BREAKING: Obama’s Latest Gun-Grabbing Gimmick – What Gun Owners Need to Know


Even after imposing extreme restrictions through unconstitutional executive orders at the beginning of 2016, Barack Obama still isn’t happy with the mark he’s leaving on the 2nd Amendment as he prepares to leave office.

Like any “good” president, he wants to have at least a few really big hallmark issues by which he’ll be known by in the history books, and Obama has clearly decided that gun control will be one of his biggest ones.

In an effort to pursue his never-ending goal of annihilating the 2nd Amendment, Obama just announced yet another round of gun-grabbing tactics, and now gun owners are scrambling to figure out how they’ll be affected.


Breitbart has more:

President Barack Obama touted government support of smart gun purchasing for law enforcement agencies and also announced a gun control summit for state and local officials.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Obama said:
We’ve jumpstarted the development of smart gun technology. Today, many gun injuries and deaths are the result of legal guns that were stolen, misused, or discharged accidentally. As long as we’ve got the technology to prevent a criminal from stealing and using your smartphone, then we should be able to prevent the wrong person from pulling a trigger on a gun. So, my Administration released a plan today to expedite the development of smart gun technology, including by identifying the requirements that smart guns would have to meet in order for law enforcement to purchase and use them effectively and keep themselves and the public safer in the process.
Obama did not point out the most commonly heralded form of smart gun–a gun that is activated by being in close proximity to a watch or bracelet paired with it via radio frequency–actually does little to make guns safer. In fact, a criminal who steals the bracelet and the gun could go on a shooting spree as easily as a criminal using a traditional firearm.

Moreover, Obama did not point out that smart guns using biometric readers may not simply be hard for criminals to shoot but hard for their owners to shoot as well. This is because biometric readers have had trouble reading blood-caked palm prints and mud covered fingerprints. So a law abiding gun owner under duress in his or her own home may quickly find that Obama’s smart guns are actually too dumb to shoot when needed.

In addition to smart guns, Obama announced he is convening a gun control summit where state and local officials who support gun control will talk about the new laws they have been able to pass onto the backs of law abiding gun owners. Their success will be used as a pattern to secure more gun controls in other parts of the country.

Obama also announced “a rule to ensure that federal mental health records about individuals prohibited from buying a gun are reported to the background check system.”

More freedom-stomping rules from king Obama. Only time will tell just how destructive his latest set of gun policy will be to Americans’ freedoms.

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  1. How do we get these scum bags behind bars , while there is still a little freedom left in these UNITED STATES ?

    • I’m quite suprised obama’s up and breathing so far into the game. The author says “unconstitutional”, so why do we even have to abide?

      • Because the “author”is not the SCOTUS. His saying “unconstitutional” is no more binding than Obama saying it is. Get a clue, brother.

        • Well, the problem is, Jeff, that most of us don’t have a clue. That’s one of the ways they keep us under control through re-direction of focus on things they want to get away with, Like technically illegal Unconstitutional proprietary laws or ‘administrative mandates’. Or suspiciously loaded dice in the ‘overruled’ court decisions. Unless you study this stuff daily and you are on the cutting edge of all the senate and house bills Hillary has waiting patiently for her 3rd Reich to commence with if she gets in, then you don’t know the half of it. For instance does everyone know that the 4th/A right to reasonable search and seizure has been undermined recently by a court ruling allowing police officers (currently drug raid teams, but gun teams, like the ones starting in already in Kalifornia will be next) to not worry about getting a warrant with a sworn affidavit with articulatable probable cause like a reliable informant/witness, or other EVIDENCE that a judge would agree amounts to cause for a swat raid and search.

          All the narcotics cop has to do to get the warrant is say that he wants to do the search/no knock raid based on just his level of professional experience that it’s likely to produce drugs! THAT’sIT! Nothing else. And the courts ruled that this is now good enough to kick down someone’s door and tear the shit up! Don’t find anything, well, that’s okay, too, you don’t have to, according to another ruling, to make it a valid search.

          Did you have a clue about that, Jeff?

          The way it’s played is that an experienced narcotics officer sees a patrol cop bring in a traffic offfender whose car was searched after he supposedly smelled pot after he supposedly observed behavior typical of use of intoxicants, and found periphenalia, but no Pot or anything else. They right him the tickets for paraphenalia, but his passenger, who was also searched and nothing was found, was believed by the narcotics detective to be dealing drugs after he was briefly interrogated, admitted nothing, and released.

