Finally! GOP Reps Go After Biden Family For Alleged Gun Crimes


Contrary to what you hear from the mainstream media, there are a lot of people who are not happy with Joe Biden as President. They find him dishonest and find what he’s done so far while in office to be dispicable.

Many of those same people are frustrated with the Republican Party for not putting up as much of a fight against Biden as they would have liked.

But it looks like things may be about to change (hat tip to here for the lead). Beth Baumann writes,


Two dozen Republican members of Congress on Monday sent a letter to President Joe Biden’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) nominee David Chipman, asking him, if confirmed, to investigate Hunter Biden for allegedly lying on a 4473 form, a document used to conduct background checks while purchasing a firearm.

Politico first reported that Hunter Biden answered ‘no’ to the question about drug use on the Firearms Transaction Record for a gun back in October of 2018. “Many Americans are rightfully alarmed by these reports considering Mr. Biden’s history of drug use,” the letter, first obtained by the Daily Caller, states. “In the past, the Biden family has been open about Mr. Biden’s struggle with substance abuse, and Navy records indicate his discharge from service following a positive drug test. Since lying on a background check form is a felony, this allegation merits investigation.”

Earlier this month, Hunter Biden admitted in an interview with CBS News’ Tracy Smith that he took drugs and drank vodka during the peak of his addiction, to the point where he found himself on his “hands and knees picking through rugs smoking anything that resembled crack cocaine.”

Section 21.e. of the 4473 form asks about drug use, something that would automatically disqualify Hunter from legally obtaining a firearm.

Look, I’m not going to criticize Hunter Biden for addiction problems. They’re horrible and an untold number of people have had to deal with them. But lying on an ATF background check form? Yes, that’s a problem, and he shouldn’t be treated any different than you or me if we had committed that crime, regardless of who is father is.

Could this be the beginning of the unraveling of the Biden family criminal empire? Let’s hope so.



  1. Like mentioned his drug addiction is a shame. Just a poor choice. As far as lying on the federal form, this needs to be investigated. Like you said, if it were you or me, there wouldn’t be any questions asked. We’d be tried and found guilty in a half a second. Probably jail time also. His father wants to restrict lawful people of their RIGHTS. If that’s how you really fail, follow the law and make an example with the prosecution of your son. If it’s good enough for his criminal charges to be overlooked then it’s perfectly good enough for us to be able to enjoy our 2nd amendment RIGHTS. All your doing is protecting all criminals and hurting law abiding citizens, especially when we leave our homes. We all have targets on our bodies. End of story. Wake up.

    • Well sad Dan! Additionally, I would like to see a letter handed to Joe Biden addressing this situation and him promising not to sign ANYMORE legislation that weakens the Second Amendment…period!!!!

  2. I wouldn’t believe Anything David Chipman promises and any Republican lawmakers that cozy up to him need to be investigated themselves. Better for congressional Republicans to work with their Senate counterparts in conversations with democrats who are on the fence over confirmation of mr. chipman.

  3. The ENTIRE Biden family are criminals and TRAITORS!!!! We have to make sure that human garbage like pedophile Joe and the prostitute Kamala never get to even run for president ever again!!!!

    • For that matter, the entire Democrat Party is a?ting against America’s best interests literally in everything they do. They longer acting as an American Political Party..just the opposite. And for seeking justice for criminal acts, where is the DOJ
      in all this corruptionby Democrat Leaders ?
      Where are the investigations, indictments, trials, judgements and sentencing on crimes committed by the Clintons, Obama, Biden, Kerry, Schiff and all the others as criminals we hear about, even imvestigations, found evidence of crimes but nothing more…EVER !!! Are they made of Teflon?
      Nothing ever sticks!! Just I?e is a joke when it comes to crimes committed by Democrat Leadership. Unconscionable.

  4. Some how I’m just not holding my breath that anything is going to happen to Hunter Biden over a slap on the wrist and maybe a suspended sentence at worst.

