Small Town Blatantly Violates The Second Amendment


The Second Amendment is an almost sacred right to many Americans. I’m assuming that, because you are reading this, you are probably one of those Americans. So, if you’re reading this and you live in Deerfield, Illinois, you may have a fight on your hands.

Deerfield, a town of 18,225 people (as of the 2010 census) about twenty-five miles north of Chicago (that proximity may explain a lot), has gone for a full-out gun grab. Jack Burns gives us the details:

Residents in Deerfield, Illinois have 60 days to surrender their “assault weapons” or face fines of $1000 per day per gun.

The gun ban ordinance was passed on April 2nd with residents left with few choices of how to dispose of their valuable “assault weapons.” Upon careful reading of the ordinance, residents will be left with revolvers, .22 caliber “plinking” rifles, and double barrel shotguns to defend their homes and families from criminals who could care less about the law.

This is simply outrageous. There is no respect of resident’s right to protect themselves, and these people obviously have no idea of what being in an armed conflict is like. A .22 can do the job, but you had better aim well or shoot a lot of bullets (so that you have a better chance of a good hit) to do the job.

But, if you’re in a high stress situation such as confronting a robber or if a would-be rapist breaks into your house, your adrenaline levels shoot through the roof, thus making it difficult to have the accuracy that you would need with a .22 to deal with a committed criminal. So, yes, there is a reason to have a firearm that fires larger caliber ammunition. You may only hit that person once, and you need for that one shot to do the job.

And if you think that caliber is the only issue, then know this:

Also included in the gun ban were semi-automatic pistols which can accept higher than 10 round magazines. That’s virtually all full size semi-automatic pistols.

It would seem that the government in Deerfield is of the opinion that no one has the right to defend themselves when in danger except for police officers. What is unsaid is that felons aren’t going to worry about whether they have a “right” to have a firearm; they are just going to have them anyway.

If you are in Deerfield, you need to start looking at filing a lawsuit to stop this outrageous gun grab. Or you need to consider moving out of that town completely because it’s only going to get more dangerous.


  1. I would not rely on any pistol for defence of my home. What I do rely on is a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with OO (double ought) shells. Make a mess but can be cleaned up after the body is removed.

    • AR is shorter and easier to handle. Holds a lot more rounds too. Also makes a lot of noise like a shotgun. May just scare them to death!

  2. Unfortunately, I as a supporter of the second amendment I can not agree with your reasoning in support of the weaponry specified. You stated that in a high adrenaline situation a person may not hit his target and therefore needs to “spray” the area in hopes of hitting his target at least once …. this tells me that the person who can not react under stress does not deserve to own a semi or automatic weapon. Any gun owner should be responsible to get the training necessary to handle such weaponry, or any weapons under stressful situations or they may do more damage that ia unnecessary or unintended. Your argument is irrational and feeds into the anti gun lobbyists point of contention.

    I support the second amendment BUT with RESPONSIBILITY and knowledge.

    Our forefathers knew their weapons and they were well versed in their use under pressure.
    I do not need some jackass fearing the unknown and spraying the area with lead only to discover that he paniced and erroneously ended an innocent life.

    • I understand what you are saying. But to say you aren’t under stress in a robbery or life or death situation is questionable. While shooting under stress can and should be trained for, discharging your weapon in your home during a robbery isn’t stress free. Family in another room, possibly behind your target, and the robbery itself creates stress in the shooter/protector. Your criminal couldn’t give a flying crap about what’s behind his/her target. You could shoot half a million rounds at the range or during active shooter drills stress would while minimized would still be present. Range training and drills improve the chances of a favorable outcome (bad guy dead on the floor). I agree training under stress is a must.

    • Comrade Squittieri, I suspect you’ve never been in a gunfight. Never had shot fired at you, nor ever fired a weapon in anger. If you think our soldiers are untrained, you have another “think” coming, I can guarantee you that 30 rounds in their magazines do not add up to 30 kills per magazine. The bad guys don’t just stand there like a deer in the headlights awaiting your perfectly aimed kill shot through the his left eyesocket, nor will the buddies be brought with him. Especially if they, too, are armed.

      • I am a former Police Officer and have been on both ends of a firearm and thankfully did not have to resort to deadly force. In a home invasion unless taken by surprise (wake up with someone standing over you) the best thing you can do is call 911 identify if it is a threat be armed and wait covered if possible. Several states have castle doctrine and you can open fire if you are threatened. I have no problem with that. I am sure that most CCW carriers and people concerned with home defense are no at all interested in getting in a quickdraw contest or a shootout. Self protection is just that you and your loved ones , but you do have to live with your actions and the result. Someone not taking action and letting a perp kill or harm your loved ones would not be acceptable for me to live with. Just a thought for the cowboys and heroes out there.