          That officer’s ‘belief’ was enough to get a warrant for a raid on that person’s driver’s license address later that day! No ‘physical evidence, no stake out for suspcious activity at the target house, no witnesses. Subjective ‘suspicion’ only, supposedly ‘reasonable’ because of the narcotics cop’s ‘experience’ and expertise.

          How long does anybody think it will be before those same ‘reasonable’ revised standards of home invasion searches will be coming soon, to a theater near you, in full blood red technicolor…only this time searching for ‘illegal’ guns, instead of drugs?

          We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Not just because we are ‘clueless’. But because after all is said and done, there will be more said than done.

          We need a serious universal grass roots movement to Repeal all current gun control laws completely, and Ban all future anti-gun laws.

          otherwise you’ll all get a clue when the time comes. Only it’ll be in the form of a cuncussion flash bang blowing out your eardrums and leaving you sniveling with a blood dripping nose.

      • He needed to be removed from office years ago. But everyone is scared to impeach the first black president. Sorry y’all but he’s only HALF black. Far as I’m concerned we never have had a black president. Hope we don’t get any more Clinton’s too!!!!!

    • I would hope a state run operation to dragnet everyone of Obamas administration. Dont leave anyone out the pozer himself will be the first to step off that jet that sets down at Guantanamo. They like the gay stuff so much put Obamas cell right across from Hitlerys. Put Huma in a jail cell with Moochelle.
      Little Willie Clinton in a place where he can still be a voyeur. Instead of cake? LET THEM EAT PORK!!
      3 times a day or starve.

      • We are of same mind on Hillary and Obama in Guantanamo. Obama has sewed up Foreign affairs, Hillary on Foreign hasn’t helped. Obamacare is total loss. I live close to borders. Media either don’t know or covering up for Obama. Colexico taken over by drug gangs. Three Middle Eastern men caught at water dam in ElCentro. Passports and visa false. The cost of Obama in Flint would have paid for new water pipes in Flint!! Muslim woman killed in S. San Diego wasn’t a hate crime, it was honor killing. We are taxed in CA. Hope Sheriff Joe gets the 208 criminals Obama put in our communities. BUILD THAT WALL. The kids ??? coming across borders, 14-18. Trained drug gang members. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY

      • Put them in a pile of that OIL money and let then CHEW on that the rest of their lives like the RATS they are. Obama once again targeting law abiding gun owners saying social security recipients not managing their own money can no longer own a gun. After making all senior submit to piss tests for cocaine heroin lsd pcp and 50 other substances. Attempting to charge $7500.00 a for those tests if they are seeking help or turned that garbage over to some else they can no longer have a gun. Another unconstitutional move by Obama. If it will save a life as he arms terrorists and terrorists states and still refuse to hold Saudi the terrorists state accountable. Lying to the nation about reopening those investigations and holding the traitors responsible. He instead collect from this PURE EVIL FILTH and continue ti diminish the values and supports the traitors and terrorists. I don’t think people realize how corrupted he and the government really is.

    • The scum bags run Washington. They are paid large sums of money to beat the average American into submission. They will keep pushing until they have full control over you or you go to Washington and put an end to the treason. Personally, I think it’s to late.

      • The smart gun tech-know-ledgy will only enable the gun grabber’s to deactivate your weapon when they come to get them. You see, they believe they are much smarter than we are, and when we fall for smart gun tech-know-leggy they will be able to disarm us with the touch of their computer control central system! Smart guns are not a good idea, however smart education and training is the best and only way to reduce to accidental shooting by people who don’t understand how to use them and why!

    • If Hitlery is elected, she most likely will ignite a civil war. I hope everyone is aware of this and is prepared for the worst. Hitlery and Obummer’s international socialist fat cats will bankroll Hitlery to do their dirty work.

  2. Make sure anyone you vote for will support your 2A rights, and encourage your Sheriff to be willing to stand against unconstitutional Federal laws and executive orders. Laws and executive orders that violate the Constitution are invalid and need to be ignored and/or opposed and those who try to enforce them should be arrested.

    • Exactly; don’t vote in ANY anti-Second Amendment, pro gun “control” candidates, period!

      • And remember folks- trump said he would consider bloomburg for VP- Mr. anti-Second Amendment.

  3. Everything Obama is doing is against the 2nd Ammendment ! The rights of the people are not to be infringed upon when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms. Somebody is not doing their job and it will cost them sooner or later.

  4. All true believers in America and ALL of our constitutional rights need to be armed and ready to defend our country from the A-Hole in the White House….Where is Kris Kyle when we need him the most. (RIP)….
    With ALL the Patriots in America, there must be just one who will step up to the plate and delete the SOB….

