FBI Just SMASHED New Gun Control Initiative


Sometimes we underestimate the degree of ignorance that liberals have about guns. The FBI just dealt a potentially deadly blow to a new ballot initiative in Nevada which required background checks for private firearms transfers. Hilariously, if the liberals who designed the Nevada background law, knew even the slightest thing about how background checks work; they could have prevented the laws destruction.

Here’s what happened:



Federal law requires licensed firearms to perform background checks on buyers. However, unless state law says otherwise, persons who buy firearms from private sellers are not federally mandated to undergo a background check.

The problem in Nevada, however, is who would be enforcing the background checks during private firearm transactions, since it now requires a third party to federally vet the transaction.

According to The Washington Times, the FBI contacted the Nevada Department of Public Safety saying it would not be responsible for the checks.

The bureau said in a letter to Nevada state officials that it is the state’s responsibility to set up the background checks and the ballot measure’s passage “cannot dictate how federal resources are applied.”

Nevada is one of 12 states that handles its own firearm background checks through the  Department of Public Safety’s Central Repository as opposed to the FBI’s system, but the gun control initiative bans the use of the Central Repository for private sales background checks — leaving it with no authority on the issue.

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, a Republican, concluded that unless the FBI changes its mind, the state cannot enforce the background check mandate of private gun transactions in the state.

“It is manifestly unjust to criminally penalize someone for failing to perform an act that is impossible to perform,” Laxalt wrote in a statement last Wednesday. “Despite its intent to merely regulate the transfer or sale of firearms between private parties, because it is impossible to perform the background checks as required by the Act, the Act now unconditionally prohibits such transactions under the threat of criminal prosecution for conduct that was formerly lawful and routine.”


Were the liberals who designed the ballot initiative, so ignorant that they didn’t know that the FBI doesn’t do background checks for private transfers? Maybe they aren’t ignorant, maybe they are so dishonest that they didn’t want the public to realize that private gun transfers would become illegal. After all, Nevada could have just banned all private transfers like New York did. In New York, sellers must transfer guns to a dealer who, in-turn, transfers it to the buyer.

Liberals spread ignorance to pass this silly law. Hopefully, their own ignorance will lead to the laws demise.

All Nevada gun owners should celebrate, but also remember, the law will remain on the books. In the future, a more lawless FBI could accommodate Nevada’s request. Nevada isn’t totally out of the woods until this thing is repealed.





  1. Banning a private gun sale is one thing. Enforcing it is another. If I decide to sell a gun, how does anyone enforce what I have not made public? Who besides the buyer knows about the transaction? If they purchase my gun for illegal purposes, who will be informed of the transaction? I did not, they will not.

  2. … I always wonder why the previous administration didn’t do any “4473” back ground checks on a rebels in the Middle East when they were so gung-ho to supply them with weapons at U.S. taxpayer expense while screaming that Americans can’t own so called semi-auto “weapons of war” by I’ll get your guns Obama & his NWO buddies…???

    • And Oregon passed this bullshit law last year, and I kept asking them HOW do they think they can ENFORCE it?
      They CAN’T, it’s a feel good law for idiots!

      • Exactly Frank! Look how many County Sheriff’s in Oregon testified at the Oregon legislative house and flat out said they “WOULD NOT” enforce this law. This fight will only continue, and our Governor, “Krazy Kate” will further push her boundaries with local gun confiscation, ammo bans and registration on its purchase, and the unlimited wait time on any new gun purchased! This kind of “Socialistic crap” will grow and continue until the people finally wake up, stand up and start fighting back. In the 36 Oregon counties this last election, 33 voted for trump, 3 counties in Oregon voted for Hitlary. This is all because of the population of Oregon is in these three Counties. It is a sickning revelation to know that out of 3.5 million people in this state, 2 1/2 million are in those three counties. Most all are a majority of liberal lunatics.

    • ya Lonnie, I am a washitonian also, seems like the large coastal areas around the country are trying to strip us of our constitutional rights. The constitution both US and WA.state trump the peoples vote ie. mob control. I really believe what they are doing is illegal/unconstitutional.

  3. Yes, the Socialist/Liberal/Democrats are ignorant of about background checks and many other things!

  4. “The U.S. Supreme Court broadly and unequivocally held that licensing or registration of any Constitution Right is itself UNCONSTITUTIONAL”. — Follett vs McCormick, S.C., 321 U.S. 573 (1944). WHY? are the legislatures continuing to pass illegal gun laws in Nevada. WHY? are the Courts allowing the State to infringe on the Citizen’s Second Amendment RIGHTS?

