Are These Five Groups All Better For Gun Rights Than The NRA?


You’re probably aware of the difficulties that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has been experiencing over the last few years. From leadership changes to allegations of mismanagement of funds to being actively hunted by the New York State (where they are based) Attorney General, the NRA has had a rough few years.

Maybe your beefs with the NRA match Aya Katz’s complaints. Katz writes,

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is the best-known gun rights organization in the United States, but it is not the best at representing its membership. Over time, this national organization has come to stand for the established order of things, fighting to preserve the legislative status quo, rather than to defend the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms. The NRA has come to accept laws infringing on Second Amendment rights, while taking the financial contributions of gun owners for granted.

Recently, the NRA endorsed Donald Trump for President, even though Trump supports taking guns away from people on the secret government no-fly list. By doing so, the NRA chose a secret list compiled by the government over Second Amendment rights protected in the constitution. Trump supports a policy of stop and frisk, and would allow the police to take guns away from citizens on mere suspicion.

When Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke up to defend the Second Amendment, the NRA suggested that Johnson was not a viable candidate. This means that currently, the best-known organization in the United States entrusted with the mission of protecting Second Amendment rights is actively working to infringe on those rights.

And Katz has valid points: shouldn’t a pro-gun organization support candidates that are pro-gun in every respect? That would seem to be a logical conclusion.


If you share Katz’s criticisms of the NRA, then you may be interested that Katz also says that the following five organizations are better choices to further gun rights than the NRA:

  1. The Second Amendment Foundation
  2. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
  3. Gun Owners of America
  4. National Association for Gun Rights
  5. Constitutional Rights PAC

So, if you have issues with the NRA but still want to support gun rights, you have options. Whichever option that you choose, we all need to work to protect our Second Amendment rights from the overreach of the government.



  1. Katz has a point. But two of those Organizations are against the 2A and people’s Constitutional Right to carry. Personally, the laws which they have made, at least 96% are Unconstitutional and ABSOLUTELY INFRINGE upon our rights.

  2. why are they trying to make us like a communist country that is why we fought the war with england and won our freedom and why we have our costitution and the amendments to stop this kind of control on us. if you take away this fredom where does it end

  3. NRA/,GOA /S.C.O.P.Ehasn’t been any help to us in upstate NY.
    The NRA needs to fire LaPierre and his buddies-they’re thieves.

  4. I wonder just how many more feathers Wayne feels like he needs to further pad his nest? Surely he has more than enough thousand dollar suits by now. Maybe he is simply just greedy? He makes more annually than I have in my entire lifetime – and I live pretty comfortably.
    If he really can’t see how much damage he is doing to the organization and gun rights in general, someone needs to sit him down and ‘splain things to him.

  5. NRA & everything else like our own government are being infiltrated and subverted. The main people responsible are Zionists Marxist Jews & other’s they recruit, a proven historical fact. The ADL is primarily responsible. It is also a Jewish Zionist Marxist creation and a criminal organization that meets the RICO statute’s requirement & constitutes a gang, just look into their history a little, and you will see the criminal acts they have been engaged in,
    against America and it’s citizens including our elected leaders. Do not support anything or anyone involved with Zionism, read the Talmud do your own research to see for your self.
    PS. The first article in the Soviet Unions constitution was against any anti-Semitism, meaning criticism of anyone Jewish. Atheist Soviet Union still allowed the Russian Orthodox Church – a Jewish Zionist church or
    synagogue in the west. Israel has long historical ties with the old Soviet Union and current Russia, and being longtime backed by the Rothschild cartel or Banisters, including former POTUS Trump, just look at his appointments and his policies, he got us into this mess directly and by doing nothing about it in the first place,
    just like all the rest of them including Texas and Florida, both Republicans & Democrats at every level of government.

  6. ALL religions despise our USA, freedom, and freedom of speech!
    Yes, Trump stupidly put more Catholics on SCOTUS… then he was surprised they fraudulently sided with Catholic Jomentia Bribery in regards to election fraud… took 250 years but Vatican/Hitlerites/criminals/Socialists/Communists now completely run the USA… just like 1930’s Germany… and we know how THAT turned out for them… and they apparently didn’t see the total ruination of their country coming from the path their leaders were on…

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