Left Coast Legislator Proposes New State To Give People Their Gun Rights


State governments on the “Left Coast” aren’t known for being friendly to pro-gun people. Now, in case you aren’t familiar with the term “Left Coast,” this is referring to California, Oregon, and Washington state. The governments in these states have passed some of the strictest gun control legislation in the nation.

However, a state legislator in Washington is advocating that roughly half of that state secede from the rest of the state of Washington to create a 51st U.S. state. Why? Simply put: Gun rights. Jim Camden writes,

Striding back and forth across the marbled Rotunda with the flag of the proposed state of Liberty behind him, Rep. Matt Shea drew a connection between supporting gun rights and splitting Washington at the crest of the Cascade Mountains.

Despite all the talk he’s heard about “One Washington” around the Capitol, Eastern Washington and liberal downtown Seattle are very different, the Spokane Valley Republican said. Residents of the latter might support more government regulations, higher taxes and gun control; residents of the former don’t, he said.

About 50 people gathered in chairs and on the steps around him cheered and clapped.

“We’re not going to live in a state that takes away our firearms,” he said, to more cheers. “The only solution left is a 51st state.”

To those in Western Washington who point out that Eastern Washington gets more back in taxes than it pays into the state coffers, Shea said future 51st staters should just reply, “We don’t want to be a burden any longer. Let us go.”

Shea makes a good point that the urban areas of the state of Washington, like urban areas in much of the rest of the country, tend to be anti-gun. It’s also worth noting that people living in urban areas also have had less exposure to legal uses of guns. The solution is simple, in Shea’s mind: separate the pro-gun Eastern portion of the state from the anti-gun portion of the state.


While we’ve yet to see how far this will go and how likely it is that it will succeed (anti-gunners are notorious for being unwilling to let other people keep their own liberties), it will be interesting to see what happens here. If Shea is successful, it’s possible that we may see this type of state succession (not from the Union but from the rest of the state) occurring in many other states, too.



  1. The Constitution gives the people the right to bear arms. You don’t need another state for that. What is needed is to educate the far far left as to why they are wrong or ship THEM off to their own island state to live with their choice. Oh yeah, and try to survive without killing each other while on their little island.

    • Hawaii is a good island for this… ship all the libs from the other 49, demolish all airstrips so they can’t fly out, and limit outgoing shipping to cargo only..

    • Tell that to the folks whove had their gun rights taken by the lib laws of that state. Ex.
      Anti gunners need only to call local police and “report” an individual they BELIEVE (no proof needed) a person is a risk, and that individuals ” rights” are gone. No proof, no court date. Just gone.

    • No people just need to punish those who keep breaking the “Oath of Office” tats a federal crime under Title 5 USC section 7311 and 1333 look it up ! They are taking tax payers money under false pretenses and that’s a felony, bust there buts, have a sheriff arrest them !

  2. The over-trodden people of Western Maryland have already stated that they want too leave the established Md. government due too the DemocRATs who run rough-shod over them by the Gerrymandered division of Md.

  3. We need Gov. Sen,and reps that will abide by the CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS as THEY WERE SWORN TO DO!!! This is the PEOPLES RIGHTS not the CROOKED POLITICIANS like we have here in WASHINGTON STATE and OREGON. We need to stand our ground and TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!

    • BULL’S EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The only solution left is a 51st State?? I strongly disagree!! Drag out that DUSTY OLD DOCUMENT (that few have read) CALLED the CONSTITUTION!! Start bringing up on charges of TREASON, every legislator that violated OATH OF OFFICE, by introducing, voting on any and every Bill that violates their contract with the AMERICAN PEOPLE!! To deliberately violate and undermine laws they know exist it TREASON, and probably be SEDITION to leave us defenseless in the face of our ENEMIES!!

    • Or, even more thorough, ELIMINATE ALL TOTALITARIANS from the planet. I don’t care what letter they hang on their name.

      • Half the Congress and legislatures campaign on breaking their oaths before they make it…it should be illegal to campaign on breaking constitutional law before you take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

  5. Nothing will come of it. This idea has been floating around California for years (State of Jefferson), either splitting it up to one or more states. But the fact of the matter is that such a plan would require approval by the State Legislature AND by the US Congress. Since these newly created states would be heavily Republican, and as a state entitled to two senators and at least two Representatives, the other states would suffer “vote dillution,” and thus have no incentive to approve, partisan reasons aside.

    • It would have to be split into at least three parts because neither NoCal nor SoCal wants any part of San Francisco. Especially now that San Fran is such a sh*t hole, literally!

  6. I think this is a great idea and might consider relocating there as Colorado is becoming more anti gun every day

  7. We need too start taking prisoners of the politicians. Just encircle them have our own judge jury, judge them by the constitution, if found guilty find a tree, or similar way. The rest will leave/escape or get the same fair judgement. Tar and feather the least ones. The tree of liberty is getting thirsty.

  8. Force the split take it by making your stand. Get ex military/special forces too lead it and us. Might have too do a dirty deed but get Russia/China too supply heavy weapons. Broker for payment in future when done. Take the chance with them because our alternative is we become enslaved anyways and killed off. If Russia/China end up taking us over in the long run the only satisfaction we could get would watch what they do too the politicians, judges, professors, lawyers etc as they’ve done in the past

  9. How about carving that new state out of the NW corner Olympia and up to the border, cause some of us don’t want to move. No body I know admits to voting for the Democrats or the Rino’s.

  10. First, the socialist democrats have refined the art of voter fraud. Then they make red flag laws to grab your guns and shoot you if you don’t give them up. They import criminal aliens to kill you and your children. Civil war is almost here. You chop up the current states east/west you only put it off for a while. Keep your family close and your guns and ammo closer.

    • One might wonder why don’t the police work for “We The People” rather they the New World Order &
      Agenda 21. We voted our Sheriffs in so why are they working against our rights that they swear to protect our constitutional rights.

  11. If were going to make changes, let’s make Washington D.C. an enlarged state. It could include Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, all of southern Kalifornia, and every other rat hole that thinks they don’t need guns. Feel free to add any other dumps as needed. Then the new DC can construct “sound barrier” walls where necessary, to keep gun owners out.

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