Exclusive: Aljazeera Explains Why Homicide Is Going Down While Gun Ownership Goes Up (SO PATHETIC)


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.29.18 PMIf gun control is the key to reducing homicides, why on earth has America’s murder rate been cut in half while gun sales hit record highs. It’s quite a quandary for those on the left.

We should have the highest murder rate ever according to leftist logic. Especially since we have millions more evil black rifles than we did 25 years ago, you never know when when of those black rifles will sneak off and kill someone, right?

The propagandists over at Aljazeera have invented a hilarious reason for the “contradiction” of relatively low crime and high gun ownership.



A recent report cited “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” (MDA), as the National Rifle Association’s “worst nightmare”.

MDA lobbies for gun control, stigmatises gun use, boasts a membership of 1.5 million and successfully lobbied Target stores, the nation’s fourth largest retailer, to announce that firearms were no longer welcome in its stores.

That victory, though modest, shows that stigmatisation works. While gun sales have doubled over the past two decades, gun homicides have actually been cut in half since 1993.

MDA’s activism replicates the MADD model, which demonised drink driving so successfully that distilleries joined their crusade. Now, the US’ largest beer producer provides funds for MADD’s public outreach programme.


Most people attribute decreased crime in America’s cities to things like the broken widows theory, stop and frisk, tougher sentencing, community policing, closure of housing projects, changing demographics, and more armed citizens willing to defend themselves but Aljazeera thinks they know better.

A relatively obscure Bloomberg funded group stigmatized gun ownership and that caused the decrease in the homicide rate according to Aljazeera.  Apparently they stigmatized gun ownership so much that people couldn’t stop buying AR-15’s, LOL! You can read the entire article here, ironically the title is “Gun Control In The US Is Not Fantasy.”





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  4. America’s founding fathers knew armed citizens are a check for dictators and criminal behavior. For a long while police did not exist in America. Communities took care of criminal behavior according to civil law (common law) recognized by one and all.

    A armed society is a free society. Only a Christian moral society can be free. Fascism is slavery to the state where only authorities have weapons used to oppress the population.

    Guns = Freedom

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  5. Cannot read the article as Safari cannot find the server. Possibly it needs to take it’s shoes and socks off so that it can count. The hogwash of anti gun rights claptrap seems endless. Who funds it being an interesting question.

  6. Oh by the way, and this might be repitious, that aside, I find myself curious. This “good reason” requirement, again the subject of litigation, remains undefined. How come those who push requirements for “good reason” are unable or unwilling, possibly both, to define that which they would require of others?

    • That is a question that makes gungrabbers stutter and spittle to run down their chins. The mere broadness of such requirement places it in the category of the unconstitutional. But, that is the goal of Democrats,Communist and Muslims, to destroy the US Constitution.

  7. The FBI reported last year that violent crime has dropped each year for the last several years, both in this country and world-wide. One of the reasons it appears otherwise is now small local gun issues are being reported nation-wide. and all such vioent crime problems are similarly being reported. Also, the media has failed to report there are about 50,000 (yes, thousand) police “activities” are handled each day and for each violent crime and gun related incident that “goes wrong”, at that very instant, there are hundreds and perhaps thousands, going “right”. We also, have individuals groups who go out of their way to verbally distort the facts involved—and most of those get further distorted by additional individual hearsay and innuendo. The great majority of violent crime gets too much unverified media attention and intentional biased reporting.

  8. In case nobody realized it, Al Jazeera works relentlessly, pushing the propaganda, TO DISARM AMERICAN CITIZENS!
    Imagine that – working to STIGMATIZE GUN OWNERS.
    Drawing a parallel to MADD. Last I heard, MADD is not working for prohibition. Only drunk DRIVERS are stigmatized.
    All of the efforts of the progressive socialist left is to achieve citizen disarmament – AND THEY ACCEPT THE FACT THAT IT MUST BE ACHIEVED INCREMENTALLY OVER TIME.
    I just find it very, very interesting that the Islamic media outlet has a committed interest in American citizen disarmament.

    • MADD not only works to stigmatize drunk drivers they push for harsh punishments. In short they work for the punishment of those who abuse alcohol not prohibiting its use by responsible drinkers.

    • That is a question that makes gungrabbers stutter and spittle to run down their chins. The mere broadness of such requirement places it in the category of the unconstitutional. But, that is the goal of Democrats,Communist and Muslims, to destroy the US Constitution. The only way stop the enemies of the US Constitution is, to treat them as enemies of the US Constitution, foreign or domestic. Death is the only thing that will prevent their attacks on freedom.

  9. the national media, i would not watch them if they paid me. now i do believe in some left views and right. i am not a party man, but the anti gun platform of the democraps makes my mind up for me. i am not a religious man either but there is one thing that i truly believe and that is everyone has the right to make his own decision. the freedom to choose without big brother or uncle telling him how to live. if you want to be a muslim that is your business, but when your fist reaches my nose it becomes mine.

    there are 2 people running and one needs to be burnt at the stake. it is your call. this is the scariest time in my old life and i can truly see the outlawing of guns with one appointment, which the next pres will make maybe 3. this is something i thought would never happen in america. no matter what your race, religion, background, we need to stick together, we need to make sure by talking to our friends which candidate is the best choice for not burning at the stake. i am scared to death for the continuance of america. we have lost our freedoms from both parties. you eat an elephant one bite at a time. hell the elephant won’t even know he is being eaten for quite sometime. we have lost our freedoms and our way of life. this is not a true capitalist society anymore. we are not free. this was done a little at a time under the guise of a better solution when it only made matters worse. we need to drastically reduce government .

    they have set us up for the greatest depression this world has ever seen and when it happens you surely will need your guns as 1000’s upon 1000’s will die in this country from starvation. it is going to get ugly. be prepared, be safe.

    so i leave it up to you. which one should we burn at the stake??? should it be donald duck, or hillawitch666!!

    i for one will not give up my guns, let them come for me first, i have had a pretty good life. they want to make me a criminal so be it. i cannot have a better cause then to give up my life for the second amendment. it would be my honor and the best thing i have done in my life. all i can say is i hope this country is not dumb enough to let it happen. damn it is close though and who knows it could be rigged. let them come for me first.

    freedom can only be achieve with tolerance. that is what we are lacking everywhere. you might think you know how everyone should live, but do you want to have someone tell you how you have to live. tolerance the ability to allow someone with a different point of view to exist and function whether you like it or not. so let us proceed in that direction. allowing the people to choose their own way. FREEDOM AND TOLERANCE GO HAND AND HAND. no matter what you believe the other person as long as he is not hurting someone else has the right to hurt himself. hell there is a law against killing yourself. well they can throw my corpse in jail, WTF????

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