1 Story Shows The RIDICULOUS Way That Anti-Gunners See Gun Owners


As you know, anti-gunners think that gun owners, in general, are dangerous. They think that we’re irresponsible and that we (and our firearms) are just a horrible accident waiting to happen.

In the case of the overwhelming number of legal gun owners in America, this characterization is just nonsense.

The truth of the matter is that legal gun owners in America are overwhelmingly good, responsible people who simply recognize a reality of life: violence rarely happens to everyday people (unless you live someplace like Chicago), but when it does, you are better off being able to protect yourself and your family. And a firearm is very often your best self-protection method.


But, sadly, there are those rare people out there that do stupid things which the media uses to reinforce anti-gunners’s viewpoint that legal gun owners are both foolish and dangerous. One recent example comes out of Kenosha, Wisconsin (yes, where they were rioting just a few months ago). The Associated Press gives us the story:

A Wisconsin woman accidentally shot a friend while using the laser sight on a handgun to play with a cat, authorities said.

A criminal complaint charging the 19-year-old woman with negligent use of a weapon said she was visiting a Kenosha apartment on Tuesday afternoon where a 21-year-old man had brought a handgun.

The woman, who a witness said had been drinking, picked up the handgun, “turned on the laser sight and was pointing it at the floor to get the cat to chase it,” when the gun went off, the complaint filed Thursday said.

Of course, anti-gun politicians and “journalists” will use this as their example of what the average American gun owner is like. This is in spite of the fact that the lady in this story violated the four basic gun safety rules that are routinely taught to legal gun owners which are, as noted on the NSSF website:

  1. Always Keep Firearm Pointed in a Safe direction
  2. Treat All Guns as Though They are Loaded
  3. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger until You are Ready to Shoot
  4. Always Be Sure of Your Target and What’s Beyond It

This story frustrates me, and it likely frustrates you. It also shows that we, the gun advocates of America, have a long way to go in educating both anti-gunners and many gun owners of the truth about guns and how to handle them safely.



  1. I like how guns always just go off. Seems like no one ever pulls the trigger or chambers a round before the gun goes off.

  2. Idiots with a gun in hand, and no gun discipline!?! Is like pouring gasoline on an open flame. A gun can sit on a table for 100 years!?! Guns don’t kill people, People kill people.

  3. Like the cartoon years ago with the cop questioning a guy tied up in a chair in his disheveled living room, “And after you told the pollster you were against guns…?

  4. This woman was not even the gun owner and obviously had not idea what she was doing. It falls back on the guy who brought the gun for not maintaining safe control of it. He is the one who should be charged with negligence. Maybe if idiots like that were held responsible the rest of us could avoid being tarred with that particular tar brush.

  5. How much you want to bet the guy that brought the gun had bought it off the street so no background check.

  6. A few years ago I read something that stated that holders of concealed carry permits were more law-abiding than law enforcement individuals. And gun owners on average may be more educated than the average citizen.
    It kind of reminds me of the guy who said he put the laser dot on the burglar’s chest and his cat did the rest.

  7. The anti-gunners hate an inanimate object for no other reason , than this , they are afraid of inanimate objects. An irrational fear born of seeing one too many commercials on gun control. or hearing about a “friend of a friend of a friend who got beat up , and he went home and got a gun so he could go back and harm the guy who beat him up. Instead , the guy who beat the guy who came back with the gun , took the gun from the guy who he beat up , and shot him dead. He claimed self defense and FEARED for his life.” So the friend of the friend of the friend who they didn’t know , became
    afraid of guns. Simple, yes?

  8. Reminds me of the guy who sued a manufacturer because it didn’t tell him not to twirl a loaded and cocked single-action revolver. He did survive to file the suit.

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