Now, Democrats In Virginia Want To Fire And Ban Police That Don’t Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws


Yep, the Virginia gun control show down is heating up.

As you know if you read this site regularly, two thirds of all Virginia counties and independent cities have already designated themselves gun sanctuaries in response to proposed new insane gun control measures. In reply, anti-gunners have already started to call for bringing in the National Guard to force gun control in those gun sanctuary counties.

Now, another Democratic legislator in Virginia is going directly after law enforcement that refuse to enforce the proposed new gun control legislation. Larry Keane writes,


The latest legislation pre-filed for the upcoming 2020 session is proof. Democrat Delegate Lee Carter of Manassas sponsored HB 67, which would apply to any law enforcement official, noting that those who “willfully refuses to perform the duties of his employment,” will be terminated and ineligible for future law enforcement employment for another year.

The bill was filed just days after Gov. Ralph Northam warned against the more than 100 counties and municipalities that already adopted Second Amendment or Constitutional sanctuary resolutions. Northam offered a veiled threat that any law enforcement agency that doesn’t get on board with enforcing his gun grab would see their funding or authority revoked. “If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books, then there are going to be consequences, but I’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it,” Northam told reporters.

It all centers on the gun control Gov. Northam promised. He said if he could get the legislature to flip from a very narrowly held Republican lead in both the House of Delegates and state Senate to Democrat, he could force through draconian gun control. Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg dumped $2.5 million and the statehouse is now narrowly Democrat, with a 21 to 19 majority in the state Senate and 55 of 100 seats in the House of Delegates.

This whole situation in Virginia is getting ugly and is threatening to blow up in a nasty way.

And make no mistake, the gun control lock down that anti-gunners are pushing in Virginia is exactly the kind of gun control that they want throughout the United States. Virginia is really a test case to see if they can ram it down our throats without it blowing up in their collective faces.

We’ll see what happens, but it’s clear that the #VAGunRightsRebellion is getting nasty on the anti-gunner side by threatening the livelihood of law enforcement officers simply because they actually choose to enforce the higher law in the gun control conflict.



  1. If I lived in Virginia, I’d be pressing to have arrested any member of Virginia’s government that votes for these pro passed him control laws based on 18 US Code 241, Conspiracy Against Rights, the moment they step into any of these Santuary counties. In fact, it would be cool to see that occur in every anti-human right state.

    Living in Missouri, I’m glad our legislators are considering turning the entire state into a sanctuary for 2A.

    • Pretty close to what I think. I think those police that they think need fired should go to the capitol and arrest those treasonous clowns whoa re pushing this garbage including the governor.

  2. What total HYPOCRISY! Liberals are turning “sanctuary” into a bad word and they want to fire officers for following their municipality’s/county’s legally defined status? Well, then lets fire all government officials who follow the immigration sanctuary status and who refuse to cooperate with ICE!

    • Going against the Bill of Rights is a violation of law and any order given by a Government Official is a violation of that Law which makes the order illegal. If any action taken against Law Enforcement for not following an illegal order would set the State Government up for a lawsuit to the tune of Millions of dollars.

      • Time for Barr to zero in on Virginia. If they are going after those who will not enforce state law it shows that the Dems are very knowledgeable about the sanctuary concept. Therefore they should not be seeking sanctuary status from Federal regs. As my grandfather used to say; what’s sauce for the goose is good for the gander!

  3. I as an AMERICAN support all of the Constitutional supporters in Virginia. God Bless you and keep you. May these TYRANNICAL Anti-American Politicians have a short term in offices and be OUTED with a RECALL.

  4. Lots of luck, if the sheriff is a legally elected official he has overall jurisdiction in his county.

  5. The official ordering any confiscation of any gun under the delusion that the gun is “illegal by some esoteric definition, or the seizure of said weapon is ordering the violation of the Second and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution, and should be immediately arrested by the law officer receiving that order.

  6. Let’s IMPEACH these ILLEGAL Politicians instead and charge them with TREASON, ASAP. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. My hope is that the newly elected (aka bought and paid for puppets of Lord Bloomingbird) stop and realize they are clearly moving in the wrong direction. They need to understand they were elected as representatives of the citizens in their districts, not the scumbag, dictator wannabe Bloomingbird.

    Look and act carefully for you are stepping all over your constituents constitutional rights and you are not operating from a position true power. The majority of law enforcement, local and county representatives, and most likely many of your guardsmen have clearly said they will not stand with you. Your stance is like the little mouse flipping the bird at the raptor about to devour you. It may be impressive, but it absolutely stupid. Drop your arrogance.

  8. Did not the Governor also take an oath to protect the constitution which includes the bill of rights were the Second Admenment resides. So if he will not hold to his oath than he should be held accountable and be removed and that goes for all how hold office in the house, and the senate.

