You’ll Never Guess Why This 6 Time Olympian Was Shunned By Sponsors…


You would think that a six-time medalist in the Olympics would have sponsorsUSA Flag and major news networks lining up for her.

Nope, and nope.



She shoots guns and stands for the 2nd Amendment.  Because of that, NBC and other major sponsors refuse to support her.

Here’s the scoop straight from Controversial Times:

Kim Rhode is the FIRST WOMAN and (not insignificantly) the first Summer Olympian to medal in SIX consecutive Olympics. You’d think the glass ceiling crowd would be all over that, right? Not so much. See Rhode doesn’t wear a hijab. She is an outspoken supporter of the 2nd Amendment. And, most controversially, she won all six medals with a gun.

After such a performance, you would think NBC and other sponsors would be aching to get in touch with Kim.

But instead of patriotic Americans like Kim Rhode, they probably want more conformist, “cream puff” liberals to line up behind instead.

We thought this was the land of the free, the home of the brave … guess not.



  1. Kim Rhode is a great American who does much to promote the shooting sports safely, she should be honored by every national news media as she has accomplished what no other American woman has ever done all in support of America…..Personally I find the major news medias disgusting for their intentional avoidance of her accomplishments.

    • She is our pride Let them say what they want but they know how American fell about her. We love and respect her. She put her heart and soul into it for us. Thank you, Kim your the best. Judith Chase

  2. As a Veteran, who volunteered during the Korean War, I have a right and privilige to protect my family and myself from the LEFT who thinks the government will do all of this. HA HA
    The LEFT has always neglected the Veterans, the Poor, and the Minorities(this covera a large group) for their own selfish greed). The lEFT has not followedthe constitution for the past 83 years that I know.

  3. Yeah, a pretty sad commentary on the state of the media…But, nothing new. Good old whatzername (she’s not very important, anyway), finally came clean, and honestly admitted that she couldn’t report news objectively, and wouldn’t, because she was so far in the bag for Hillary. Not that it came as a big surprise, but that’s media for you. Maybe there are a few honest ones among the alphabet-soup networks, but you’ll have a time finding them. Think this is bad? Last week there was a report that Switzerland, of all places, came down hard on female Muslim students who demanded separates swimming lessons from boys. The government, according to the story, even denied some applications for citizenship, on the grounds that the Muslims had no intention of assimilating, and therefore didn’t intend to become actual Swiss citizens. Our much vaunted media? Not a peep. Not surprising, either…….

  4. Guest where those goat headers from NBC, CNN and MSNBC will seek help from, when their head is about to be chopped off. Do you think it will be from a pencil pusher in their office or a person with a gun. The Media is so warped. Lying is the norm for todays reporters and I really don’t think they know the difference anymore.

  5. This is just another way for the liberal media to show how far from the truth they have moved. It also shows how biased, and how far removed they are from the American people. They seem to have taken Hilary’s and Obama’s stance when it comes radical muslims. If they don’t print it they can continue to deny it’s existence. I’m sure they will continue to ignore those kinds of news stories until some of them are murdered, here in the USA. What a joke the news media has become.

  6. Kim Rhode, you are #1 for a reason, you are the BEST! All the “citizens” who find this offensive in any way obviously have no real understanding of this Nations history! You make us patriots PROUD! Thank you! Lawrence W. Young

    • And shoot straight…. You already know that gun control is hitting your target…You go girl!!

  7. Liberals thrive on making anyone who doesn’t agree with them feel like they are somehow criminals and only the beauty and light of the Liberal mindset will save them. Screw them. If they had been the driving force in history the world would already be a smoking cinder. and humankind and extinct line.

    • Very very well said. My lib relatives and other libs are always demonizing me. Just sick is what they are.

  8. I completely agree Lawrence!!! Kim Rhode I am so proud that u represented all of the men and women who have served in our military ever sense we became the USA!! And all the other true Americans here!! Thank u Thank u Thank u.. U r a role model to all young girls for sure!!

  9. Someone also should start a petition or whatever piece of paper is necessary to find out just what sponsors it was that jumped ship. We need to know what not to watch, what network(s) to turn off, what products not to buy, from what companies, etc., etc.
    These entities seek to punish this terrific young person for her connection to guns in general, soooo it’s only fitting that we, (the people), should seek to punish the entities for dropping her as sponsors.
    First, it literally blows my mind that the common folks of the country don’t appear to get the connection between guns and crime. The gun is nothing more than a tool, same as a knife, or an ice pick, or any other tool that could be used to cause injury to someone you wish to imtimidate into taking a certain path of action. If guns were not available then it would probably fall to the back up tool, the knife to get the action accomplished. And regardless of which tool is used or disposed of, there will always be another to take it’s place and it in turn will take it’s place as the tool of choice.
    Second, the anti-gun activists seem to think that the passing of more laws will keep the gun population low and manageable, unfortunately, that’s not the case and they know it, they just choose to ignore it. There are already many, many laws on the books to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them, much less, be using them. Chicago is the home of every gun banning law you could imagine and they have more killings in the city than any other city or town on record. That very fact, in and of itself should demonstrate to the leftist, liberal organizations wanting to get rid of our guns. But, once again, they refuse to accept proof positive that’s staring them in the face.
    So, apparently they are simply doing these exercises in jurisprudence to prove to us and mostly to themselves, that they can.

  10. After scouring the page and the site I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no way to do any editing to a statement posted here, so I’ll just have to retype the sentence to make the correction.

    The very fact that Chicago leads the nation in most gun banning laws in force and yet they have the highest number of gun caused injuries should demonstrate to the leftist, liberal organizations wanting to get rid of our guns, that guns aren’t the main problem here, it’s the people that pick up the gun that are the problem, not the guns.

  11. Kim does not fit the Illuminati profile.

    Now if she was sleeping with every tom, Dick and Harry in Hollywood, she would be of more value to the slimy MSM.

    The MSM is a big part of the desire the “Progressives” have to turn the USA into a communist nation under the NWO.

  12. Kim, thank you for your patriotism. The big networks may not support you, but the everyday Americans do.

  13. The lady IS a role model for those that DO watch and listen. Women are the biggest “interest group” of guns in the past few years. Mostly for protection, but also for hunting. Who better to shoot “Expert” than the hands that finness a diaper pin or coddle a baby. The ATTITUDE to shooting in self defense is NOT getting scared, but getting ANGRY instead. FEW guys will argue the fact that when SHE gets angry and has a glass ashtray in hand, she seldom misses. In “days of old”, women were the main archers to defend the castle.

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