So, You Think That Banning ‘High Capacity’ Magazines Will Help?


Are you as tired as I am of hearing ridiculous proposals from politicians and anti-gun activists? I have to tell you that I am really sick of it, and one of the main reasons that it just drives me nuts is the lack of any logical thought or analysis that go in to their rhetoric.

Let’s take, for example, arguments to limit “high capacity” magazines. As far as I can tell, the anti-gunner rhetoric assumes that banning these magazines will somehow either magically keep active shooters from having as many bullets or that having smaller magazines will allow people to get away because the shooter will have to reload more often which, in their mind, would take an incredibly long time.

But history isn’t on their side on this one. And we’re talking recent history. In fact, the shooter at the high school in Parkland, Florida used 10 round magazines with his AR-15. True, he dropped that firearm part of the way through his shooting spree, but he still had 150 rounds for that weapon [hat tip to here for that info]. This means that he could have killed many more people with that firearm (apparently, he dropped it because it jammed, which only testifies to his lack of training).

The thing is, if this guy had any firearms training at all, that shooting would have been a lot worse, and the size of the magazines that he was using wouldn’t have made any difference.

If your anti-gunner friends don’t understand why the size of the magazine wouldn’t have made a difference, pull out your AR-15 or even your CCW pistol and show them how quickly you can reload. Really, if you have any training at all, a quick magazine change is no big deal and takes almost no time at all.

And, that, my friends, is why banning “high capacity” magazine clips wouldn’t have made any difference at all in the Parkland shooting and won’t make a difference in future incidents either.


  1. When my concealed carry main gun was an AMT Hardballer .45 ACP (8 rounds per magazine) I simply carried ten magazines, just in case. I would rather have eighty spare rounds I do not need rather than need one round I do not have when defending my family. That has always been my policy.

  2. No it will not, when are stupid idiots going to learn that criminals and morons dont care what the law is they will kill steal rob to get what they want. No gun control of any kind.
    All they want is total control of the people and using kids to get it

  3. Banning the hi Caps would never have any affect since there are many millions of them out there. It would be like trying to ban pebbles. They are everywhere. And of course, criminals don’t give a hoot about bans or laws. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  4. We need to BAN “liberals and commiecrats” and take THEIR guns away from them. After all, MOST (if not all) of these “shootings” were committed by a DEMOCRAT or a child OF a DEMOCRAT. (see the “pattern”???)
    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • ALAS ! the people who don’t realize this, are not listening. wish I new how to get it through their thick skulls !

  5. I could be wrong, but it strikes me that all the pushing and screaming about Banning Large Capacity Magizines and actually Thinking involves mutually exclusive actions/activities.

  6. If the guy had only a ten round magazine for his AR-15, then he had the minimum magazine here is. So, what more banning can be done? I have seen pistols with a 15 round magazine. We best ban those immediately. In a crowded school interior, one does not need a rifle. Any handgun will work as well and it can be concealed a lot easier. Why not use two handguns and up the firepower?

    This whole argument by liberals and distraught parents is absurd. I understand the absolute strongest reaction by parents. But there were ample warnings given to more than one branch of law enforcement involved and they did nothing. Why are we not putting blame there? School officials knew the guy was a threat. Why did they not talk to the shooter’s family? While no blame was put on a disturbance of the shooter’s mind due to bullying, it should have. I see utter failure by school and law enforcement as the cause of this incident, not the weapon.

  7. C’mon, you’re supposed to know better. “High capacity magazine clips”? Are you a secret Democrat gun banner, or what? LEARN CORRECT NOMENCLATURE OR GET ANOTHER JOB!

    • I kinda suspect that is a deliberate “mistake” on his part since there have been calls for exactly that: “banning “high capacity” magazine clips”.

  8. The sad part of the Florida school shooting was that law enforcement(sheriff, fbi, and the school) did not want any intervention because then the school would have lost money. I plan not to help the fbi, doj, or any of this type group until the whole bunch is reorganized and cleaned up-top to bottom. I no longer trust what any of what this bunch says or does.

  9. Back when I was shooting High Power Rifle competition, using stripper clip fed bolt action rifles with 5 round internal magazines, I had no trouble at all shooting 10 shots, rapid fire. Could have fired more, but 10 shots was the course of fire. BY the way, my bolt action rifles were right handed like almost all bolt action rifles were, though being left eye dominant, I fired left handed, the rifle never leaving my shoulder during firing/reloading, not at all difficult an accomplishment

    • During the World Wars the Limeys were taught to fire their Enfield’s so rapidly a company firing would seem to be a couple of machine guns firing.


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