      • He’s got their Selective Service protection for the rest of his life. He doesn’t even need to own a gun anymore because he has armed security. That totally pisses me off!

  5. Drug problem, his choice. Lieing on a federal document, America has a problem with that. Sadly no matter what the outcome of this investigation, especially if he’s found guilty, his ALZ daddy is president. NOTHING, I SAY NOTHING will happen. Daddy can and will have ALL charges DROPPED. What happens after that will once again PROVE there are two laws in America, one for the elites and one for the people.

  6. In Hunter’s defense, if you had a father who was as morally bankrupt and corrupt like Senile Joe, wouldn’t you likely be just as screwed up? No matter…ALL the corrupt Biden family members (including our bogus President) need to be held accountable for their numerous crimes.

    • There is no such thing as, “In hunter’s defense…”
      Whatever level of moral bankruptcy and corruption the biden family practices, doesn’t legitimize (provide a defense) what that cocaine sniffer did!
      “Gee, Officer, you can’t arrest me. My daddy beat me and my mommy hated me, so I figgured it’s ok to beat up and rob defenseless senior citizens and touch little kids!”

  7. And the Old Double Standard continues. And Biden was hired to finish what Obama started: destruction of the USA with the lame stream media as accomplices.

  8. So. Even if Hunter is convicted of a crime, Dad will pardon him! Republicans should use their time and resources on removing the Biden administration from office.

      • SD , and Harris will most likely choose the governor of Michigan as her VP. And then our chest (nuts) will really be in the fire !
        We think that it is bad now but with the Democrats , it can always get worse. ( And it usually does )
        I believe that on January 20th , 2021,
        that the end of America was affirmed.

  9. Hunter Biden has been supervised by the Secret Service his whole life. The Secret Service has watched Hunter turn into an addict that commits crimes. The Secret Service remained secret about all the crimes they have witnessed the Bidens invovlement.
    Poor white men, black men, latin men, Indian men and asian men have been put in a jail cell by the white anglo saxon controllers of this great America for much less.
    Starting to investigate Hunter Biden will be a way to control Joe Biden and his communism sell out. The idiots actually thought stupid Joe would be better than smart Donald. 85 million people thought Donald was smarter than Joe. The corruption controllers let Joe in,,,are you controllers happy now.

    • mike , don’t let your racism blind you to the truth. The Democrat Party is equal opportunity. If you have enough political strength and have accumulated enough wealth , anyone can be a party leader. The ruler of California is W. B. and he is the one that placed Harris in her position. Caucasian men are not the only controllers of the Democrat Party.

  10. Obviously, we all understand the total corruption under this government, especially under dead joe. President Trump tried to make America great and that included equal justice. Hunter’s laptop computer has more than enough proof to prove collision by many elites, demoncrates and republicans, biden’s, to violate our laws and perpetrate Treason.

    President Trump just stated that he believes he will be back in office by August 2021. Sounds great! No other facts. If this is possibility the democraps would be out right grabbing guns. Because for President Trump to get back the presidency it is going to take more than words. The courts will not hear the election fraud cases. Mike Lindell will be filing his case sometime in July 2021.

    40 republican senators just voted to reduce tariffs on Chinese imports. “That really protects America and its workers.” More rinos exposed by this vote. So who do you trust? Need complete removal of all these traitors. And you know exactly what needs to be done.

    At this time, it appears that our country is lost. Too many traitors!!!!

  11. Hunter Biden committed a felony by lying on form 4473 and should be not only investigated, but arrested, tried, covicted, and sentenced to prison like any regular person who committed the same crime- no special treatment. The only problem with that scenario is that if convicted, “Daddy” will simply issue a presidential pardon, which should make Mush Brain” an accessory after the fact, and criminally liable as well.

    • David Ruff ,
      The DOJ is flooded with Democrats. As is the FBI and the BATF ! The federal government as well as many states is inundated by Democrats . There is no one that will even arrest Hunter , much less prosecute him. Even though they will say differently , justice is not the forte of the Democrats.

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