Why You Need A Body Camera


They’re not just for law enforcement anymore, body cameras are great for any shooter who wants to improve technique and capture their greatest shooting moments.

Wether you’re hunting, plinking, or competing  a camera like the new iVue is going to capture the awesomeness of the moment.

Check it out:


You have to wear safety glasses at the range anyway, so they may as well have an HD camera in them, right?

Security officers and bouncers at the local bar could benefit from these things as well. Instead of mulling around taking hundreds of pictures with the iPhone, maybe these will do the trick. Just remember that you might not be the only one wearing glasses with a built in HD camera, behave yourself!



  1. I agree. This would be great for teachers in public schools. Many teacher leaving profession because of abuse of kids from foreign countries who don’t respect women teachers. Drug gangs must attend classes or lose money from Welfare. Illegals don’t care about our teachers. Security guards a must, banks or any security situation. Protect against lawsuits. Our Law enforcement just got body cameras. I would like one just for security to help our law enforcement.

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