  5. If Donald can carry, he must know something Bama does’nt. IE After you take my cold dead fingers……

  6. He has done NOTHING as a so-called- prez. except to TEAR APART “OUR” Great Country-The MUSLIM SOB !! Send him and ALL his family back to where he came from-KENYA NOW !!

  7. And I thought Obama was supposed to be a “Constitutional Law” expert…I guess his family must have paid for his diploma, just like they did for his Birth Certificate. Yeah, Obama will be remembered; As the man who ruined what once was a great country…But some of the blame has to fall on our shoulders for not having him IMPEACHED! Look folks, Nixon did much less and was removed from office, but nobody has the guts or BALLS to take him on! I hope that Obama does try to come and take my guns…and I won’t feel sorry for the cops or soldiers that are “dealt with” if they do come (because they chose to follow orders that are unconstitutional…A SOLDIER CAN, UNDER THE U.C.M.J. , DISREGARD AN UNLAWFUL ORDER) it will be the family’s who are left without a father or spouse that I will feel bad for. Please people…QUIT BEING SHEEP!

  8. Obama is trying to leave a legacy for his time as president, it is too bad that he is very un-American. I knew when he was elected that he would leave a mess and that is what he has done so.

  9. The unfortunate problem with deleting the SOB as he is termed, is it should be done with an Ax or a tomahawk as using a gun would only make things worse for gun owners. Maybe, the the liberals could start a program to eliminate axes, knives, tomahawks, baseball bats and all of the other terrible deadly weapons that are available.


  10. So like everything else hi-tech, what stops something large and homely that wears pantsuits form sending out a signal to turn the “safe” feature off at will?

  11. IF his executive orders are ILLEGAL,,why hasn’t OUR legislative branch in D.C. done something to counter-act thm??ARE they ALLin on TRASHING OUR U.S>Constitution ??

    • Because unfortunately they are all in the pockets of the big banks and big business.

    • Executive orders were never meant to be binding law. They are meant to be used to regulate the operation of the executive branch of the federal government only. Applying them to the “people” of this republic and calling them law is unconstitutional because it violates Article I, Sec. 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Why hasn’t congress called him out on this? Because the majority of the brown-nosers in congress are a bunch of pussies. Nevertheless, every executive order that ObaMAO issues or dictates, is NOT binding law and whenever we’re arrested for violating them, if we know what we’re doing, it can be a BIG pay-day. In fact, whenever government employees violate our Constitutional guarantees, they are committing treason. Which raises the question: Don’t we hang traitors?

  12. It would seem that no one is thinking this smart gun technology through. What happens when a criminal takes a “Smart Gun” away from a police officer? They will certainly be close enough for the close proximity to a watch or bracelet paired with it via radio frequency to still allow it to work. Smart gun technology could have a future somewhere down the road, but it is a long way from being ready for prime time, while dim witted state attorneys general try to mandate their use, even though they know it is not ready. Here in California, guns are dropping off the California approved gun roster faster than water through a sieve, never to return. Just another overreaching ploy to destroy the second amendment and increase control over law abiding citizens by making guns hard or impossible to get. Not to mention Newsom’s idiocy regarding background checks to purchase ammunition. Smart gun technology that does not work 100% of the time is more dangerous than not having it.

    • While there might be some reasonable validity to the smart gun technology. It is only proprietary in application. Maybe just for cops, or for some cases where children can access guns. But that’s about it. And this should be optional anyway, because believe me if it had any seriously advantageous use, the free market enterprise system would embrace it and produce it and it woud be readily available. But that’s not obama’s plan.

      Like all new smart phones and vehicles computers having built in gps tracking and who knows what else like maybe emergency kill switches like some are theorizing, smart gun technology would only be one micro curcuit away from tracking all your guns or rendering them non-fireing after the slippery slope is greased and a mandate or snake law that all guns must have them now and who knows then if the gun’s micro brain is really a liberal gun hater, or not???

      No thanks. Sorry, butThe potential unthinkable bad of smart gun technology far outweighs any potential minor safety factors.

  13. Another thing, if you normally shoot right handed and that hand is injured the so called smart gun will not let you shoot with the left hand.

    Hillary will continue this same plan. In fact she will expand it.

  14. We all need to write and call our local and state representatives often, ask what their position is and why, then we need to tell them what We the People want, and demand it , and offer them the option of being voted out of office and decried if they do not follow or wishes. Tell them we will only support those representatives who support the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and that we refuse to accept anything less from anyone representing us. Remind them about the fact that government represents “We The People” and explain to them this is the SupremenLaw of this land and if they cannot abide by that law and are not in office to protect our freedoms & our Constitution they should move abroad.

