The COVID-19 Masks That Anti-Gunners Will Refuse To Use


Virtue signalers are the worst. You know who I mean: those people who post on social media about how they think the world should be without actually trying to do anything about the underlying problem themselves and then act like dressing a certain way or buying a certain brand means that they are “woke.”

And anti-gunners are absolutely virtue signalers.

And like virtue signalers in general, anti-gunners will do stupid, impractical things to give the right appearance but that won’t actually make a difference.


For example, I came across a face mask for protection from COVID-19 which anti-gunners simply will not wear. Why? Because of their virtue signaling. AWR Hawkins gives us the details:

Gun makers in the U.S. are expanding normal production to include the manufacturing of masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for first responders.

Fox News reports that Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and Taurus are among the companies making and donating masks to first responders.

Guns & Ammo’s Eric Poole said, “The [PPE] donations have been made to first responders such as police, fire, and EMTs, but also to healthcare professionals in their local hospitals. The response has been growing among companies as they learn how they can shift their capabilities.”

Sig Sauer alone has “donated nearly 15,000 KN95 masks to over 80 different local law enforcement, EMS, fire departments and medical facilities in New Hampshire, Oregon, and Arkansas.”

Hawkins continues:

On March 31, 2020, Breitbart News reported that Remington Arms volunteered to convert portions of its New York facility from gun manufacturing to produce ventilators and other hospital necessities.

Because a firearm manufacturer made these items, you can bet that anti-gunners wouldn’t touch these face masks with a ten foot pole. It’s guilty by association, and it’s sheer foolishness.

Imagine someone refusing to use a non-gun item because it is manufactured by a gun manufacturer. It’s not hard to imagine because virtue signaling is like that.

Sadly, for some folks, in this case, their virtue signalling literally could get them killed, and it’s a misguided cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face situation.



  1. And by theory if your correct, they don’t wear a mask and die there’s one less anti gun liberal demotard in the world . I’m good with that!

  2. We heard that when REMINGTON arms said they would make equipment to fight Covid19 king Cuomo said no. Is that how you say bite of your nose to spite your face

  3. What’s the old cliche? Oh yeah… “You can’t fix stupid.” It certainly applies here. Close to 30 years ago, I was living about 450 miles from Mt. Saint Helens when it blew it’s top. Within about a week, there was about 5 inches of volcanic ash covering everything in my city. Everyone was wearing the masks to prevent inhaling the ash and developing respiratory problems. The masks didn’t filter out much. Every time I got home from going anywhere, I would take the mask off. I never failed to have streaks of volcanic ash on my face, especially if I was sweating a bit. The masks filtered out some of the ash, to be sure, but if dust sized particles of volcanic ash can get through, and around a mask… How can a mask filter out germ and microbe sized objects? Personally, I believe the masks are more of a placebo, and might protect people from the person wearing the mask, if he’s infected. But, will do little to protect you from anything. I’m considering making one out of a doily, or some fishnet material, just for a bit of fun.

    • I don’t like the masks because yhey cause my glasses to fog up. The also bother me because my hearing ain’t so good and the masks keep me from reading lips.

  4. I agree with you they don’t stop everything. When I work in my shop I can tell they probably stop 95% of the dust that is in the air but only if I work hard to make certain they are fitting well. And there is evidence that COVID can attack you through your eyes.

    I think you are right. They mostly protect everyone from you if you are wearing one. If everyone wore them, we would be safer.

    But there is also the possibility that the one small droplet that your mask does stop is the one that you would have invected you with COVID.

  5. The only part of this Libtarded hold out that bothers me is that one of athese anti gun maskers will be the one that infects one of my loved ones or maybe even me. Don’t wear the mask, just don’t take up a hospital bed that a friend or loved one of mine needs.

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