The Pitiful Difference That Feinstein’s Anti-Gun Bill Would Have Actually Made


Dianne Feinstein is a well known politically liberal Senator. And, as fits the stereotype of a politically liberal politician, Feinstein is aggressively anti-gun. In fact, in the past, she has introduced legislation which was, basically, an attempt at gun confiscation in America. You know, the kind of thing that nutjobs like David Hogg advocate.

And anti-gunners make all kinds of wild claims about the kind of difference that these anti-gun and gun confiscation initiatives would make. The problem is that they don’t want to hear a dissenting viewpoint as to how effective their proposed laws would be, and how can you make an informed, rational decision unless you know the flip side? The answer is that you can’t.

So, in the interest of honest debate, here is the side of the gun confiscation debate that anti-gunners don’t want you to hear, and, to make our point, we’ll use a law which Dianne Feinstein herself proposed for our example. Paul Mason writes in an 2013 commentary on Feinstein’s proposed assault weapon ban:


I will also point out that in her efforts to prove that the 1994 “assault weapons ban” worked, she submits that since the ban expired back in 2004 – more than 8 years ago! – a grand total of “more than 350 people have been killed and more than 450 injured by these weapons“. Thats about 44 people per year. Thats well short of the 665 that her math promises us will be saved, and it makes that ban on hammers look like a full fledged campaign issue.

So, an assault weapon ban would “save” 44 people per year, but how many more people would die because they are denied the defensive use of those firearms? I suspect that you would see a net increase in murders under a complete assault weapons ban.

And this example just illustrates the problems with the statistics that anti-gunners use: they play fast and loose with the numbers, and they don’t give you any contrasting information to let you know what the actual difference would be (because you can’t know how many murders can be “attributed” to guns if you don’t know how many would have happened anyway using another weapon if the guns weren’t available).

The problem anti-gunners have is that they don’t look for the truth; they simply look for “data” to confirm their already existing bias.



  1. Feinstein is a scam artist and not fit fir the office she holds. She should be in a pasture or the poop puddle!

  2. When guns come to life and start killing people we need to have them arrested and immediately destroyed so they can not hurt anyone else.
    Unfortunately the victim holding the gun was brainwashed and should receive a pardon for his actions.
    As we all know.
    Guns kill people .
    That is how it is.
    I know this because I’m really stupid.

    • WELL PUT. We all know that spoons make people fat and cars make drivers drunk. Cars kill many times more people than guns, so we should ban cars first.

      • I heard there has been a crowd of knives arrested the other day. Two butcher
        Knives, three potatoe peelers and one of those jagged edge knives.they will
        Have good attorneys and will probably find themselves right back in the knife
        Holder tomorrow. The owners have been taken to prison, without evidence of
        Course and sentenced to no knives for the rest of their lives. They will try that with guns next. And of course the crackpots will love it. Power hungry
        Liberals will go for anything.

      • Democrat/communists want to ban the Constitution first, and then adopt a New World Order government to rule the world. Problem is they won’t be spreading the wealth, just more poverty to the productive citizens of the United States! All the lazy bums that think they are going to keep collecting and get more, will be living in less than a pup tent in the future. These commies aren’t going to take my guns or any other of my possessions, as long as I’m alive!

  3. As my long gone Yiddish grandmother was wont to note, Goot Gezucked, which translated into English would read Well Said.

  4. Feinstein, Harris, and Pelosi all come from San Francisco; a city noted for its homeless poopulation and drugs. They represent the city well!

  5. The Citizens will never be subjects as long as they are armed. Translated, will never be ruled by the UN and their dream of one world government.

  6. My God the lefties are so dumb, I wonder who they thought made our weapons in the first place, we did! We could make them again and probably faster than they could take them away. They’ll NEVER be able to remove our 2nd , even if it comes down to hand to hand, Pres. Trump has awakened the American spirit again. And as for that skinny little pencil-neck professor who took it upon himself to go after Ted Cruz and his family, If you really think anybody born before ’62 should be killed,, then c’mon and step up to the plate and let’s see what you got big-mouth. You got a big mouth on twitter, how about you try running your mouth out here on the streets? This isn’t a threat, it’s an invite, bring about 20-25 of your guys with you, I’ll bring oh, maybe 4 or 5, what do ya say big-mouth, you want to party?

    • Never happen! They’re all talk and no action! Guaranteed when SHTF, they’ll be the first ones in the bunker to ride it out in comfort while their “constituents” are slogging it out in the field! Worthless bastards, all of them!!

  7. What is an assault weapon. 1) to a sane person who has knowledge of of how guns operate?. 2) to a Democrat?

  8. A wise old man from upstate NY who owned a gun store told a Democrat is a liberal which is a socialist which is a Communist anyone who owns a gun and votes for Democrats is too stupid to own guns like .my idiot stepfather in Florida Tony Velez in Deltona who. Voted for Obama

  9. Dianne Feinstein is a Constitution trashing freedom hater. She hates the Second Amendment! She is unfit to serve!

  10. To the liberal mindset, guns are evil and guns make people evil. If you are not part of the liberal fascist group think on this, you are deplorable. To be sent to a re-education camp somewhere or eliminated.

  11. TRUE “assault weapons” are military grade WITH FULL-automatic capability like the M-16 and other machine guns. Fine-stein has shown the accessorized AR-15 and spouted gun CONTROL several times. WHY does she want gun CONTROL with armed guards AND a CA Carry Permit ? TRUTH is that any weapons ban will only make unarmed victims. ANY street cop knows that crooks, thugs, and gang members WILL get guns on the street just like drugs – which are also illegal. With a (current) Federal background check, how do felons get guns ? Several times a day a lawfully armed citizen stops crime with a firearm and it gets ignored by the media.

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