Need A Budget Shotgun? The New Escort Slugger May Be One To Consider

Image courtesy HatsanUSA.

In this day and age of people dealing with the COVID-19 situation and the lockdown in many states, more and more people have become aware of the usefulness of a firearm for home protection, but for many people, with less employment or unemployment going on, money is tight.

Of course, when a trend like this emerges, smart companies look for ways to fill that need, in this case the need for a practical home protection firearm at a low price. One such company is HatsanUSA who have released their Escort Slugger series of budget-priced shotguns. Steven Paul Barlow writes,

The newly introduced Escort Slugger pump shotgun models demonstrate that you don’t need to spend a fortune on home defense or big game hunting.

These 12-gauge shotguns are certainly priced for the budget-conscious. The standard model carries a suggested retail price of $209.99. The Tact model, dressed up with fancier stock, has a suggested retail price of $219.99.

These Escort Slugger pump shotguns a lightweight alloy receivers. They have handy 18-inch smooth-bore barrels with a fixed cylinder-bore choke suitable for firing slugs and shot loads.

They feature three-inch chambers, allowing for 2 ¾-inch and 3-inch magnum shells to be fired. The bores are hard-chromed for corrosion resistance.

These shotguns have a capacity of 5+1. Each model has a large, sturdy fixed blade front sight that’s highly visible in low light without being delicate as some fiber optic sights tend to be.

The metal has a durable matte black finish. The stocks are maintenance-free black synthetic with sling swivel studs and soft rubber recoil pads to absorb recoil. The extended forend/slide is textured and contoured for a sure-handed grip.

As you can see in the picture above, the Escort comes in a basic model with a sporting stock and in a tactical model with a pistol grip.


Either way, you have options with this shotgun, and at this price, this firearm is in reach of many people. So, if you’re in the market for a budget-priced shotgun, this may be a model to consider.