Is This Easily-Hidden Carbine The One For Your Bug-Out Gear?

Image courtesy Trailblazer Firearms.

The increasing violence that we’ve seen over the last few years in “mostly peaceful” protests. Inflation and other economic difficulties. Frustration with government mandates that look, to many people, like they’ll never end. These are all reasons that more-and-more people are concerned about the future of our country.

These are people who are concerned about the safety of both their families and of themselves, and, so, these people often take practical steps to get themselves ready in case the… stuff… hits the fan. As you likely know, these people are called “preppers.”

Beyond training for survival, most preppers also accumulate gear that they can take with them on short notice when the situation gets ugly (how many people in Portland wish they had this kind of gear and training ready so they could have left when the violence started there?). Of course, many preppers have firearms for both hunting and self-protection as part of that gear.


Maybe that’s you, and you need an easily stored firearm, but you want something that gives more accuracy over distance than a pistol. If that’s the case, then, you may be interested in a firearm that Trailblazer Firearms is introducing this year (2022). A writer going by Nicholas C gives us details:

Trailblazer Firearms are best known for their LifeCard folding .22lr pistol. Well now they are scaling up to a folding 9mm but not in the traditional sense. Last year they announced the Pack9 and now it is dubbed the PIVOT as of SHOT Show 2022.

The PIVOT is a folding 9mm carbine but it folds in an unconventional way. Rather than vertical folding like a SUB-2000 the PIVOT upper receiver spins on a central axle sort of like a helicopter rotor. But pivoting to deploy the PIVOT carbine, this means your can have optic and other accessories attached to the top without interfering with the folding nature. This also means your optic stays zeroed to the barrel.

Nicholas C continues:

The stock is collapsible and adjustable for length of pull. It has an integrated spare magazine holder. Yes, the PIVOT takes Glock mags.

Think about it: a carbine that stays zeroed even after having been folded (as in the picture above) and unfolded. It’s an intriguing idea and may be one worth considering if you want something more precise over distances than your everyday carry. So, if that is you, then, the Trailblazer Firearms PIVOT may be a carbine to consider.



  1. Trailblazer Carbine will be mine when it comes out in .45ACP.
    I have .45 carbines & a pistol by High-Point. I have a carbine pack
    that fits even my ATI BP12 with many magazines of various capacity.
    I considered going with 9mm at the time I went .45ACP. The +P ammo
    that is available through Pilgrim & Liberty makes it an easy choice. .22LR
    is lighter & more affordable for more shooting & target practice. ~ Dan Calhoun

  2. It will have to be priced competitively with the Sub2000 and the Ruger PC9 take down carbine. Prices have been coming down lately. Back to more or less normal.

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