    • Because members of ORGANIZED CRIME are holding MANY government offices. They are representatives of the Satanic Globalist New World Order international bankster-gangster, Rothschild Dynasty, military-industrial complex, Bilderberg, CFR, La Raza, SEIU, ACORN, Bureau of Land Management, Black Lives Matter, FDA, AMA, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Club of Rome, United Nations, ICAO, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Southern Poverty Law Center, Center for Science & the Public Interest, Amnesty International, Alliance for Democracy, Center for Median Democracy, Center for American Progress, Archer Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, Joyce Foundation, Dolan Charitable Trust, Saul Alinsky Back of the Arts Community Council, Cuban Council of Churches, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, Open Society Foundation, Apollo Alliance, National Organization of Women, Tides Foundation, People of the American Way, Planned Parenthood, and MANY MORE SATANIC ORGANIZED CRIME ORGANIZATIONS as branches (tentacles) of the Kingdom of Satan. These murderers, warmongers, liars, thieves, abortionists, pedophiles, sex traffickers, drug pushers, cannibals and every other type of criminal intend to rule the world in a worldwide tyrannical, bloody, oppressive, slave, police-state. When the wicked rule, the people suffer & mourn.

  5. Why are corrupt agencies and police departments continuing to steal private property like YOUR house just because one of your punk kids who sold some pot to an undercover agent happens to live in your house even though you, or your house, had nothing to do with it? Same reason.

    It is because we let them get away with it. It is because we acquiesce their abuse under their brainwashing and mind control of ‘Extreme Crime Prevention’ for the specious bullshit of so called ‘Public Safety! So they make laws to disarm you and steal your property.

    Because WE don’t have them charged and prosecuted and sued. But that might start to change under the new Administration because a lot of us are now emboldened by The Donald’s unconventional warfare on the previous regime’s modus operandi. We’ll start by shutting down Totalitarian agencies and Completely Repealing ALL Federal gun laws like the 68 GCAd, no compromise, no deals, and then go all the way from there.

    The sleeping Bad Dawg is finally getting sick and tired of getting kicked around by criminal government tyranny and then having to suck ATF ass just to own something that nobody has no business restricting from us.

  6. WA passed I-594 which bans firearm “transfers” between private citizens unless the buyer passes a background check via the intervention of a FFL agent… this is true ! However the law as written and passed by the voters is so poorly constructed and many of its terms so badly defined that so far the WA state AG has refused to issue an opinion to clarify the confusions. NOTE… the law was “sold” to the voters as public safety measure mostly because of the lies and other BS promoted by wealthy out of state donors (Bloomberg) and because most voters did not bother to read the proposal before voting. From what I can see it will have no effect on criminals getting their firearms the old fashioned way… by stealing or buying from other criminals. Same thing with the crazies.

  7. When NY passed the unSAFE Act in Jan 2013, they KNEW Feds wouldn’t conduct the background checks that law required for ammunition sales, as well as private sale transfers. I assume they thought they could get the Feds to do the checks because NY Congress is SOOOOO non-corrupt [NY has #1 status for Most Corrupt Government]. Why wouldn’t other reality-challenged states not concern themselves with “legality?”

  8. Nevada needs to hurry up and turn in to a red state and STOP allowing the worthless liberal TRASH from CA to bleed their state and to bleed over in to their state.

  9. Nobody but a damn coward would pay heed to these senseless laws much less be concerned about them. Do you mean a person even needs the governments permission via the 2nd amendment to protect themselves by whatever means that person deems fit? The second amendment if u insist that u have one, should read, keep your fool mouth shut and defend yourself? God is my defender who has given me my innate right to defend myself. PS. You should see what a crossbow does to a dog… don’t y’all worry now, I have plenty of guns… come and get em. What a shamefull waste of middle class money most of these gumit agencies are. KCW

  10. Does this apply retroactively to the odious similar laws forced on gun owners in Washington and Oregon, thanks to an obscene amount of money spent to ram this down the throats of gun owners? The dealers supported this because they get to collect a healthy fee for sticking their noses into private transactions and helping create a de facto registration database.

  11. liberal-demoRATS=SMUCKS,smuck
    It is a Hebrew Word for the Foreskin that gets chopped off at birth. So when a person that is educated or a Jew calls you a Smuck. He or She is calling you a useless piece of dick.LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?.

  12. Oregon has passed a similar law recently, and several County Sheriff’s have told Governor Brown that they will not enforce the law in their County. Several private 2A supporting groups in the State have also said they will not comply and held protests on the Capitol steps while selling firearms to private parties with State police and law makers in attendance. As a State and County leader for OATH KEEPERS, I will NEVER comply to this illegal and repressive law. We will continue to do everything in our power to overthrow this law and this Governor to protect our 2A rights.
    Our rally cry will be “Remember Lavoy Finicum”, MOLON LABE!

  13. We have a law here in Mississippi that says you cannot buy a tag unless u pay your garbage bill to a private company that the people in charge gets whether u like it or not that is a former of communism

  14. Since thier state has a law keeping them from sending privates sales to the state system, and the feds won’t take it, how long before Ca offers to do it?

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