Virginia Democrats Talk About Bringing In The National Guard To Enforce Gun Control


Democrats in Virginia have gone off the deep end pushing gun control since their win there in the most recent election. We’ve already discussed some of their insanity here.

Understandably, people are upset (see here), and they are taking measures to ensure that they are able to keep their right to bear arms. For example, some counties are declaring themselves firearm sanctuaries, and some people are even starting their own militias (see here).

But anti-gun nutcases, not to be outdone, are hiding behind the threat of prosecution and threatening to bring in the National Guard if law enforcement refuses to enforce the gun control laws which look like will soon pass in that state (hat tip here for the lead). Kerry Picket writes,


Virginia Democratic officials, however, already say local law enforcement supporting these [gun sanctuary] resolutions will face consequences if they do not carry out any law the state Legislature passes.

“I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold, or they’re prosecuted for failure to fulfill their oath,” Democratic Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly told the Washington Examiner of local county police who may refuse to enforce future gun control measures. “The law is the law. If that becomes the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.”

Democratic Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin suggested cutting off state funds to counties that do not comply with any gun control measures that pass in Richmond.

“They certainly risk funding, because if the sheriff’s department is not going to enforce the law, they’re going to lose money. The counties’ attorneys offices are not going to have the money to prosecute because their prosecutions are going to go down,” he said.

McEachin also noted that Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam could call the National Guard, if necessary.

“And ultimately, I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law,” he said. “That’s his call, because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be. But that’s obviously an option he has.”

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring blamed the numerous Second Amendment resolutions in the state on the “gun lobby” as a tactic to frighten state residents.

“The resolutions that are being passed are being ginned up by the gun lobby to try to scare people. What we’re talking about here are laws that will make our communities and our streets safer,” Herring told CBS 6.

“So, when Virginia passes these gun safety laws that they will be followed, they will be enforced,” he added.

Of course, possibly the biggest irony here is that anti-gunners in Virginia want to try to force law enforcement to uphold gun control laws because “the law is the law,” but these same anti-gunners conveniently overlook that the highest law in the land, the Constitution, prohibits gun control.

Anti-gunners are right that the law is the law. It’s just that the sheriffs who support gun sanctuary counties are abiding by the higher law in this case.

Still, it says something about the sense of self-importance and gall that these nutcases have to throw around threats like this. This whole situation has the making of another civil war. Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that.



  1. If the L.E.O.’s want to stop the National Guard dead in their tracks, just hold up a sign that says ‘KENT STATE’.

  2. What fools these mortals be !…those Virginia petty tyrants that think they can undo what the blood of Patriots paid for, our constitutional rights in particular our 2nd amendment, need to heed one of the symbols of our Revolutionary war of liberation from similar government overreach, DON’T TREAD ON ME ! LET FREEDOM RING THROUGHOUT THE LAND..this isn’t just Virginia’s fight, this is an affront to every patriotic American, make your voices heard against their threats, citizens of the National guard refuse to mobilize against your people, show these petty tyrants who has the power WE THE PEOPLE!!

    • Another thing to consider: will the National Guard fire on their own relatives, friends and neighbors? After what happened in New Orleans after Katrina and National Guard membere were upset enough to wish they had been sent to Iraq instead.

      • They were also not Louisiana Guard they were from I think New Mexico called up and sent to NO so the locals could take care of their families & property.

    • Aim Small and shoot small.The 1902 Dick Act gives the County Sheriff power to Deputize and call up Militias.Trump can Order Stand down Commands Case closed.!986 Federal Firearms Protection act stops them cold.Recall the Governor and demand An Injunction from the SCOTUS Appellate courts.

  3. It will be a shot heard round the country and it will get the civil war started now rather than later. Patriots will unite with the True Americans in Virginia and we can rid this country of the anti American communists . Just “SAY WHEN ” !

