The Problem With Anti-Gunner Thinking That No One Is Talking About


There are lots of problems with the thinking that anti-gunners use to try to justify their position on guns. Anti-gunners take gun violence statistics out of context of overall violent crime statistics. They ignore history. They sweep under the rug the racist history of gun control.

And there are even more reasons that gun control is a bad idea from a practical, moral, and legal position.

But there is one factor that the mainstream media and anti-gun politicians simply don’t talk about. Why? Because to talk about it is to reveal the truth about the statistics that anti-gunners keep using, and that truth is that their “interpretation” of the statistics is simply false. Cam Edwards gives us one recent example of this:


Gun control groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords are in a weird place right now; the Left is pushing to defund the police and “reimagining the criminal justice system,” but the traditional gun control models actually require armed police to enforce the gun laws that the anti-gun activists are hoping to put on the books. The gun control movement is the bastard stepchild of the Left, and I suspect they know it, which is why many of them are now painting police in a negative light and downplaying the push for new gun laws.

Case in point: Giffords, which recently claimed [on Twitter] that Oakland, California [is seeing a decrease in homicides and] offers a “violence intervention strategy” that doesn’t rely on “flooding the streets with police.”

Here’s the biggest problem with Giffords’ statement: homicides in Oakland are not down. In fact, they’re far higher than they were in 2019, as the San Jose Mercury News reported just a few days ago.

How much higher, you may ask? Try 29% higher for the same time period last year. Just to be clear, Giffords’s numbers aren’t just “off” a little. They are literally wrong. The numbers say exactly the opposite of what Giffords said that they said.

And this is the problem with anti-gunner thinking that no one in the mainstream media is talking about: anti-gunners’s use of statistics is incredibly inaccurate, at best, and downright lying, at worst.

Of course, anti-gunners don’t want to have this conversation because the statistics are on the side of gun rights advocates when you look at them in context, and that is exactly why we need to keep pushing anti-gunners about their statistics so that they stop misleading people with false interpretations and bad data.



  1. As usual, the anti-gun idiots, after defunding the police, and sending psychologists to solve the many problems the police resolve, will be able to call no one on the 911 lines. The murderers, the rapists, the thieves, the criminals will then have the green light to do as they please. And let’s see what will happen: 62% of the criminals in prison are blacks, 28% are of “spanish” speaking population, and the rest are mainly white criminals, racists and others. The blacks, just like in Chicago, New York, Houston, L.A., and so many other cities, will have their access to weaponry unhindered. Same for the “browns”. There will be war territories. Drug wars to get the “best” corners. And the “drive-bys” will accelerate and be more deadly. Then the “races ” will clash and more deaths will lay more bodies on the streets.The “rich” will hire their own protection. But it will only the “UBER” rich. Those “protectors” will not come cheap, like the police is. So, the amounts of monies the UBER rich will need will be enormous, unless the “mediocre” rich get together, build high walls around their developments and hire guards, armed evidently, which will still cost a lot more than the police. Us, the “deplorables”, will have to hide, be careful, not show any sign of ownership of anything the “outlaws” could be jealous of and want to rip off from us. Do you really think the DEMONRATS will be able to afford their guards??? They soon will die like the rest of us. GOOD LUCK YOU IDIOTS.

    • Anti-gunners are not idiots; they are evil. They are knowingly lying at this point. For this reason, the punishment for their crime of pushing evil, tyrannical laws should be the removal of their tongues and their eyes, Game of Thrones style.

      Their tongues, for the lies they spread, and their eyes, for being willfully blind.

  2. The anti-gunners have also made extensive efforts with manipulating statistics, such as including suicides in same category as criminal abuse, calling “child deaths” as being anything up to a variety of ages, for example, any person at or under the age of 21 is a “child”. They also love to point at the “A well regulated militia…”, where a study of the writings of the 1700’s in the Americas and in England will show that “a well regulated militia…” referred to a requirement to ensure that those who could be called upon in defense of their country (essentially all adult males) who owned arms maintained them in fully functional condition so as to ensure that, if called upon to defend their country, the weapons were capable of use.

  3. Actually you can get accurate information from the anti-gunners and all of the left, just realize the opposite is true as all they do is to lie, well and blame others for what they are guilty of.
    As for the Giffords, maybe she should be more concerned about what her astronaut hubbie is up to with the chinese. Seems as though he is deeply in bed with them, and wants to challenge Martha McSally for her seat in Arizona. Just what is needed, another deep stater in bed with the Chinese. Hell we’ll give away the whole country before it is over with the likes of this.

  4. The left is anti gun for one reason and one reason only. The second amendment was give to the people as part of the constitution to prevent a government take over that subjugated the people and became an unethical government that took the rights of the people from them and became a government of a few over the people instead of a government of the people by the people. The LEFT are hell bent on bringing this nation down and making it a Socialist or Communist Nation where the government dictates what we can and cannot do as citizens.

    • The liberal / socialist factions are going all out to win this election. With a win, Joe will be reburied in his basement, Kamala will be put up as the puppet figure for the One World Organization. With a Democratic win, the United States will no longer be able to keep any sanity in this world. All democracies will fall and the socialists will take over. There will be no where where we can go on this earth to get away from the doom that will ensue. The libs /socialists have already got our education system indoctrinating most of our children. They will re-establish Obamacare and take over our healthcare. And, once they can get control of all of the guns thru confiscation, there is nothing left for them to do but convert all citizens to subjects. We will be under the control of the One World Organization. Of which, Obama believes he can take control of as the head of the new one world. If all of the above should take place, this last statement may never be heard or thought of again: “Heaven help us.”

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