If The NY AG Realized This, She Might Drop Her Lawsuit Against The NRA


Anti-gunner politicians have a nasty tendency to advocate policies and actions that they haven’t actually thought through to their logical conclusion.

What do I mean? It’s simply the concept of unintended consequences. They advocate a policy which ends up with causing another, often worse, problem. The frustrating thing about this tendency is that these unintended consequences are obvious to anyone who pays attention to human nature and how people react to laws and policies, yet, anti-gunners still keep pushing policies that have consequences worse than the situation that they said that they were trying to prevent.

Occasionally, though, those unintended consequences have a humorous effect. For example, take New York Attorney General Letitia James’s recent lawsuit against the National Rifle Association. Now, to be blunt, this lawsuit is simply a media stunt for political purposes because it’s pretty unlikely that it will succeed.


But, on the off chance that the NY AG actually manages to bust up the NRA, it won’t do anything to decrease gun rights advocacy in the State of New York. Why? Martin Levine explains:

But before gun control advocates cheer the possible death of the big, bad wolf that’s preserved our toxic gun culture, take a deep breath. New York nonprofit law requires that a dissolved organization’s assets be given to groups that continue serving the mission. Resources would go to one or more nonprofits that, according to West, are “absolutely squeaky clean” but “have really aggressive Second Amendment politics.”

Turns out many nonprofits are waiting for that chance. On the national level, there’s Gun Owners of America, which describes itself as even more pro-gun than the NRA—“the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.” According to Slate, “Its former executive director, Larry Pratt, isn’t shy about cozying up to militias and white power groups. Yet there’s no evidence the group is involved in any financial shenanigans, so GOA could credibly claim to be an inheritor to the NRA.”

In other words, according to Levine, the State of New York wouldn’t get anything out of breaking up the NRA. By state law, the NRA’s assets would go to other gun rights organizations that would be even more difficulty for the AG to attack.

To borrow from a recent movie series, “Cut off one head, and two more shall take its place.” Breaking up the NRA may create a (good) hydra that the AG can’t fight because it’s coming against gun control with too many attacks to fight off.

If the NY AG realized this fact, she might drop her lawsuit, so, we’ll see what happens.



  1. Didn’t the Germans government in the 30s use Jewish assets and distribute some to the industrious party faithful? The similarities between some Democratic party ideas and the actions of the Nazis is most disturbing. I used to say there was nothing in this country that could be compared to the Nazis and berated anybody who suggested such but when the governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, started talking about “keeping the baby comfortable” while physician and mother discussed its disposition and Democrats in a couple of states passed legislation that made abortion permissible at a point that at one time would be considered murder I changed my mind plus there is Antifa which claims to be anti-fascist but used tactics identical to what Hitlers people prior to his being named chancellor I knew a line had been emphatically passed. Then there is the BLM program of harassing businesses into giving it money when certain Italian people were imprisoned for the same activity I was gratified to see that are several million new gun owners.

  2. There are many originations out there that hold a firmer grip on the 2nd. Amendment ” the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. ” which means that all anti-gun laws are VOID according to the Constitution …

  3. the problem with the NY AG is that she is a dem who doesnt have the brains to understand what you say! does she have her own state funded security guards like most of these brain dead pols?

  4. The left, the DEMONRATS, and their minions are just TRAITORS to the Constitution. There is other way to look at them. Yes they have the right to free speech. BUT, their freedom stops where mine starts. They have NO rights to stop me from driving. No right to scream to my face. No right to make me lift my hand or fist. In fact they have the right to leave me alone.

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