    • It is already dividing VA’s Democrats; the rural Dems are pro-gun while the urban ones are anti-gun. A bit of advice is, regardless of party affiliation, vote Republican. This ain’t our grandparents’ Democratic Party; it gas become Communist Party USA.

      Your remark of “Juat say When” is a good one. It harks back to a Persian threat in a long threatening letter to the Spartans and their reply was “When.”

  4. The people of Virginia need to assemble in mass and storm the capitol take all government personnel into custody and begin the hangings for treason against the people of Virginia the constitution and the country. Take these liberal pro illegal immigrant supporters and string them all up from the tallest tree in Richmond then maybe these shitbags will see how serious we the people are about our constitutional rights and our god given rights. They think our rights are privileges and can be taken away at any time they wish. Unfortunately for them they are our guaranteed rights and cannot be infringed upon at all. If it is a war they want then stop procrastinating and give it to them and kill them all. Make sure you send all the illegals packing with them.

  5. What about the posse comataus act. Don’t the moron realize they can’t use the military to enforce their stupid laws in the U.S. Plus their push to enact gun control is in direct violation to the Constitution. They should be impeached and removed from office. Those politicians are a disgrace to the state of Virginia, the Constitution and to America. If they like socialism, then they should go to a country that promotes socialism, and get the hell out of America.

  6. Amazing — these dirtbags try to pass laws to disarm the American citizens but then want to bring in armed people to try and enforce those phony BS laws. Hopefully the national guard has more sense and realizes that a bunch of sh**bird demoSCUM trash are trying to take the rights of Virginia citizens away from them but if they don’t then — Robert above is exactly right — it becomes more than a law passed in the state of Virginia — it becomes ALL of America’s fight. It will eventually affect every Patriotic American citizen. This needs to be stopped and stopped right now !!!!!!!

  7. Where are the commanders for the Guard? These actions are a start of Communism. The 2nd amendment gives all citizens gun rights . The idiots need to be stopped.

  8. I guess those politicians all need to be arrested for failure to obey the law of the land the constitution. It’s called the supremacy clause. Federal law reigns supreme and no state law can violate your federal rights. . Your anti guns laws go against the second amendment. We all expect the Virginia politicians to resign now since it goes against their conscience. Like they even know what theirs looks like. Regarding the National Guard .Don’t need to hold any sign after Katrina they didn’t even give those poor guys ammo for their guns.

  9. If where true, I believe it’s time for a Civilian War within USA of Virginia, but at the same time you need to ask yourself, if you are a Police Office or in the Military when will they come after you, when you end your Career as a Police Office or Military, wake they want Power over you and if we continue to Vote for Governor’s, Mayor, Senator or Concgress we will end up with two choices either have a Civilian War within USA or accept Communist within our Senate and Congress, even if President Trump wins in 2020. Wake up America you are being played by the backing of Muslim BHO agenda’s from the day he becaming President and up today.

  10. The Oaths I swore to (as a military officer) required me to obey the LAWFUL ORDERS of those appointed over me.

    • That oath also required you to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Those who would violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens and give ILLEGAL orders to National Guard troops fall into that category.

      • I took the Oath. I guess that it is still in effect, because I’ve never been told otherwise.

    • The KEY word there is LAWFUL orders. Any law that goes against the Constitution and The Bill of Rights is not a a viable law legally, and any order to enforce that illegal law is also not a lawful order. It is you DUTY to disobey any illegal order given you, as a member of any active armed force in America.

      “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. – Thomas Jefferson

    • You can not obey an illegal order. Any law that is in conflict with the Constitution must be set aside, regardless if the legislature voted for it. Then, recall the governor and attorney general.

  11. By using the National Guard, Virginia’s anti-gunners will be opening a can of worms they didn’t expect or can control because the NG members are from the populous of the State and many, if not, most will not follow those unlawful orders to collect the guns as most of them, the NG members, will have guns themselves.

