You Won’t Believe The Shocking Thing Chicago Mayor Said About Reducing Gun Violence


Former Obama Chief-Of-Staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has not been someone of whom we have been a fan. His politics, including anti-gun stance, just haven’t tended to lend themselves to our worldview of freedom and personal responsibility which gun ownership requires.

But even the people with who you completely disagree can surprise you and say something that you agree with. This is one of those rare examples.

Emanuel had the gall to actually say that something other than gun control is necessary to curb the insanely high gun death toll in Chicago. That’s surprising enough, but I’ll let John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris give you the really shocking details:

Recently former Obama chief-of-staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel offered an idea about what’s behind this concentrated [gun] violence [in chicago]. Now members of his party are calling for his resignation.

When he was questioned about police strategies, Emanuel dared to suggest—get this—that “faith,” “family,” and “character development,” have a part to play in ending the bloodshed! He pleaded with fellow Chicagoans not to “shy away” from a politically incorrect discussion about how kids need a “moral compass” to “know good from bad and right from wrong.” All of this, he said, “plays a role” in curbing crime.

Yes, I know that you are completely flabbergasted. I am, too. How could a “progressive” politician actually dare to suggest that morals and character and personal responsibility might have anything to do with the problem?

No surprise, but, unfortunately, other progressive “leaders,” while calling for Emanuel’s resignation, said that his remarks were “insensitive.” To which I reply, “Um… What?” How, exactly, is saying that people have both the ability to act differently and the responsibility to act differently “insensitive?” It just means that people have the ability to change and to do the right thing. I would say that the insensitive thing is to say that people are helpless to change without help from the government or some progressive organization.

But, Emanuel’s comments give me hope that, unlike the anti-gun “progressive” leaders that criticized him, he may be coming around to the reality of human nature with all of its wonderful ability to choose and to be responsible even when, horribly, not everyone chooses to do so.

Who knows? With that comment, maybe Emanuel might actually start to implement policies which could decrease gun violence in Chicago in a way that failed gun control policies have not been able to do.


  1. The “ GUNS” will vanish when the gangs and wanna bed are locked up and given hard labor! Maybe hang a couple on the Road signs leading into Chicago ✝️🇺🇸👍

  2. Chicago is crime ridden sewer. Why? Because the decent, honest citizens don’t have guns to defend themselves! Of course the criminals and politicians have guns. Lock up the criminals and politicians and let the decent , honest citizens have guns. Problem solved!

  3. The crime rate in Chicago is horrendous to say the least. I believe that all the BLM riots and all the nationwide allegations of Police Brutality have taken there toll on the effectiveness of the Chicago Police. I know for a fact that Chicago Police Officers are really hesitant to respond to 911 and other criminal complaint calls for fear that, no matter what actions they take they will not be supported by the mayor. In other words, crime in Chicago is running rampant and unchecked because Police Officers don’t want to risk their lives or, their futures just because they try to do their jobs! Thank you Mayor Emanuel!!!

  4. The boy lacked the balls to tell the truth before he announced that he was not running for another term. Where ever he intends to go in politics, JUST SAY NO!

  5. Surprise! A liberal mayor that understands! In my youth, we did NOT have kids going crazy and shooting up schools; Gang Violence; or even all the corruption that goes on today! Why? Because the family unit was IMPORTANT! Family dinners; Truth in Advertising; Discipline in schools which included the principal paddling your rear if you were real bad; fathers using their belt if you didn’t do what you were told, AND you were taught to respect authority including the police! It was back in the time when people understood that we live in a land of majority rule, and the only special interest was was for the really smart students and the ones that needed extra help to learn. It was based on color of the skin, just needs! Then the liberals started No Child left behind, which started our school system going downhill, to the state it is in today.
    We need to forget the politically correct bullshit and go back to the core of the FAMILY! Clean house in the teacher and start from scratch again!


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