Here Is Why We May Not Want To Lock Guns Away From Kids


Locking firearms away from reach from your children seems to be a logical and sensible measure to take to prevent a young child from accessing a tool that can cause serious injury or death.

However, as surprising as it sounds, there may be situations and times when you may not want to lock your firearm away from your child. A writer going by the name of Miguel.GFZ gives us a real-life example in which a mother’s life was saved because her children had access to a firearm:

A North Carolina sheriff’s office says a teenager shot and killed a man who was strangling her mother.

The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office said on its Facebook page that 46-year-old Steven Kelley was assaulting Chandra Nierman Aug. 8 at a home in Forest City where they lived with her three children.

“During the assault, the deceased male was yelling that he was going to cut Nierman’s throat and kill everyone in the house,” a release stated.

The sheriff’s office said the woman’s 12-year-old son got a gun and handed it to his 15-year-old sister, who shot Kelley in the chest.

Now, this is an incredibly unpleasant situation. The man who was shot was a convicted felon “with two orders of protection against him from two different women.” In other words, this guy wasn’t the kind of guy with which you want someone which you care about involved. Still, fortunately, the older children in the home handled the situation in a way which, based on the information which we have, was responsible and appropriate.


Having said all of this, don’t think for a moment that we are advocating allowing your four year old child to have full access to a firearm or that you should allow your child to handle a firearm without proper training. Obviously, you need to keep firearms, like any other tool which is dangerous, out of the reach of those who do not have the maturity to do the right thing at all time with it.

So, all this to say, “Evaluate the situation, make sure your child (or children) is trained appropriately, and only allow access to firearms to people who you know will do the right thing.” It may be, however, that the person who does the right thing may be one of your very own children.



  1. all my kids growing up like me and my siblings had access to firearms and was taught how to shoot and gun safety.
    and this young 15 year old young Lady saved her Mom by having access to that firearm.
    and this guy got what HE DESERVED, and this young lady now needs to be counciled and told she did THE RIGHT THING.

  2. I think guns should be locked away in families that posses one or more members that are leftists. Leftists are far too stupid to competently handle firearms. Even after training, they are a menace to themselves and those around them with anything sharper than a hairbrush.

    • I’m a responsible independent thinker. Unlike you, who embraces labels because you’re likely too stupid to have an independent thought, I reject & detest them all. You can label me an American. That’s the ONLY label we should accept & use, dipshit. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!

    • Spot on. And since THEY do NOT want firearms for ANYBODY who is “civilian” I say they should lead by example and voluntarily turn ALL of theirs in. If THEY do not want 2nd amendment rights. Me ? Better get ready to pry from dead fingers.

  3. Had it not been for these kids the whole family could have been murdered . A big thank you to the parents for teaching their children how to handle this type of situation .

  4. I started hunting at 11. My wife won a gold medal at 12 for small arms in Calif. My children learned to shoot at a young age. My son was on his college rifle team. I have loaded guns accessible at all times. (not to little ones) Police are 20+ min. away.


  5. The Second Amendment says that the “people” have the right
    to bear arms. Websters says that people are persons and persons
    are “men, women, and children”. Personally, I am now 85 but
    as soon as I was old enough to get a drivers license I started
    taking my rifle out into the desert for target practice. That’s
    the way it should be.

  6. If there are firearms in the house, ALL people should know where they are AND how to SAFELY use them. My kids were shooting a .22 before school age. Going to the range was a TREAT for good behavior. They were also helping me reload shells and willing to go to the range to make sure they worked. The grandchildren were shooting firearms at a young age too. They all have a respect and know how to safely handle most weapons. Youngest granddaughter got her first buck a couple years ago just after first light the first day of season…. THEN let the boys at school know “how it’s done”.

  7. Those two kids are heros they did what they needed to do to save their mother and themselves

  8. I absolutely stand on locking guns up especially on school day mornings and making sure all firearms are accounted for. Any child who may be bullied can hit a low spot in life and resort to using a gun at school. But any family member can be attacked at any time at home and should have access to a firearm. But the younger folks need good training first. That usually does the job of teaching them the danger of a firearm and the need for limited use.

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