  12. Oh so democrats will threaten to pull funding and bring in national guard to uphold law YET these same democrats feel they can break immigration laws and are free from retribution. Shows how delusional the left has become. Arm yourselves heavily and train because the 2nd civil war is coming.

  13. How ‘Democrat’ of the leadership in Virginia to insist on passing and enforcing their new gun laws when 91% of the counties in Virginia say they want no part of it and have declared themselves sanctuary counties. It sounds like a criminal act by Democrats to force this law on it’s citizens when they are actually taking away the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens.
    It’s also so ‘Democrat’ of the leadership in Virginia to say the formation of sanctuary counties for gun laws is meaningless, but they readily agree with the Democrats policy of declaring many of their states and or cities sanctuaries against federal immigration laws.
    One more hypocritical Democrat idea is how Democrats are fighting any federal attempts to persuade sanctuary states/cities from evading Federal laws by cutting off funding, but Democrats in Virginia are expressing the possibility of them doing the exact same thing and cutting off funding to any county which rejects their anti-gun agenda.
    I guess the meaning of being a Democrat is having the ability to pass laws against the wishes of the majority of the citizens and force the laws on them regardless, and at the same time ignore any other laws that they themselves don’t like.

  14. Left Wing NAZI Germany being repeated by Left Wing NAZI Democrats. All government Tyrrany and Totalitarianism comes from the Left! (Yes….NAZI’s are left wing!).

  15. I think their best option is for law enforcement to arrest all these politicians that are not following our constitution. They are the ones who are breaking the law! They are the criminals. All our military and ever law officer is sworn to protect our constitution! And all of us veterans have taken the oath to protect our constitution. We need to arrest these law breaking politicians and charge them with treason!

  16. The people of virginia elected these people, even though, 1. the current governor was accused of and could not deny with any certainty, his participation in a “black face event” 2. the Lt governor was accused of sexual assault, by multiple women, within the recent past, credible accusations, but because he was a democrat, he was allowed to skate, I guess the accusations from some hazy event 30 some years ago against Brett Kavanaugh “must be believed” only because he is a conservative and was appointed by Trump, the dual standard applies. Any hint of such activities by a Republican would of had them fried in the media with no mercy. 3. Virginia is a coal producing state,more than likely, with over a Billion dollars worth of production, many thousands of good high paying jobs and a large tax base for the state and associated counties, simply put democrats HATE coal, why would you put one in office? 4. Virginia has a large population of illegals, courtesy of democrats and their lenient policies on illegal immigration, these illegals are going to compete for the very jobs that will be needed after the democrat controlled state is thru screwing up the coal industry and people lose their jobs. When you elect these socialist fools it emboldens them, when they get a majority, they will do just exactly what they are doing, they will shove the democrat/socialist agenda down your throat and the do not care what you think, or give a hoot about the constitution, they get their walking orders from the national party, in fact I would be real surprised if the virginia politicians even wrote any of the bills they are shoving down your throat, my bet they were already written by the national party and handed over once the majority was achieved with orders to implement them as fast as possible.

  17. You take a 35 foot length of rope, which can support up to 5,000 foot pounds of energy. Then on one end of said rope, you double back a three foot length of rope , maybe a little longer, holding this doubled length , you take the loose end of the rope, go back to the near end and grasp the three sections, you start a loop around the three sections, leaving about 4 inches protruding at the end. The looping of the three lentos should number thirteen rounds, then when you make your final loop , you should have another loop at the end, then through that loop , you will put the loose end through that loop , and going to the opposite end loop, you will pull the loop until the other end forces the loop to close down on the loose piece. This is a hangman’s rope when completed. One section of the loop will be able to expand enough , suitable to go around a certain persons head, then by taking the long section of rope, pulling until the loop around the appropriate neck is secured, then throw the long end of the rope over a tree limb , light post, or some other heavy duty horizontal piece available , one can then retract the excess amount until the appropriate persons feet leave the ground.
    There , you have instructions, if you wish to utilize them for any “suitable traitorous person” you encounter.

