After Sandy Hook Lawsuit, What Is The Future Of Remington?


As you may remember, a judge ruled that the families of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting could sue Remington for their “guilt” in being a firearm manufacturer.

Sadly, that idiocy has continued, and Remington has had to file bankruptcy.

So, what happens to Remington, now? Well, it looks like the Navajo Nation is seeking to buy the company. And, conveniently, the buyer (whether the Navajo Nation or another buyer) will get the company without any of the obligation to pay out for the court losses from the Sandy Hook trial. The sale must be approved by the court before it can be completed.


(Makes you wonder why the lawsuit was allowed to continue if Remington’s owner wasn’t going to pay out anyway…)

And what happens if the Navajo Nation acquires the company? Our friends at Lone Star Gun Rights give us these details:

Navajo Nation will acquire Remington after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time. The tribe offered to buy the company in 2018 when the company declared bankruptcy for the first time. However, the offer did not materialize as the company sought other means of survival such as cost-cutting measures. Some of the creditors such as Franklin Templeton Investments and JPMorgan Asset Management took ownership of the company and Remington managed to reduce debt by $775 million.

Remington is renown for the manufacture of hunting and shooting sports firearms, as well as supplies for the military and law enforcement. After the acquisition, Najavo Nation intends to stop the production of AR-15s but instead focus on the manufacture of hunting rifles. The new owners will also concentrate on defense contracts and equipment supply for law enforcement and the military. The company will also start the development and manufacture of smart guns.

So, Remington will be supplying the government and will still make hunting rifles, but no more AR-15s. And they’ll expand into smart guns.

In other words, they intend to stop making guns which can actually be practically used for civilian personal protection.

This is a sad day for civilian gun ownership in America.



  1. It is really pathetically sad that Remington would be held responsible for the Sandy Hook tragedy of murders. They only built the firearms, period. If someone goes out and kills a bunch of people with a knife, the families of those victims are going to hold the manufacturer of that knife responsible. What a bunch of BS!!!

  2. Remington should not cave in to these LEFT-WING SUPPORTER. How do they know where the guns was made? There was nothing in the report about who made the guns! I would fought the lawsuits! Because I did not cause the kids to go on a shooting spread. Parent should held the school RESPONSIBLE! Because it the school job of education and teaching kids to be RESPECTFUL!NOT BULLY OTHER KIDS!

  3. Blaming Remington for the life’s lost makes no sense. The lost lives were the fault of the person(s) who pulled the trigger(s). Those are the guilty ones. Why doesn’t the families of the lost soles go after the families of the murderer(s) rather than the manufacturer? Is the reason really have to be about money?
    C’mon man!

  4. If they can get Remington for selling rifles, then why can’t they sue Ford or GM for selling cars when someone is killed in an auto crash? Why can’t they sue a pool manufacture when someone drowns in a pool? Or a rope manufacturer when someone commits suicide by hanging themselves? This opens the door to all kind of ridiculous lawsuits and the chance that a company can go out of business for this will eventually make a number of manufactures go out of business voluntarily. The judge that ruled this way is a total anti-gun moron.

  5. Don’t know if Remington appealed the ruling or not, but it could have been overturned since it is such an obvious overreach. On the other hand, maybe Remington was looking for a way out of a bad publicity situation and/or maybe they had cut a “behind the scenes” deal with the Navajo nation. Just curious though. What does “EQUIPMENT SUPPLY FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE MILITARY” mean if they aren’t manufacturing Armalite Rifles? Ammo? Kevlar? Range Silhouettes? The whole deal has a little bit of a rancid meat smell to it.

  6. Well, let us take this further, lets sue the iron and steel manufactures, the owners of the land where the trees grow for butt stock materal, the cemical companies who make the propelant for ammunition and so on. You can see where this is going. It will mean anyone who has any interest in anything can be sued for anything at anytime! The judge, stupid, bigoted, lacking in judgment and just for political advancement.

  7. Remington sued, and now out of business! Most disgusting thing I have heard of in many many years. Remington should of sued those who sued them for being cry baby assholes pretending to be intelligent human beings looking for easy money. The murderer is the one to sue. People kill people, not firearms. The murderer killed those people, not Remington. Many, many people who worked at Remington and their children, stock holders, and buyers of Remington products will go without and suffer for this bullshit allowed by a far leftist Democratic judge who I hope dies of colon cancer. What about the many of us whom the suers of Remington didn’t think about. Such money hungry disgusting people they are. They MUST be far leftist Democratic anti 2nd amendment pukes. I supposed some anti 1st amendment jerk will delete my post. If so may he/she die of colon cancer also. This is just my opinion.

  8. It’s all about the lawyers ruining the world! Can’t ban the guns sue the company out of business. If Ford and Chevy were smart they would file amicus briefs on behalf of all gun businesses. The lawyers won’t stop with the gun manufacturers if they Win. Hence the saying“ No lawyer can ever go to heaven so long as there is still room in Hell!

  9. America’s oldest gun manufacturer. Therefore one of the country’s provider of an honest way to make a living for many honest hard working
    Americans. What a shame ! I for one hope all the sleazy lawyers along with pos Bloomberg and his perverted and disgusting Every town go to hell for their one sided views. Wish Remington had fought harder to avoid this dire circumstance. Once a great company now cowering to the liberal Communist Bastards. I still wish the best for Remington and will always cherish my time in the field carrying, with honor, my 870 Wingmaster beginning at age 18 to this day and till my departure from God’s beautiful green earth. God bless America and Remington for what they have meant to us

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