Legislative Alert! Anti-Gunners Pushing Hard To Pass Gun Control Through Congress


Some things are so absurd that you almost have to laugh at them. But, sometimes, those same absurd things actually come up in real life, and you have to deal with them.

At this point, for anyone who has made any attempt at objectivity, the idea of arguing for gun control for the safety of the population is a dead issue. Gun control doesn’t work. It never has in the long-term and never will.

But that doesn’t change the fact that those who are obsessed with an agenda regardless of whether or not it is based in reality keep trying to push gun control legislation through Congress.


Want proof? Well, here you go: Our friends over at therighttobear.com posted this scary information:

House Democrats have introduced no less than 6 new bills to Congress, all with the aim of banning, restricting or monitoring firearms in the United States.

Rep. Mike Thompson sponsored a universal background check bill that already has 231 co-sponsors among the 435 members.

Rep. Joyce Beatty introduced H.R. 282 which is a catch-all ban on vaguely labeled semi-automatic “assault weapons” that would also “buy back” the prohibited arms which would replace the “default to proceed” measure used on stalled background checks.

Rep. Anthony Brown suggests H.R.717, which seeks to raise the minimum age requirement for buying firearms to 21, nationwide.

Rep. Madeleine Dean advocates H.R. 869 whose aim is to “modernize” the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988. The current act forces manufacturers to include a minimum of 3.7-ounces of stainless steel in the make of firearms so that the trigger metal detectors. Dean seeks to update the act to force firearms to maintain a “gun-shaped image” in detection systems. She claims the growing market of polymer and 3D guns necessitates the update.

Rep. Nydia Velázquez submitted H.R. 930 desiring to put in place a tamper-proof passive identification system for guns that would make it possible for them to be identified by mobile or fixed reading devices.

Rep. Bradley Schneider stands behind H.R. 939, a move to spread the restrictive measures approved in his state of Illinois to the rest of the nation. The bill imposes numerous additional measures that can hardly be meet by small gun shop owners.

Lastly Rep. Jim Himes purposed H.R. 942, that seeks federal grant money to be used for “smart-gun” technologies like biometric fingerprint locks.

Protecting our people shouldn’t be an issue that also needs vigilante protection.

Look at that: seven bills in just this one legislative session. Will most of them pass? Very unlikely, but the truth is that none of them should get any real consideration because they are just attempts to chip away at our Second Amendment rights. So, go ahead and call your Representatives and Senators now and tell them to vote against any and all gun control measures. They need to know that we won’t stand for this anti-gun nonsense.



  1. We all know that the globalists
    Want to take away our 2nd Amendment so they can have total control. The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time. Molon Labe.

  2. I’m beginning to figure out this tactic of the left.
    Overwhelming numbers…….
    Overwhelming number of bills attacking our constitutional rights.
    Overwhelming number if illegals storming the border.
    Overwhelmingly disgusting position on abortion procedures.
    Overwhelming number of “investigations into a sitting president and his associates.
    Overwhelming number of negative stories regarding the POTUS.
    And on and on and on……
    There had better be some justice on the horizon.
    The last administration’s leadership has divided this nation more than ever.
    Stay tuned 2020…….

  3. They can pass unconstitutional laws but try enforce them. I guess I’ll become a criminal then. Good luck locking us tax payers up, which will cost a lot in tax revenue loss plus what it costs for us being in prison, providing anyone gives up and doesn’t fight. And those of us that stand and fight the loss of our life is still loss of taxes and workers. Good luck liberals getting the freebies. Molan lab.

  4. Are these laws written against Honest citizens or for criminals. You know of course that criminals will not adhere to the law no matter what they are. Are you blatantly ignorant to that fact. Read and heed, the criminals will not obey the law!!!!!!!! period.

  5. I vote know to the seven bills submitted on the 2A. I also vote no on tax on ammo.

    We need to band together vote against such sought of rulings. Did we forget we led the Country by Militia’s and Federal Employees, Active ARMY and retired Veterans. Please look forward more important agendas especially keeping the Government open this affects commerce, vacations loss of funds under shut downs causes a mess effect to the American people and our way of life. Please stop for the sake of all of us.

    v/r JRC

  6. FredK….These gun grabbers are nothing more than brainless Idiots. Oh, allow me to raise that to the next level. They are actually FIDIOTS. A FIDIOT is some one too stupid to be just an Idiot.

    • Many of these idiots also have the right to vote. As long as they can vote they will keep electing people to vote for gun control and the destruction of our Constitution and rights.

  7. It’s hard to comprehend how evil, ignorant, and foolish the democrats have become. They don’t have the brains God gave a goose, ninkonpoops, knotheads. They are dangerous to life and liberty and always have been since the beginning of their existence. Read the history on the democrats. THEY HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING GOOD FROM THEIR INCEPTION.

  8. Pass what they will. I will NOT comply. When free and patriotic citizens of the Republic are criminalized by their government it is time to revolt. Molon labe!

  9. I agree with Raymond, but lets make sure it’s not the blood of our school children! I have to say I have never read a bigger amount of pure DULLSHIT in my 73 years of life. There is not a single patriotic asshole in the lot of ya!

  10. Venezuela used to be a rich and prosperous country until that fatidic day the socialist took power, then little by little they started controlling everything. Today Venezuela is the poorest country in Southamerica, yes, even poorer than Haiti. If we allow the socialist demoncRats do the same here in USA then we deserve it. First they will take our guns, then they will take everything they want from us. “Don’t cry like a woman what you could not defend like a man”.

    • Yes my friend… the plan is control but guns need to be stripped from the public first… meet st of us willdie fighting our government if this continues.. the REAL ENEMY is in Washington

  11. I have talked with quite a few LE Officers and it is unanimous they will not enforce unconstitutional laws. there are a lot of states that will not enforce unconstitutional laws that are an effort by democruds to do the same thing Hitler did in 1933 when he took over in Germany. He really took good care of the people he was supposed to serve. Americans had better wake up and defend our constitution and our 2nd amendment rights. Molon Labe

  12. They damn sure better leave us law abiding gun owners alone. If there are looking for a warm I fear the Democrats will get one. Just remember Waco and Ruby ridge people. We have a constitution and our 2nd amendment and I will live by that not by socialism

  13. I will say that all those senators and congressmen has body guards with guns lives in a gated community or walls around their homes. They don’t live in the real world that has to deal with every day problems with killing and ppl getting mugged.

    • Washington is the enemy, even they won’t be safe if we reach civil war! The military may even turn against those idots… MAGA

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