One State Makes BOSS MOVE In Favor Of Gun Owners


Have you ever seen someone do something that seemed to be about more than just it’s stated purpose? As in, that action was intended to make a point or communicate something more than just what the action does?

I think that we’ve all seen things like that. The guy who nods his head in acknowledgement of you, but the facial expression also says, “Don’t do anything stupid while you’re here, or you might regret it.” Or maybe that’s just been in the old westerns that I watched growing up.

Regardless, when you hear about the boss move that one state recently made in favor of gun owners, you may think that the move was partially a thumbing of their collecting nose at anti-gunners, and it’s a beautiful thing. Audra Laskey writes,


Starting July 1, all small firearms and ammunition bought in West Virginia will no longer contain a sales tax.

“If you are going to buy that $2,000 riffle, it’s going to be $120 cheaper here in West Virginia than compared to our neighboring states,” said Delegate Gary Howell, (R) District 56.

This law was formed in House Bill 2499, which was passed during this year’s legislative session to promote business by exempting sales taxes for consumers.

With more than 5 million first-time new gun owners in just 2020, gun stores like this in West Virginia hope to continue the trend in sales.

“It’s definitely going to spike gun sales for the foreseeable future. Then after that, I think it will steadily increase in terms of your mid and high-range arms. So, I think over the long term that it will defiantly be a boost in business,” said Taylor Collins, gun and ammo salesman for Bridgeport.

Yes, it will definitely help gun and ammunition sales after an already booming past eighteen months, but this will also definitely irk a bunch of anti-gunners, like those controlling neighboring Virginia right now (looking at you, Ralph Northam). And that warms my heart.



  1. As I see it banning our right to buy ammunition from anywhere is a Second Ammendant violation. So We have guns for the time being, but it becomes much more expensive and harder for us to purchase ammo. This is not about Russia, it’s about us the American Gun Owner. We just lost 40% of the ammo available to us.

    • I hear you! I just bought a beauty of a rifle that I had liked since my college days when one of my roommates hunted with it: a Winchester 07. Ammo in .351 can only be bought on line. I also ran across – some years ago – a Win model 10 in .401 Win – (I like to lob “door knobs” across the range – But was unable to buy it.

  2. All of us need to choose our words carefully. Criminal politicians are not anti-gun, they are Anti-Bill of Rights. Call it what it is !
    These bureaucrats, legislators, CONgressmen, etc swore an Oath to get in to Office. By going against the Bill of Rights they are in Violation of Oath of Office. Make that a focal point from now on !!

  3. yeah but I’ve herd that WV and MO have high crime levels including meth labs,even TN -seems-to be having high-er crime rates
    Was I misinformed?
    Age 70,alone,retired,looking a rural only-and affordable,small property
    RSVP Specifically.

  4. Politicians who have the knowledge and the will to apply the economic principles of The Austrian School provide us with a rare example of wisdom and courage in action. We can argue whether or not that WVa legislator had ever heard of The Austrian School. Deliberately applied intelligence or happy accident, the result is very pleasing. That they were so persuasive as to convince their fellow politicians to agree is even better. Awesome. But only the beginning.
    Any and all federal legislation regulating firearms is, by the express wording of the 2nd and 10th amendment to the Constitution, illegal as a matter of law. Therefore, it is the DUTY of any and all State legislators to create legislation affirming as a matter of State law that federal firearms regulations are illegal in their State. This duty already exists in the form of having taken an oath to protect and preserve their State Constitution, which in all 50 States contains wording similar to the federal 2nd Amendment to preserve and protect the God-given right to keep and bear arms.
    The right coming from God is expressed in our Declaration of Independence as a matter of law. This means that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution can be eradicated and our God-given right is not affected. The 2nd Amendment while yet in force can and has been overwritten with illegal legislation, but this does mean that such illegal laws have any force. Nor does such illegal legislation invalidate the Declaration of Independence. If the federal congress were to expressly eradicate the 2nd Amendment – they already have by ignoring it for making the mistake of believing that the right to keep and bear arms did not exist until the ratification of the Bill of Rights and hence “ratified” illegal federal firearms regulations – but that does not eradicate the right to honor God as protected by the 1st Amendment.
    There is but one way to ruin our God-given right to keep and bear arms. Only an international treaty can eradicate the wording of the Declaration of Independence, and declare that the right to keep and bear arms must henceforth and thereafter be regarded as coming from government, not God.
    If that happens, when that happens, there will a genuine revolution on our continent.
    Assuming such a treaty will involve the UN, there will be no need for jackboots crashing through the front door at 4:00am in a violent attempt to confiscate our firearms. The UN has access to a database of every American with a bank account. That happens because of the OFAC and the UN working together to perform the many on line background checks bankers are required to perform on an American who desires to open a bank account. Americans on the firearms registration lists who do not comply with treaty mandates will have their bank accounts shut off.
    Some comprehensive thought needs to be given to that very real scenario. The fallout will be
    frightening, indeed!

    • Which is why the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department have been trying to do away with the U.S.Dollar as cash! No cash money will be permitted except as a curiosity, and will no longer be accepted as legal tender if the Leftists get their way. The Left can then track every dime spent, by who spent it, what it was spent on, who received it, and what they did with it!

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