  18. So, let’s see here. The election results were manipulated by Maggot Bloomingbird and his gun control pawn groups. They bought and paid for their minions and expect them to deliver what Lord Bloomingbird demands of his subjects. If this is not a clear and dangerous example of what Trump has been accused of, I don’t know what is. Bloomingbird even proudly touts his buying the election and defeating the NRA in his commercials. I guess it’s OK for demomaggots but not anyone else.

    As for these newly elected Bloomingbird puppets, can’t the people of Virginia hold a recall election and remove these Naziistic sleezebags? Also, another thing to consider is that the majority of guard members are from those same sanctuary counties. I believe that, if they were placed with the dilemma of enforcing laws that infringe on the constitutional rights of the citizens or taking the side of their brothers, they will choose the latter. Along with them, there are many outside of Virginia hoping to join in and defeat the repressors.

    The politicians are playing a dangerous game and threatening the people who they were elected to represent. My hope is that they will tell Bloomingbird and his minions to back off and they will deescalate this situation reasonably. They are holding the torch here and if they light that fuse, there will be a huge explosion and all will lose.

  19. 1. How does a governor (who is already the head of the National Guard, a state military organization) “nationalize” it? The president nationalizes the National Guard; the governor mobilizes it.
    2. The members of the National Guard swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, not enforce clearly unconstitutional laws enacted by an uber-liberal legislature and governor.
    3. Who do you think volunteers for the National Guard, anti-gun zealots and socialists or patriotic Americans? I don’t see them disarming anyone.

  20. These SOBs are answering the question about why the Second exists, don’t worry if we take your guns we aren’t tyrants, WE’L JUST SIC THE NATIONAL GUARD ON YOU LIKE ALL GOOD DICTATORS! Who the Blazes do they think they are kidding? Do these simpletons forget the history of Virginia, George Washington and Patrick Henry. They need to do more than leave the state they should get the Sam Hill out of the country. Whose Guard will the use, their own of whom 50% or more probably side with the sanctuary sheriffs or from another state so they won’t have an emotional connection to the people they will be harassing? And so people won’t have to shoot at fellow citizens?

  21. I’m a descendant of the first families of Virginia, including the Patriot Thomas Hansford. If the State of Virginia confiscates just one firearm unlawfully in total disregard of the US Constitution…..count me in the fight against the Tyrants of the Democratic Party of Virginia and their cohorts. The Virginia flag says it all: “Sic Semper Tyrannus” , meaning Death to Tyrants.

    …..can go two ways. What if the Federal Government said they would withhold Federal Funding if the State goes against the Constitution, ie, the 2nd Amendment, among others.????
    Hmmmm, time for Trump to get involved.

  23. Why dont the people of the state use their
    right to remove those in the state goverment. That is their right and can be done

  24. “Sic Semper Tyrannis” means: Thus Always to Tyrants
    The full text of the Virginia state motto is: Sic Semper Evello Mortem Tyrannis; which means: Thus Always I Bring Death to Tyrants. A little clearer display of the state founders intent.

  25. No. The ‘law’ is not necessarily the law. Laws lower to our Founding Documents are consistent with them, not contradictory. That’s why the lower laws are laws. Lower ‘laws’ that are contradictory are not laws and need not be obeyed. Those lower ‘laws’ that are contradictory, are criminal plans, not laws. It’s NOT just that we go by a higher law, the Founding Documents. It’s that we go by the Founding Documents and the lower laws pursuant to them, not by criminal plans. The ‘law’ is not necessarily the law. It might be a criminal plan, contradictory to all law from the highest to the lowest. Criminal plan can be legislated, just like law. But it’s a perversion of the very idea of law and, thus, a perversion of the legislative process. This perversion is null and void, to be, not just disobeyed, but simply ignored. The recourse is the power and authority of law, from the Founding Documents down thru all the lower laws, enforced by physical power.

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