“Common Sense Gun Laws” Are Just Code For “Take Their Guns” [Video]


The headline above should make pretty clear to new readers of this site as to what our position is on gun control laws. We oppose them. Completely.

Why? Well, because, historically speaking, gun control laws are always put into place before the people are horribly opporessed by their government. And, so, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that “common sense gun laws” are, at best, an early step in the process and, more commonly, are simply code for “take their guns.”

But don’t just take my word for it. Mike Maharrey of The Tenth Amendment Center writes, “Common sense gun control is a trojan horse for ushering in the complete disarmament of the general population. So, says José Niño, a long-time gun-rights activist and political thinker from Venezuela.”


Now, Niño should know about the horrors of gun control. Venezuela has had horrible gun control laws for years, and he’s been following what has been happening there since he moved out of that country at a young age. (By the way, in case you’re wondering, homicide rates in Venezuela increased after private gun ownership was banned.)

The fact of the matter is that the term “common sense gun control” is nothing more than a marketing term that will be interpreted in all kinds of ways. After all, is there really a definition of what “common sense” is when applied to gun laws? I would define common sense gun laws as allowing everyone to be armed so that criminals and oppressive governments will tread cautiously because any person that they encounter has the possibility of shooting back.

But readers of this site know that those who campaign on a platform of common sense gun laws have a different idea of common sense than you and I do. While we think of what works in the real world when we talk about common sense, anti-gunners talk about a fairy tail utopia that does not and cannot exist when they talk about common sense. And fundamental to that utopia is that the only ones with guns are the people working for them in the government.

So, when we hear about common sense gun control, we need to push back against this idea.

And if you want to hear Mike Maharrey’s interview with José Niño, you can watch it here:



  1. Common Sense gun laws means:
    1) As the Forefathers of OUR Nation stated that States have the RESPONSIBILITY to TEACH gun skills to ALL of its Citizens.
    2) To be able to handle any gun SAFELY.
    3) To be able to understand the RESPONSIBILITY of knowing where your bullet will go.
    4) To be able to control your gun when you are out ENJOYING the act of shooting your gun.
    5) To be able to understand what will happen IF a TYRANNICAL government gets control of YOUR country.
    6) To understand it IS every Citizens’ job to DEFEND OUR FREEDOMS AND OUR God given RIGHTS.

  2. The RIGHT of self-defense is invokable. It’s a law of GOD’s. The Constitution of the United States of America and all of the state constitutions agree that the right to be armed shall NOT be infringed. Therefore, ALL of the restrictions that take away these rights given by GOD and granted in the Constitution are unconstitutional. And as such must be revoked, returning these rights to the people. Yes, rights 1 through 6 are common sense. It is the duty of all United States citizens to elect to office good Christian men that will, in turn, make certain that the Supreme Court and all of the District Courts are filled with men of integrity, men of honor good Christian men. Men that will return this nation to GOD’s Law, “not man’s law (the law of precedence).

  3. Common sense says that as many good folks as possible need to be armed, so that the bad folks can be stopped ASAP, when they start their dastardly deeds. Plain and simple. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

    • @atf; Did you intend for your name to spell this?
      ANY WAY:
      I AGREE with your comment to the tune of 1000^ !!!!!!!!!

  4. Common sense are words that do not go together in the same sentence with Democrat and Government.

  5. Very true and the ignorant who support this garbage cannot seem to comprehend they’ll get this through where it seems logical then start adding flyers to other bills that are never read to slowly modify it to do exactly that….take ALL guns. Hammer you reps or get rid of them.

  6. Common sense, get after big pharma. The problem is not guns, its the big pharmaceutical companies. They make these mind altering (high priced) drugs and have these physiological doctors prescribe them to every kid and young adults who is 5 points or more off center. Big pharma gives a lot of money to the DNC so there is never any thing said about what medication these shooters are/were on. They want only gun ban.
    The kids who shot up Columbine high school in Colorado were prescribed mind altering medication, when first came on the market. The Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter was on same type of drugs, and the Sandy hook sicko shooter was another with the mind altering medication. If authorities, who are not on big pharma’s pay roll, would look into what type of mind altering drugs all of the shooters are/were on, just maybe these very expensive mind altering drugs would be taken off the market and the natural herbal medications for the off center people would be prescribed. Shooter problem solved.
    Its a far chance any of this would see light , for the demonratic party and Hillary are in cahoots with Big Pharma.

  7. There are laws in the constitution that need to be followed. Thomas Jefferson said” We are not obligated to obey unjust laws but we are obligated to stand against them.
    When a law, first of dosent aline with the constitution or is morally and ethically wrong, it is an unjust law. No if ans or buts about it. Biggest problem is theres jusy not enough spinse to support standing against.

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