How To Survive Any Crisis


You’ve seen the movie Fight Club, right? (If not, where have you been?!!?)

Well, remember the #1 rule of Fight Club?

Now I’ll teach you the #1 rule of surviving a crisis. Most people do not know it. And it is, unfortunately, to their detriment if a disaster were to occur.


I’ll pause for a moment for you to guess what the #1 survivalist rule is.




Got it?

Let’s see if you’re right…

Okay, so here’s the #1 rule (and it’s just like the #1 move Fight club.)

Don’t tell ANYONE that you are a prepper or survivalist and have been preparing and storing items in your home or safe place.

The military calls this “Operational Security” or “OPSEC” if I’m not mistaken …

Why you ask would I not tell anyone?

Let’s touch on just a few here…

Let’s say you have been storing food, supplies, fuel, etc. and your neighbor happens to see you bringing all of these weird items into your house.

What if you have started growing vegetables, fruit trees, bought some chickens and built a coop.  The nosy neighbor asks you what you are up to and you tell him.

Or, you tell your kids and they tell their friends.

You are rolling along doing your own thing when disaster strikes—either man-made or natural.  What do you think that neighbor is going to say or do?

Because they have not taken the time to prepare and are now in a panic they are going to remember that their neighbor, you, did take the time and a bonus—you live right next door, you are their neighbor and of course you want to share…NOT!

As much as you like your neighbor, extended family and friends you should NEVER tell anyone that you are prepping.

We will feel sorry for these people because they did not take the time to prepare as we have and if you are to survive you have probably only put enough of the items away to sustain you and/or your immediate family.

If you let someone into the group, and they tell their friends, they WILL come after your stuff.  When disaster strikes everyone is desperate and the world will have changed in the blink of an eye.

You will need a way to protect your provisions whether it is with a gun, a knife or other means because you will have items that people are going to desperately want:  food, shelter, fuel, batteries, lights, etc.

Are you prepared to protect all of your hard-earned work and preparation?

Don’t think it will happen?  It can and will.  Just because you took the time doesn’t mean anyone else did.

Again, the #1 rule in Survival?

Don’t tell anyone that you are prepared!

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