nice day.

  5. 45 of the 50 States in the Union, require Hunter Safety Course before a license to hunt can be issued. The cut off age requiring the course varies State to State. Congress won’t address this issue, because it’s the State’s responsibility, as the overwhelming majority of hunting occurs on State and Private Land.
    Requiring a Gun Safety course as a prerequisite to purchase is a slippery slope, especially at the Federal level. It could rightfully be claimed that it’s an infringement upon the 2nd Amendment by some (even if the State or Municipality requires it).
    Passing Safety Regulations, and insuring compliance, are two very different subjects. Do we really need another government bureaucracy at the State or Federal level?

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