Court SLAPS Anti-2A Governor AGAIN


You sometimes have to wonder if anti-2A politicians are gluttons for punishment. Are they just masochistic, or are they delusional in their irrational fervor to push gun control?

I don’t know the answer to those questions, and part of the reason that I don’t know is because the answer to any or all of these questions could be “yes.”

Certainly, anti-2A politicians keep spouting the same nonsense, the same lies to push their agendas, and they keep trying to take away gun rights from law-abiding Americans (which are the people that you would want to have gun rights because they’re the safe ones).


Fortunately, we’ve started to see a trend within the last year or so of the courts finally slapping down anti-2A legislation in different states. It should have happened long ago, but it’s good to see it happen, now.

Obviously, anti-2A politicians are surprised to no longer be getting their way in court, so, they do what so many people do when confronted with a result that surprises them: they do the same thing again to see if they get a different result.

One anti-2A governor found out that they would only get slapped again (hat tip to here for the lead). Joshua Young writes,

Federal Judge Glenn Suddaby blocked parts of a sweeping New York gun legislation package that went into law in September that involved strict application requirements for obtaining concealed carry permits and locations where concealed carry was prohibited on Thursday.

According to CNN, Judge Glenn T. Suddaby of the US District Court for the Northern District said that that law “further reduced a first-class constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense” into a “request.” The judge struck down many of the locations where the law previously said concealed carry firearms were prohibited and it cast away the need for a gun applicant to provide a social media history. Governor Kathy Hochul signed the legislation into law in July. 

Fortunately, for the people of New York, Judge Suddaby actually cares about the Constitution and about the people of of that state.

The same can’t be said of the governor of that state.

Let’s hope that this is the last time that Hochul tries to push this nonsense. The people of New York deserve better than how she has been treating them.



  1. This administration knows as long as we have guns it isn’t going to bring in socialism or one rule party.
    If guns are so bad why did budum give all those new guns to out enemy in Afghanistan. Would it not be bad for their safety also.
    But hold on, when the administration changes us to digital money they will be in full control of us and that maybe when a civil war erupts which is what the chness communist pigs really want.

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  3. New Jersey is no different than NY with their impressive anti 2A laws and regs. It will take numerous lawsuits to show the legislature that they can’t just enact laws that are unconstitutional

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