Congresswoman Does What Almost NO ONE ELSE Has The Guts To Do When It Comes To Biden


It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you can count on one hand the number of members of Congress who understand the Second Amendment and its implications and rights for Americans.

Among those few people are Representative Thomas Massey, Senator Rand Paul, Representative Marjory Taylor Greene, and the subject of our story today.

You may remember the subject of today’s story because of the restaurant that she owns with her husband which encourages open carry by restaurant patrons (read about that here). Or maybe you’ll remember her fight with the House leadership because she wanted to be able to carry her Glock on Capitol Hill (read about that here). Or maybe you’ll remember how she openly trolled anti–2A members of the House when they were still meeting by Zoom (read about and see a picture of the trolling here).


I will admit to wishing that every other member of Congress had the same understanding of the Second Amendment that Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert does. And you’ll probably appreciate her latest move to protect Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Michael Clements writes,

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has introduced HR 3212, the “Shall. Not. Be. Infringed. Act.,” to restore what she considers to be rights lost under the Biden administration.

“It gets rid of all the unconstitutional laws passed under Nancy Pelosi and signed by (President) Joe Biden,” a spokesman from Boebert’s office told The Epoch Times.

The bill, introduced in the House on May 19 has 28 sponsors and is endorsed by Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the National Association for Gun Rights. Aidan Johnston, GOA’s Director of Federal Affairs, said it’s now up to Congress to act.

“The House needs to vote; we’re doing our part,” Johnston told The Epoch Times.

Boebert’s bill would repeal a laundry list of gun laws enacted under Biden. At the top of the list is the law often cited by Democrats as the most significant gun-control legislation in more than 30 years: the bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

That’s just beautiful. It almost brings a tear to the eye. Or, at least, an open cheer of celebration.

Boebert has the guts to go after Biden and his gun control garbage openly, brazenly, and expansively to knock all of it out. If we had more members of Congress that actually took their oath of office seriously, this legislation would be passed overwhelmingly with a veto–proof majority.

Will it? I have my doubts, unfortunately, but the fact that she’s willing to submit it for a vote says a lot about Boebert. Now, we need to get many more like her elected into office, too.



  1. If it doesn’t pass this session, I fear you’re probably right on that count, she can resubmit it next session and remind others in Congress of their oath. Also, she could suggest they pay attention and Listen cCosely when the next bunch gets sworn in.

  2. Yes the 2nd. Amendment’s SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED is important, but then so is the 10 th. Amendment’s NOR BE PROHIBITED BY IT TO THE STATES …
    With out the 10 th. the State could nullify the Constitution …………….

  3. Colorado’s Representatives Boebert and Ken Buck have both shown a commitment to preserving the 2nd Amendment for their constituents, and both should be commended for their words and actions. Boebert was my Representative until I moved a year ago, and now it’s Ken Buck. I’ve had multiple communications with, and he’s strongly against any Legislation Infringing on the 2nd, and his voting record proves it.
    I’m not a well off individual and my financial contributions are very small, but I will contribute to both as much as I’m able roo.

  4. The fact that she has the right attitude,& is pushing for the constitutional rights we are supposed to have,unmolested, is why the crybaby leftists hate her & slander her all sorts of ways!
    If the “WOKE” left had any sort of sense, they would realize how scary & crazy it is to allow ANY of our constitutional rights to be changed in any way!
    They’re so interested in pushing abortion as a “god given right”
    Since when, would god think killing unborn children was anything less than a mortal sin?
    Abortion is nothing less than murder, and should be treated as such, except for extremely limited exceptions!

    • Crybaby? Come and test me you loudmouth coward. You mouth off about “god-given” rights? Show me where it says god wants us to have guns! Look, I own guns. Happily. 2A says I can. But it doesn’t say we can’t institute smart and rational controls to manage gun violence. WOKE? You’re GODDAM right.

      • 🐑👎🏻🤡🐑👎🏻🤡🐑👎🏻🤡
        You are seriously mentally diseased. 🤮

  5. China would like to see our gun taken away. Who was it that said, If we attack America, there would be a gun behind every blade of grass’?

  6. One would think EVERY gun owner would sign it.
    I personally know MANY leftists gun owners.
    Why are they so scared of their “””brothers in arms”””?
    All these rich leftist gun owners are even more ready than their counterparts on the right. I have met a few who have businesses and are ready to defend their property against any kind of disrupters!
    But the public walking in those stores CANNOT KNOW the person behind the counter has a CWP! ( Concealed Weapon Permit to carry).
    HYPOCRISY? (the natural way of doing things on the left?)
    Or just SELF-PRESERVATION? ( the natural way of life on the Conservative side!)

  7. I have ALWAYS loved this woman for upholding her Oath of Office and her Conservative values.
    Her support for 2A rights is un-matched. She was the first woman of congress given the RIGHT to carry concealed in the House of Reps. You go girl !🥰👍🏻

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