9yo Kid Stops Carjacking With Pellet Gun


Here we have another story which just destroys and anti-gun narrative that guns are the cause of violence and that we should keep guns away from children at all cost “because they are so dangerous.”

The truth is that, if you teach children how to keep a level head and how to use firearms in a safe manner, those skills (with the firearms) can save lives. A nine year old boy is living proof of that. AWR Hawkins gives us the details:

A nine-year-old boy in Kokomo, Indiana, pointed a pellet gun at a suspect’s head and stopped an alleged carjacking the day after Christmas.

According to WTHR, Kevin Cooksey pulled up to the One Stop Express and went inside, but he left his son, Larry Larimore, in the truck with the vehicle running. Looking at the truck from inside the store, Cooksey noticed that his door had been opened and became nervous. He said, “When I saw my truck door open, I was like, ‘oh my God, what am I going to tell my wife?’”

It turns out that a man allegedly attempting to steal the vehicle opened Cooksey’s door, but the theft was stopped when young Larimore pulled his BB gun and pointed it at the suspect’s head […].

The would-be carjacker ran from the boy and jumped into a Trailblazer. Cooksey gave chase, and they eventually caught the man when he wrecked the Trailblazer.


Now, anti-gunners will too often read a story like this and panic more that the boy had a pellet gun and used it in a threatening manner than they will over the fact that someone almost kidnapped the boy. Frankly, this boy’s “aggressiveness” very well could have saved his life because the would-be carjacker ran instead of stealing the car and, then, having to “get rid of” a witness.

I’m sure that Cooksey was thankful that his son had the pellet gun with him and wasn’t afraid to use it. That’s the type of self-reliance that more people need to teach their children.



    • Need more “Dads” like him in this SICK country. Mine “taught” me and I am thankful for the ‘instruction” I received.

  1. Way to go young man!!. Glad you’re dad got you a gun and showed you how to use them. Need more dads and kids like them!!. Think of my own wonderful dad doing same for me When I was young and always preached “treat every gun like it’s loaded”.

  2. It’s unfortunate that Anti-Gun haters don’t read more of things like this and realize that without Guns and people who use them that are Law-Abiding, this is the kind of instances that happen more so than any harmful acts occurr…..but they refuse to take notice of these events and only concentrate on when some tragedy takes place, which is seldom and mostly done by Criminals………

  3. I bet the little boy’s mom was shaken but grateful. I would have been. What a brave little boy.

  4. Hey, the Socialist/Liberal/Demwits will say that the parents should not have given the kid a pellet gun because : He would put his eye out!

  5. My dad taught me how to use a firearm and firearm safety at the age of 5 with a Daisy Red Rider BB gun and his model 55o Remington .22 semi-automatic rifle. I got a Stevens .22 single shot when I was six (still have both .22’s.)
    EVERY young person should know how to shoot and handle firearms safely. Public schools are remiss in not having classes on this important skill.

  6. “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” Old saying that still make a lot of sense!

  7. I’m really thankful for the young man’s training and the guts to use it. This is very commendable!
    We all need to train our children so if we ourselves are to own and use guns. This is exactly what
    they are meant for! Stopping others from forcing their will on us is all I care about and that includes
    the stupid anti-gunners. I applaud you Mr Cooksey, both of you!

  8. I am personally aware of two events where simply showing a pistol stopped a likely attack. They were never reported to the police so they did not make “news”. But, I am sure that across our land every day lives are saved simply by showing a bad guy that the potential victim can fight back. Because it is over so quickly with no harm to anyone, as well as concern about what the police would do to the gun owner, these events are never reported. Too bad we cannot come up with some statistics the media would print that shows this is true. But then again, the anti gunners would simply disregard them.

    • That’s exactly right Richard, that’s why the estimates of guns SAVING lives in the U.S. are in the millions…

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