Criticism For Biden’s Gun Control Bill Comes From UNEXPECTED Source


It’s common to see among people that they tend to stay in their same lane when it comes to political preferences. Those who tend to vote strictly Republican tend to continue to vote strictly Republican, and those who tend to vote strictly Democrat tend to continue to vote that way, too. Of course, yes, their are exceptions and people who change party affiliation, but that tends to be the exception and not the rule.

So, when you see a certain group of people consistently voting Democrat with Democrat’s anti-2A agendas, then, you would naturally think that they would continue their support for those policies.

But there has been a recent surprising exception to that rule.


To give you some context, Gabriel R. Sanchez and Raymond Foxworth write,

Native Americans remained solidly Democratic in their voting preferences in 2022, though slightly lower than we observed in 2020.

But when it comes to Joe Biden’s gun control agenda, there is some dissension in the ranks. Peter Wilson writes,

Chiefs and their representatives at the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) yesterday voted to publicly reject the federal government’s proposed gun-control legislation over concerns it would criminalize firearms many First Nations people use for hunting.

The chiefs voted unanimously in favour of an emergency resolution to oppose the legislation, while NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh told the assembly he shares the AFN’s concerns and would not support recent amendments to the bill.

“We totally oppose this bill,” said Kitigan Zibi Chief Dylan Whiteduck during the Assembly of First Nations in Ottawa on Dec. 8.

Whiteduck said firearms used in First Nations communities are a “tool.” “It’s not a weapon,” he said.

It could be argued that all firearms used for non-offensive (for self-protection, hunting, or sport, in other words) are tools and not “weapons” in that they aren’t used to initiate harm to someone else.

But that logic is too often lost on anti-2A people and politicians.

Let’s hope, though, that this is a wake up call to Democrats who might consider voting for this horrible piece of legislation, and let’s continue to work to keep this legislation from going anywhere.



  1. No bill to keep criminals (who ignore gun laws anyway) in jail instead of the Progressive program for turning them loose? I’ll bet that would reduce gun violence – if that’s what’s really their goal (which I find very questionable).

  2. THIS is TYPICAL of what the CORE DOCTRINES adopted by the Democrat Party on 21 June, 1944 have dictated. The Party ACCEPTED ALL PLANJS of Communist Manifestos 1 and 2, on 21 June, 1944. Since that time, their rabid goals have been nothing short of TOTAL CONTROL of the CURRENCY, the ECONOMY, the SUBVERSION of the 2nd Amendment, and COMPLETE EUROPEAN STYLE DISARMAMENT of the American population! THIS IS MARXIST/CHINESE COMMUNISM, PURE AND SIMPLE! JOE BIDEN IS A CHICOM SUBSERVIENT, AND WILL PUT THIS COUNTRY IN A CONDITION TO BE CONQUERED BY CHINA, IF WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT PUT A STOP TO IT NOW!! IT’S TIME TO REAWAKEN THE SPIRIT OF 1776!!

    and biden can stick it up his ass, the gun control i have is a steady hand with a bullet between his eyes.

  4. BTW, it was republicans that pushed for voting rights for the native Americans.

    The act was proposed by Representative Homer P. Snyder (R) of New York, and signed into law by President Calvin Coolidge on June 2, 1924. It was enacted partially in recognition of the thousands of Native Americans who served in the armed forces during the First World War.

    • Republicans were always the ones who support equality for all citizens….not the Demorats.

  5. I thought Native Americans were disarmed and decimated long ago. Proof that gun control is genocide !

  6. Oppose GUN CONTROL after all they were the first peoples to have GUN CONTROL USED AGAINST THEM …

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