  15. Vote for what is best for America. Democrat party had become the party of antiAmerica. A
    good shellacking will let them know we will not tolerate their actions Constitutional rights.

    Down with Hillary Rotten Clinton

  16. Re this so called “smart gun” technology, it’s unreliable at best, and flat unworkable at it’s worst, which is when people forced to rely on it start ending up dead.

  17. Another King once sent troops to confiscate cannons and weapons from “American” citizens at Concord on April 19, 1775. It didn’t work out quite the way Leviathan thought it would. History has a way of repeating itself, especially when people don’t learn from the past.

  18. We no longer live in the Land of the Free and home of the Brave.
    We live in an obamanation . How do you make a smart gun,
    you obama rig it .

  19. This is matching up with the mark of the beast force everyone to take a chip in right hand to ativate your gun, really! F@$! This shit. We have the right to bare arms without taking the mark Mr f@$!ING Antichrist! And I and everyone in America says so. Constitution isn’t changeable and your time is short. You will not be victorious period. You and all those that worship you are going straight to hell! You loose! End game!

  20. Mr. OBAMA, or anyone else has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY GUNS !!! I was born in Tarboro, N.C. in 1947 !!! That makes me an AMERICAN, and the CONSTITUTION was written for me and ALL OTHER CITIZENS in these United States !!! I can buy anything, I want !!! I can have as many as I want !!! I OBEY ALL SAFETY LAWS !!! I AM A GOOD CITIZEN !!! I AM A CHRISTIAN !!! I HAVE NEVER KILLED ANYONE, EXCEPT, WHEN I WAS IN VIETNAM !!! I WAS A HELICOPTER MECHANIC, CREW CHIEF, and DOOR GUNNER !!! And most of all, I was born on this planet, called, EARTH !!! And NO ONE has any CONTROL LINES on me !!! I am a FREE MAN and I fought for your FREEDOM and fought for mine !!! And I will fight for my FREEDOM again !!! Who in the HELL, do these people think they are !!! Just because OBAMA is president, and Bloomberg has a lot of money !!! DOES NOT mean they have any right !!! to TAKE MY GUNS !!! THEY WOULD BE MAKING A MISTAKE !!!

  21. Soooo a smart gun is just really a mirror image of the asshat that wants everyone to own one

  22. This Oblama is willing to have our police officers and citizens killed but it’s alright to have his criminal butt buddies running around committing crimes. His whole thinking is ass backward, to much Mexican ditch weed or not enough beacon. Now he’s insulting The American Pig, that really pisses me off….

  23. Ives read most all the comments. And all say they are pi–d of. My question is how many of you are NRA members. NRA is fighting like hell against obumer and the gun grabbers but with out enough money to get it done they are going to loose to make sure they win they need donation to keep the fight alive.They have beat the scum bag gun grabbers so far on a lot of crap they have tried to take our guns. They need members and donation more now because of what obumer has hashed up against us patriots so if your not a Nra member become one and donate a little money to make damn sure we patriots keep winning

  24. Don’t sit and wait for this. Support the NRA and donate to the Republican Party Candidate that endorses and support the 2nd Amendment rights as is. We must not take Hillary or any other Damocratic party sooth sayer.
    MOLON LABE fellow service men Now is truly the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.
    All men who served in our armed forces Lock and Load brothers and be ready to hold the line.

  25. I am an 81 year old mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and a law abiding gun owner, who still hunts and goes fishing
    O’bama needs to keep his dirty fingers off of ALL of our guns. He doesn’t even know anything about guns, but keeps trying to take them away from us.
    I’ll be glad when he gets his lazy a– out of the White House, and put somebody in there that will do something for our country besides shuting down our drilling, and coal mines, and reducing our military, etc. He is the worst president that has held this office since I have been old enough to vote.
    But the environmentalists got him in office and re-elected him again so I guess he feels he owes them something.
    He keeps saying we need to create jobs, well he is the very one that has put all of these people that are no longer working, OUT OF WORK!!!!
    Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fuel there is, but the environmentalists don’t have a clue about it, but only tells O’bama that it is harming the environment. It’s to bad that they don’t treat the environmentalists like tools in a tool box, put them in there and keep them there. I have never seen such a bunch of DUMB people in my life.
    They even stopped the pipeline coming from Canada, because the environmentalists say it will hurt the environment. When that pipeline is buried and reseeded people won’t even know there is a pipeline there, plus think about ALL of the underground pipelines (gas and oil) that are already there underground, but the O’bama doesn’t think about that, but only tries to apease the environmentalists. What a joke he and they are!!!!!

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