    • Being a combat veteran even I could not say how I would react on a home invasion scenario.I do know that I hit what I aim at. But you Mr. Squittieri are an idiot if you think the bad guys entering your home care if you can shoot straight or not. Their #1 aim is to rob you and take you down as soon as they can. Good luck in your unarmed city. Just outside of Chicago huh, real good place to be unarmed.

    • Sorry,
      But if some MORON kicks MY door in at night, I don’t consider this person “innocent” and I WILL defend my home and family no matter WHO does this). MYSELF I have been “trained” and always have my 12 gauge browning auto five loaded up with 00 buck or 4 buck right by my bed. (I also have a .45 ACP on my nightstand at the ready.) My wife has a .357 Magnum on HER nightstand. You kick MY door down an intend on doing harm, or ROB, you WILL NOT leave my home except in a body bag.

  3. I actually use an AR for home defense. They can be behind a wall and not be out of reach. It’as quick to grab as anything and I can rain hell fire with it. You just have to realize where you are pointing and not shoot another house. I get it and have a defense plan. GOD HELP YOU, if you try! Have a JUDGE for a back-up.

  4. I have my “assault” weapon, that in fact isn’t an “assault weapon” by the definition of the phrase, in a very fast go bag they would definitely be the go to to defend my family. In fact my wife has a really hard time chambering most handguns, while she has no problem operating any of my rifles.

  5. Come and try ass holes. A big surprise,awaits you. I want the main pusher up front. The 2nd ammendment surpaeses any laws made. Without it YOU DIE!

  6. When guns are outlawed….only outlaws will HAVE guns! Old saying but still so very true! Criminal outlaws don’t give a s**t about laws! The love an un-armed person most of all!!

      • I’m with you on this, I’m just surprised no one has approached the cops and asked them if they’re going to enforce this illegal order? It’s not a law, they can’t make law? Unless Illinois is so fuked up a city is aloud to make laws? If I was an officer in that town I’d make the mayor come with me to take a citizen weapon, cause I’d not enforce that!

  7. This type of Triantical Government is exactly why the Framers of the Constitution put the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights the residents of Deerfield need to contact the State Attorney and set up a RECALL vote and get all of the Liberals out off that Council and BLACK BALL them from ever running again and vote some PROVEN 2nd Amendment supporters in

  8. Everyone boycott anything to do with this town for starters , God knows who want to go there now anyway as only criminals will have guns ! People of that town hunker down stay togather , they tryed the same thing if you remember awhile back I thi k it was Roadiland or some were and all the residents said come and get them ! Well last I heard the police got smart and said that’s ok keep them .
    File law suits and get your states Militias involved .
    Make a stand ! The whole nation should make a stand with you ! And most importantly VOTE OUT ALL THE CRAZY ANTI AMERICAN LIBERALS !!!

  9. What part of “not be infringed” is not clear to these people? If they want to make it safe, pass a law that all criminals or people who intend to be criminals must turn in their weapons and if not they will face fines and jail time. I’m sure they will comply. Remember in the SECONDS it takes someone to assault you or break into your home the police are just MINUTES away. If you are lucky.

  10. Just outrageous. Government overreach at it’s worst. No regard for the Constitution, the citizenry or their safety. What if people don’t turn them in, will the state come and attempt to remove the firearms? That could get ugly in a big hurry…

  11. The United States Constitution is the document that the Supreme Court (allegedly) looks to to determine the the validity of all laws brought before it. As such, it is the highest law of the land, and, obviously, is FEDERAL LAW. Therefore, violation of the Constitution is a violation of Federal law, and, it logically follows, a felony. Somebody needs to call in Federal Marshals, to arrest the perps in the city council who voted for that ridiculous (and subversive) illegality.

  12. Legal action might, should put a stop to this foolishness, but then looking at some court decisions, one wonders. When are the next town official elections?


  14. As worded, “assault weapons” were banned in the 1930’s. Semi-automatic shot guns are capable of holding 3 rounds and rifles/carbines are capable of holding 10 rounds or less to be legal. Are thugs and criminals expected to turn in their guns too ? Like their “big sissy” (Chicago), expect their crime rate to go up. Maybe they should look to the south (near Atlanta) where guns REQUIRED laws have almost STOPPED crime. Those two cities have a 2% crime rate that includes parking tickets. The SAME “LOGIC” = spoons make people fat.


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