Do You Know the Only RIGHT Way to Grip a Semi-Auto Pistol?


Accurately discharging a firearm is a multifaceted skill that requires hours of practice to perfect, and even more to keep sharp. Everything from breathing to body stance has a significant effect on your ability to shoot effectively, and your grip is a crucial factor to firing accurately when it counts the most.

But do you really know how to grip a semi-auto pistol properly? Say you get dropped in a crisis scenario, and you have to reach for your gun at a moment’s notice. Are you holding it correctly to maximize accuracy?

If you have even a hint of hesitation is saying yes to that question, you owe it to yourself to watch the video below:


Did you learn anything? Have you been doing it right all along, or do you have some problem points?

Tell us in the comments.



  1. Same grip I was taught in the NRA courses I’ve taken. My problem is that I have to walk with a cane. If I ever get into a defensive situation I will be forced to shoot one handed or drop my cane and be nearly immobile. ( I can “stumble” a few steps without my cane but not very far ) Therefore I will shoot a few two handed at the range just to check my sights. Then I finish my practice one handed, mostly with my dominate hand and then also some with my left hand. Use my cane in my left ( support ) hand so I would be in a bad way if my right hand is out of action. Us old cripple’s ( I’m 60 with a very bad back ) just have to do the best we can. Beats not being able to do at all LOL.

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