When Anti-2A ‘Journalists’ Are The Pot Calling The Kettle Black


There’s an old saying that was common when I was growing up that went along the lines of “Well, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!”

Now, this saying isn’t talking about marijuana pot. No, it’s talking about a cooking pot, probably cast iron from the color reference, and the meaning of the phrase is the idea that the person accusing someone else of something is guilty of the exact same thing.

That’s exactly the position that an editorial board out of Pennsylvania is in. That editorial board at the York Dispatch writes,


In the absence of true leadership from D.C. or Harrisburg [to pass gun control laws], the only way to combat gun violence is to address its root causes.

What is gun culture rooted in?


It’s why groups like the National Rifle Association are so preoccupied with the idea that “our guns are being taken away” despite all the evidence to the contrary: Fear is a powerful motivator. Their underlying message is that violence — or at least the threat of violence — is the best response to fear.

Our children can’t help but absorb that message and, in a world full of free-flowing weaponry and good reasons to be fearful, they pick up a gun.

If we want to stop the violence, we have to teach our children better ways to deal with fear and reduce the very real threats they face each day.

Now, I’ll start my commentary at the end of that quote. I agree that to end gun violence, we have to teach children better ways to deal with fear and to reduce the danger that they live in. That’s not a gun problem, though, that’s a human nature problem.

Removing legally-owned guns from those situations won’t solve those human nature problems. It just drives that violence into other directions while making responsible people less able to defend themselves.

In other words, more gun control increases violence and murder rates when you look at all types of violence.

From there, let’s go back to the accusation about fear. Yes, many gun owners own guns out of the fear that their government has the intention to oppress the American people. The point of the Second Amendment, after all, was to arm the citizenry to make people in government think twice about oppressing the people, and Joe Biden’s actions on many issues aren’t making any of these people feel safer. I’ll also add that if you pay attention to where state and municipal governments oppress their people the most, it’s where gun control is strictest.

So, this editorial board is right about that.

What the editorial board seems completely blind to, though, is the fact that they, like all other gun control advocates, are scared, too. Terrified, if they’s being honest. About what? About guns at all.

Nearly none of those people have ever held a gun, much less fired a gun at a range, and they haven’t studied anything other than what supports their viewpoint. If they had, they would understand that people own guns because, yes, they are scared, but those gun owners are also realistic enough to realize that the way to protect themselves is to arm themselves and train, not to bury their heads in the sand by pretending that guns are the problem.

So, this editorial board is accusing Second Amendment advocates of operating out of fear without having the simple self-awareness to realize that the board, itself, is operating out of both fear and ignorance.



  1. They keep saying that the gun is the problem , but the gun is an inanimate object ( a tool ) like any other inanimate object it NEEDS A HUMAN TO CONTROL IT …
    ARE SO PREOCCUPIED WITH THE IDEA THAT “OUR GUNS ARE BEING TAKEN AWAY” DESPITE ALL THE EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY: FEAR IS A POWERFUL MOTIVATOR. They seem to be forgetting the 1934 gun control act and all the later acts that took different guns away …
    The editorial board out of Pennsylvania makes a good point FEAR only its not fear of the gun its the fear of the person in control of that gun …

  2. I’m reminded of the story of the Police Officer that pulls the little old lady over and while she searches her purse for her license, has to withdraw a 1911 and a S&W Revolver from her purse. The Officer asks her why she has the guns, and she says for self protection. He then asks what she’s afraid of, and she looks him square in the eye and says, “Sonny, not a damn thing.”
    I’ve owned guns for most of my 62 years. I don’t own them out of fear. I own them because it is my God given right to own them. A right that is enumerated by the protection of the 2nd Amendment.

    Because I own them, I’m not afraid of a damn thing.

  3. It always amazes me that these same people blame alcohol, the bars and liquor stores, even the cars, but not so much the driver when a drunk kills someone.

  4. I believe that anyone who wants to own a gun and for that matter any gun of their choosing there shouldn’t be anyone out there to say that we can’t have it. I agree that there are some military type weapons people should not have access to. But at the same time I don’t agree that a law abiding citizen that is in possession of a valid conceal carry permit from his and or her home state should be told that he or she can not carry a gun in certain states is government in those states discriminating against their own citizens and law abiding citizens from other states traveling into and through those states to set these people up to be arrested and jailed and the big reason is that almighty fine that is so high most billionaires can’t afford to pay it. Washington DC is so corrupt that anyone going there should be armed and then California, now there is a state that nobody should go to because even the law enforcement people don’t obey the law,but they let them carry gun for protection boy does that sound fair. All I am saying is yes there are people out there that should
    Not be allowed own much less carry a gun and at the same time we what I call idiot politicians telling the people that voted for they can’t defend themselves. Where does that make any sense, people of this country are going to have to start telling their representatives that it time to listen us or get the hell out of politics and that goes for both parties, better start listening or get out so that someone else who will listen can get in. Remember we put you idiots in we can take you out, it’s coming I can guarantee it so keep it up and see.

  5. Bloody assholes trrying to use revers paychology now,, itstill won’t work. You don’t like the waywe live here leave, go to some gun banning communism loving country.

  6. I own guns, and I train with them. But I don’t live in FEAR, I live in AWARENESS and PREPAREDNESS. I am AWARE that there are lots of violent, evil people in this world, and at any time, I could end up face-to-face with one (or more) of them. So, I am PREPARED to deal with that possibility.

  7. When you have only seconds to live the cops are only minutes away.ACTUALLY YOU ARE DEAD BEFORE THEY ARRIVE. Fact??
    it’s better to have a gun and not need it, than to need it and not have it. If you do purchase a firearm seek the proper training with it .Know how and when to use it. Always know where it is, and how to safely and properly secure it. Once a bullet is fired out of a gun all the I’m sorry’s in the world will not call it back.

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