How To Prank An Anti-Gunner


It’s amazing what seem people will do to get attention. I mean, when I was a kid, some kids would act up in class. Other kids would pull fire alarms. Still other kids would skip school. And other kids would tell lies.

Unfortunately, some people don’t outgrow those attempts at getting attention, and a strong argument can be made that these attention starved trouble-makers are exactly the people who grow up to be politicians.

Which brings us to Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico who recently repeated the tired, lame call for “common sense” gun control. To quote him exactly, he said,


There are a couple of things I can think of that I think are possible now. Increasing age limits: Certainly somebody who’s 18, 19, 20 years old shouldn’t be able to purchase an assault rifle, an AR-15, or other gas-assisted receiver firearms when they can’t buy a simple handgun, so that should be changed.

Now, if we want to have fun with an anti-gunner, maybe we should go along with Heinrich’s proposal to ban “gas-assisted receiver firearms” (which don’t exist). We should rant and rave about how terrible they are and about how many people could get hurt. We could flip out completely like anti-gunners responded to news of Trump’s election to President (which is to say, complete melt-down).

And we’ll get one of two responses. They’ll either agree with us and go all-in, buying that we have had a change of heart. If this happens, go with it, so that you can have the biggest laugh at their expense once they have left.

The other response is that they’ll back up and wonder what’s wrong with us that we are so irrationally emotional about the subject. In this case, you can laugh at them and tell them that you pranked them and ask them how it feels to hear someone babble like that. And, then, when they tell you how bizarre it is, you can tell them that that is exactly how they sound when they go off on one of their gun control tangents.

It may not change their mind, but it will give you an opportunity to have some fun at their expense, and, hey, we all need some fun in our lives, right?



  1. If they change the age to twenty one then they should change the age of military service. I was drafted at 19 and at that time the voting age was 21. If your old enough to die for this country you should be considered an adult !!!

    • Absolutely but you missed a few things. If one is not mature enough to purchase/possess firearms under 21 they are not mature enough to drive, serve in the military as you say and especially they are not mature enough to vote.

  2. If they change the age to buy a rifle or shotgun to 21 They will have to change the Voting age to 21 and the age to enlist in or be drafted into the Military to 21. The reasons being if at 18 a person is not mature enough to own a rifle or shotgun that same person is not mature enough to know who they want to vote for and at 18 the same person is not mature enough to handle and use the types of weapons the military has. Just saying.!!

  3. Enlisted in the Marines @ 17. Spent my 18th B-day on a night live fire exercise (with tracer bullets) how fun was that?! Anyway, changing the age to BUY weapons to 21 would be ok with me, provided that there was an exemption for our military members to purchase prior to age 21.
    It would throw the leftwing a bone and still reserve the RESPECT & Integrity owed those young men and women now serving our great country.

    • If those who serve in the military are mature enough to purchase a firearm anyone 18-21 is mature enough. If they are not mature enough then they are not mature enough to vote or drive.

  4. The Constitution says our gun rights should not be infringed. If you don’t like it try to amend it. But you cannot rally and expect it to happen. There are already sufficient infringements for rational people.

  5. Red Rictor says to throw the anits a bone. Ha, it is high time we reclaim some of the many bones we have thrown them over the years while getting nothing in return.

  6. I see this as both a great recruiting tool for the military and an argument for the irrationality of having one age for civilian gun ownership and another for the military.
    I’ve known some immature people in the Marines as well as civilian life. Both have their 10%ers. The Marines try to weed out the immature and do a damn good job of it, yet some still manage to get through.
    Some may disagree, but I believe every first time civilian purchase should come with a basic course in the proper handling and cleaning of a weapon. I don’t want fear-based purchases, they”re a danger to themselves and others.
    As a life member of the NRA and someone who qualified as expert with an M-14 (1964) , I speak only for myself.
    Semper Fi to my brothers!

  7. All this anti gun crap is nauseating. All proposed gun control actions are illegal if enacted. Whatever happened to the second amendment? The right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed, this is a completely different thought separate from the expressed thought of guns for the military. Meaning that it is expressly for private civillian ownership and possesion.

    What part of shall not be infringed is so difficult for people to understand? There is risk living in a free society.

    U.S. Code Title 10 Subtitle A Part 1 Chapter 12 § 246 Militia. Composition and Classes
    Take notice of (b) (2).
    All men aged 17 to 45 are part of the militia, both organized and UNORGANIZED.

    We know that the organized militia is our standing military. Then who is the unorganized militia? I’ll tell you that it is every able bodied man that is not enlisted that is within the prescribed age for enlistment.
    Therefore, raising the age to purchase weapons from 18 to 21 is not within our national interest as you are taking away from our national defense that is civillian based.

    Lets say raising the age to purchase rifles is raised from 18 to 21. Complying with a law like this law would put someone in violation of US Code Title 10.

    Aren’t laws not supposed to conflict with one another? I feel much safer with guns around than no guns around. Why don’t we make police officers or soldiers go on a tour of duty without firearms? Why, because it is ludicrous, thats why. Teachers should be allowed to carry provided they meet all the requirements. Teachers would like to preserve their own lives as much as the students lives that are in their class. I know that if my childs teacher had a gun, I would feel better than if the teacher did not.

    Speaking of schools and guns, thank you William Jefferson Clinton for making my child a target by declaring schools gun free zones.

    Meanwhile the government that was supposed to protect people failed miserably, and that should be reason enough for people to be outraged at the proposed restrictions on their God given rights.

  8. I’m a Ky. Turned 18 in 67 we could vote at 18 then . I was drafted in the Army and put in Marines in 69 went to Vietnam In 69 while in Vietnam the law was changed in the US to all states could vote at 18 at 19 I was carrying a fully automatic weapon fitting in a unpopular war. Besides that when I was in high School we had GUNS in cars and in build at times no one shot. Its not GUNS fault its evil in the heart of people that dose the killing people .leave my GUNS alone it RIGHT to own and bare GUNS as a American and YES I’m an AMERICAN Semper Fi

    • Thank you for your service!

      Yes, you are 100% correct that it is what is in a persons heart that is the problem, and not guns.

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