Why You Should Own An AR-15


You don’t even need to be a gun owner to know the term “AR-15,” but, frankly, only gun owners really understand why it’s such a popular firearm (hint to any anti-gunners reading this: It’s not because it’s an “Assault Rifle,” which is description of how a weapon can be used, not of what it is).

It’s true that gun owners dearly love their AR-15s. In fact, Mark Overstreet wrote this about them:

Second to the muskets used in our revolutionary and civil wars, the AR-15 may be the most important firearm in American political history.

All told, more Americans have fired more rounds from more AR-15s for personal defense, defensive firearm training, marksmanship competitions, individual practice, and hunting than from any other rifle. For that reason, the AR-15 is the primary firearm upon which Americans would rely if they had to fight for freedom today.

Overstreet believes that one of the reasons that you may want to consider owning an AR-15, if you don’t already have one is because, “first and foremost, it is a rifle.” Now, while this may sound basic, this really is one of the reasons to consider having an AR-15 over another type of firearm if you must pick and choose between them. Why? Overstreet writes,


In any event, rifles are the type of firearm most useful for the entire range of defensive applications because they are inherently more accurate than handguns and shotguns, are easier to shoot accurately, are more powerful across the greater distances at which they are effective, and can hold more rounds of ammunition. When armed with a rifle, a handgun’s primary purpose is to be ready in the holster in case the rifle runs out of ammunition or malfunctions.

Other reasons to consider an AR-15 over other rifles is the fact that it is a modular rifle, meaning that it is easy to change components for either repair of the weapon or customizations, and also because the firearm is semiautomatic, which means that, in a pinch, you’ll spend less time reloading than you would otherwise. That can mean the difference between life and death.

I’m sure that you can think of other reasons to own an AR-15 in particular, but this is a good starter list, and, if you’re shopping for a firearm, read over this article again. It will give you food for thought.




  2. SEEING that an AR is SO RARELY used ‘wrongly’, in the NorthEast Corridor ( or , the Western Coastline..) WHY do the ‘forces of Rome’, hate the Modern Musket so much? #Power.(:they know , you are ‘adequately armed)’No criminals even Try to enter, ( illegal or Gov)… molon labe..(& pray that they never try..)🙏2019: the year that we REPEAL these ‘disarm the Lawful’ laws..while we Can..

  3. There is ONLY one ‘reason’ that someone should own an AR – because they can. Period.

  4. I agree with GomeznSA. We can own one because we can. But I prefer a rifle, either bolt action of preferably lever action with a powerful scope as my eyesight does not work well with open sights. With a lever action rifle I can shoot quite well at longer distances. In a shooting situation I do not need an At-15 if others have them for closer in shots. Yes, scope sights can be used on an AR-15 but rapid fire is not very doable when using a scope.

    • Mr Branson, I have a similar age-related eyesight problem. I’ve been experimenting with Red Dot sights, and have had very good luck using them. You might check these out–for all of your long guns, not just AR-15s.

      • I took my red dot off my AR-15 because I prefer more re accurate shooting with a scope. More fun for me.

  5. Once I had a friend that recommended that I sell / trade all my guns for those that shoot 22LR, 9Mil, and .223 Remington / NATO. I thought he was nuts, but his reason was this: “You can take your ammo from your dead enemies”. I have always thought that this guy was a bit over the top, but if the SHTF, he might have a good point.

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