You Won’t Believe The Absurd Thing Gabby Giffords Just Said


Sometimes people say the strangest things. Sometimes they say things that don’t make sense. Sometimes, you can understand what they are saying, though it simply isn’t logical. Sometimes the things that are said contradict themselves.

A recent statement by Gabby Giffords is of the last option.

Now, if you don’t remember who Gabby Giffords is, she is a former member of the House of Representatives from Arizona who had the unfortunate experience of being shot several times by a man who opened fire on her while in a crowd in 2011. She had a terrible experience, and, so, I understand her emotional reaction to guns.


Still, her recent statement about the Las Vegas shooting defies any semblance of logic. AWR Hawkins writes,

Following the passage of national reciprocity for concealed carry, Gabby Giffords released a statement citing the October 1 Las Vegas shooting as a reason to oppose concealed carry.

In the statement obtained by Breitbart News, Giffords said, “With Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs still in shock over their communities’ losses, Congress is actually moving to weaken our public safety. It’s an extraordinary violation of the public’s trust. Elections have consequences. We will be watching—and acting.”

Now, Giffords is talking a concealed carry reciprocity. So, why is referencing Las Vegas such an absurd point of reference when talking about concealed carry? Because the Vegas shooter used a machine gun from an elevated position and had numerous firearms in the room with him. Does she really think that having a concealed handgun on his person would have effected the weapons that he used or the choice of location or the outcome of his actions?

The answer is: No, concealed carry reciprocity wouldn’t have made any difference in his actions because he didn’t use any concealable firearms.

To put it in plain terms: when was the last time that someone concealed carried a fully automatic machine gun. It won’t fit into any shoulder holster. It’s just ridiculous on every level.

But this is the kind of absurd logic that we have to fight again to bring the truth about guns to people, and we need to continue to point out the lack of logic of the anti-gunner position to everyone who will listen. Because people deserve to know the truth so that they can make an intelligent decision for how to protect their own families.



  1. Does it surprise you what Kathy Giffords says? She was screwed up when b the head before she was shot and it got worse afterwards. Liberals always say stupid things.

    • Unfortunately, her husband is just as devoid of common sense as she is. The comboined IQ of those two still couldn’t get above room temperature.

  2. She has brain damage since the shooting and is the puppet of her husband Mike Kelly!!

  3. she is just another stupid rich cunt who the tax payers will pay to have her protected for the rest of her life

  4. Totally agree she is an idiot. However, nowhere at the scene of the Las Vegas shooting was a “fully automatic machine gun found or used. I get your point, but it’s not accurate.

  5. Her husband was service connected he flew a jet fighter I am led to believe. He did not climb into that jet without a side arm as he would need it on a battle field if he was ever brought down , my point these nut cases have made our cities battle grounds , as in one case where they put a shooter away because a nieghbor of the last church shooting was armed you are not going to keep illegal guns off the streets like in Chicago or Detroit Los Angeles, the hoods find a way to them legal gun carriers are not the problem !

  6. There was a good reason that whack tried to kill you Mrs. Gifford. And I truly understand why you were named Gabby.

  7. Well the point is GIFFORDS like FEINSTEIN,PELOSI,BLOOMBERG and the cabal of ANTIGUN NUTS is suffering from Mental Problems granted GIFORDS suffered a gunshot to the head, THE OTHERS ARE JUST SUFFERING FROM MENTAL DEFICITS Any one with common sense knows that gun bans and gun free safe zones are total failures on so many points. Remember FEINSTEIN said if a criminal goes to a place where guns are not allowed the criminal will put down his gun because it is prohibited. SENSIBLE ? NOT !! I will keep my gun so my family and I are safe from idiots like FEINSTEIN,GIFFORDS and the rest of the ANTIGUN NUTS AND CRIMINALS.

  8. I would be willing to bet that Giffords and her family and all the rest they’ve got guns to protect their family and all those that stands for their right and for their families and their safety they want to take rights away

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