Should This ‘Old Reliable” Be Your Next CCW Buy?

Image courtesy of Smith & Wesson.

When you’ve been in the firearms conversation for any amount of time, there are a few manufacturers whose names you recognize quickly because they have been around long enough to have a reputation, and they’ve earned that reputation through making quality guns.

One of that small group of widely recognized manufacturers is Smith & Wesson. Yes, their name is famous partly due to how long the company has been around (the partnership was formed in 1852. Yes. before the American Civil War), but the company’s name is famous because they have made some quality guns.

One of their better known guns in modern times is the M&P 9 Shield which many concealed carriers swear by. Now, Smith & Wesson has released an upgraded version of that pistol called the M&P 9 Shield Plus, and some folks love that one even more. A writer going by Jeremy S. gives us some details:


For nearly a decade now, Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 Shield has been one of the best, most popular micro-compact concealed carry pistols on the market, and for good reason. TTAG’s most recent Shield review was Dan’s 2018 test drive of the then-new 2.0 flavor, which earned a well-deserved four-and-a-half stars. And guess what? With the release of the M&P9 Shield Plus line it just earned that final half star.

Jeremy S. continues:

But what, exactly, is an M&P9 Shield Plus, you ask?

Take everything you love about the Shield series and up the capacity to 10+1 with a flush-fitting magazine and 13+1 with the pinky extension mag (the original Shield held 7+1 and 8+1 rounds, respectively), slightly modify the grip texture so it’s kinder to your love handles, and upgrade the trigger to an incredible level and you’ve got yourself the Shield Plus.

Some may argue that Smith & Wesson took ideas that we saw with Springfield Armory’s popular Hellcat pistol, and that could very well be true (you can find information on the Hellcat here). But I’m not going to criticize Smith & Wesson for taking a popular gun and improving on it by figuring out how to take advantage of advancements in pistol technology even if another company beat them to the punch. Regardless of who did it first, it’s still an improvement on a pistol that many folks were already raving about.

So, while the M&P 9 Shield was already a popular go to gun for concealed carry purposes, the M&P 9 Shield Plus seems likely to make this gun even more popular for many folks who want a reputation for reliability (an “old reliable,” if you will) with popular newer firearms options (you can also purchase an M&P 9 Shield Plus pistol that is optics ready).

If you ask me, it’s a smart move on Smith & Wesson’s part, and if you’re considering buying another concealed carry firearm, the M&P 9 Shield Plus may be one that you want to consider.



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  2. The M&P 9 Shield Plus sounds very interesting and maybe just the gun I am looking for. The question is… The trigger pull weight. I am an older “Seenager”, I still want to feel 18, where my body says” Nuh-Uh, girl you ain’t doin’ that. Sooo, With Arthur in my hands it’s a fast reminder I just can’t do the things I want to. I need a Trigger pull with Less pull than others and When you in danger you just don’t have time to fight with a weapon trying to get it to fire even with high adrenalin on my side. If you can tell me the pull weight of the guns that you advertise this maybe a good selling point for us older folks. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

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