Is Your Child’s Pediatrician Trying To Take Away Your Guns?


You may have heard about the controversial actions taken by some states in which those states are using doctors to further a gun control agenda (we’ve talked about this before here). What you may not know is that some pediatricians, apart from coercion by the state, are trying to find ways to take away gun rights from U.S. citizens.

How are they doing this? By using bad data (or, at least, misinterpreted data) to produce flawed studies with inaccurate conclusions (in an area which they often know little-to-nothing about, their area of specialty being medicine, not sociology or gun crime). Now, to make this situation worse, because they are doctors and the conclusions match the narrative that the mainstream media wants to put forth, this study is leading to those faulty conclusions getting lots of media attraction and influence.

A perfect storm for misleading a media-saturated and, too often, gullible populace.


So, what are the details on the deception that some pediatricians are trying to push on people? Our friends at give us the details:

After reading a recent study published in Pediatrics, I would caution parents about allowing a member pediatrician to treat their child. Looks risky.

That may be an unfair jab, but once again we see doctors – too often funded by activist groups – doing criminology research and producing deformed analytical offspring. Worse yet, many in the media picked up on the inaccurate conclusions to pen woefully inaccurate headlines:

ABC: Child gun deaths lower in states with stricter gun laws

TIME: Fewer American Kids Die in States With Tougher Gun Laws

U.S. News: Tough State Gun Laws Help Keep Kids Safe

CNN: Children in states with strict gun laws are less likely to die

None of which was (a) what the study said and (b) any reflection of reality outside the alleged minds of news editors.

So, how did this study go off the rails so badly? Again, from that same article:

[T]he study’s two glaring defects are:

1. It uses a measure of gun control strictness that everyone agrees is completely arbitrary.

2. [It] includes children up to age 21, including your garden variety street gang member.

Now, you don’t have to be a genius to realize that if you include a 20 year old gang member in pediatric shooting statistics, then the average American is going to interpret the conclusion to mean that three year old children are getting shot at a horrific rate which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, in case you’re wondering, the groups that sponsored this flawed study and reporting on it are Children’s National Health System, Washington, District of Columbia; Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, The George Washington University, Washington, District of Columbia, and Pediatrics, Rockville, Maryland. If your child’s pediatrician has connections to any of these organizations, I would be careful what you say around that pediatrician until you can change doctors. It’s hard to say what other inappropriate measures that they will take to try to limit your guns rights.



  1. Liberals are destroying so many of our rights and are spying on honest, hardworking Americans, in order to gain control of the American people. They will go to any lengths to push their radical, socialist agenda, . They even go so far as to force Dr.s to ask personal questions, then transform the information into something, that doesn’t remotely resemble what people say. If that doesn’t work they simply make up whatever works for them. If you are conservative, they call u racist or a white supremacist. If you are liberal you can say and do whatever you please with no accountability. What they really are is corrupt, dishonest, liars and bigots, who care absolutely nothing for the people they are supposed to represent.

  2. I had the conversation years ago with my children, and now, both their parents and grandparents reiterate the lesson now. The conversation emphasizes that we don’t talk about guns outside of the family. Not to schools, Doctors or our friends. We explain to them that there are people, teachers, doctors and possibly parents of some of their friends who don’t like guns. So talking about guns might cost you your friends, get you in trouble with your teacher, of your doctor and dentist, because they might call the police, and it would be a big problem. Kids are sharp and I started with kids and grandkids at 5 or 6 years of age about safe responsible gun handling.I also take them with me to the range and work with them and learning how to safely handle and shoot a .22LR bolt action. They love going, so if you explain that talking to doctors, teachers and your friends could put the kobosh on their learning to shoot, they get it pretty darn quick.

  3. FredK… As I have said before, the radical left will stop at nothing, up to, and including killing people to get their agenta. which is comlete control of the populace. In other words, they don’t care who gets killed. And they will lie that the radical “right” instigates all these mass shootings all the mass shootings.

  4. Yes, teach your children gun safety and handling and to keep quiet about it! It’s no ones business but our own!

  5. The problem is not guns, its the big pharmaceutical companies. They make these mind altering (high priced) drugs and have these physiological doctors prescribe them to every kid and young adults who is 5 points or more off center. Big pharma gives a lot of money to the DNC so there is never any thing said about what medication these shooters are/were on. They want only gun ban.
    The kids who shot up Columbine high school in Colorado were prescribed mind altering medication, when first came on the market. The Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter was on same type of drugs, and the Sandy hook sicko shooter was another with the mind altering medication. If authorities, who are not on big pharma’s pay roll, would look into what type of mind altering drugs all of the shooters are/were on, just maybe these very expensive mind altering drugs would be taken off the market and the natural herbal medications for the off center people would be prescribed. Shooter problem solved.
    Its a far chance any of this would see light , for the demonratic party and Hillary are in cahoots with Big Pharma.

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