  9. I work as a security officer on a 24\7 contract so I can’t go va. To show my support but to all patriots I say show up If you can or at the very least make a contribution. To G.O.A stop this crap in its tracks before it spreads any further….

  10. The proposals of the governor violates both the US and the Virginia Constitutions allowing gun ownership. County sheriffs are the highest law enforcement within each county. They are elected by the people and are responsible to the people of their counties. They can tell the state what they can and can’t do within their counties. They are also paid by the county, not the state. As for the national guard, they are a part of the US military and are paid by the federal government, not the state. The state has control of the guard when it comes to natural disasters and civil unrest, but they can’t be used by the state to enforce their unconstitutional laws. Besides the guardsmen and women are gun owner themselves or have family and friends that own guns, they will not enforce any gun laws. They will side with their family and friends. So the demos have a tough row to hoe when it comes to enforcement of illegal laws.

  11. Northrup should have been hounded out of office. Now the Republicans really have a fight on their hands!. Northrup better be careful-he is playing with fire. If he “wins” this battle, it will also set a precedent for sanctuary cities that protect illegal immigrants. It won’t take him long to fall from grace in the Democrat Party if that happens. What I fear most is that most law-abiding Virginians will resist this gun-grab and their will be dire consequence. Mike Bloomberg may have found an idiot governor willing to take his money, but elitist Mike isn’t taking into consideration the liberty loving patriots of Virginia who are not going to give up their God-given rights to a Black-face wearing governor and a NY elitist liberal.

  12. The Federal Government must move in and arrest the law makers, since they are demanding an unconstitutional Non-law be enforced. Any cop that is worth their salt will arrest the government (State) officials that sign or endorse their crazy law. If the democrat’s are so stupid that they think the Virginia National Guard will enforce an unconstitutional act, its beyond stupid, any soldier has the right to refuse any unlawful order! Virginia needs to review the UCMJ and the US Constitution. Oops! Democrat’s don’t think they have to com[ply with the US Constitution or Bill of Rights! The state is about to really get sued!

  13. If the legislature passes such laws, and the governor signs them, then the government is a tyranny and all who so voted are by definition traitors. The penalty for treason is death. The scenario is round up all the Democrats by 9am, trial at 10am, verdict at 11am, hanging at high noon. The bbq starts at 1pm, the football game starts at 2pm. Problem solved, example set for the next bunch. End of problem.

  14. Recall all democratics really they are breaking the Law arrest and prosecute them anyone that tries to Change, Twist, Ignore, Our Constitution is a Traitor needs removed from office and prosecuted it is the Law of this Land anyone trying to change or destroy it is a Traitor that includes politicians State and Federal judges, police, military, atheists, muslims, socialist communist all are not to INFRINGE On Our Rights Freedoms. And these teachers in all schools k- College you don’t like America then leave you are not Forced to stay here go to Europe or Iran were you want that type of life NOT HERE we like our country and we need to get all these illegal garbage congress has forced on us removed like No Islamist are allowed in this country it was law and we need to bring it back, even way back the government knew they where not accepting our way of life so get them back to their own countries

  15. If it is county Sheriff’s that are refusing to enforce an unconstitutional law the State can’t do shit about it as the Sheriff’s are elected by the citizens same as the counterfeit Legislators, But the sheriff maybe can arrest he legislator on criminal charges, Just need a judge with balls.

  16. The Civil War will start in Virginia as Democrats have put themselves above the law. The Governor and Attorney General of Virginia have claimed they are above the law and “We The People”. Those two idiots better remember if you fire upon our rights we will all come to their, the people, aid armed and ready. Governor North you have played your hand, look out and always look behind yourelf;

    • This will be a true “CIVIL WAR” instead of the war between the states of 1861 – 1865. A “Civil war” is one group trying to oust the group which is in power. The US has never had this kind of conflict since the beginning.

  17. The Democrats in Virginia are Actually Showing why the 2nd Amendment was Adopted. This Sure Smacks of Tyranny to this American, and if They Keep it up They will have an Armed Rebellion on Their Hands!

  18. From the perspective of a retired cop, this is a hard call. You get fired, you lose the ability to take care of your family. You obey the law and you lose your self-respect. Easy to make statements unless its you in the trenches.

    The real pressure is going to be on the sheriffs, but it does roll downhill. As a young policeman in L.A. I had a LT who was running for the City Council. My partner and I brought an illegal with a phony green card, a felony. He told us to take our ‘honored guest’ back where we found him and to apologize to him. We bundled him in our car and drove to where Immigration had their lockup and left him there. The moral of the story is to not get caught. You do your routine patrol and don’t do anything which might involve taking firearms away from honest citizens.

  19. There are no intelligent Democrats in Virginia! Just a bunch of idiots with no brains or sense of responsibility. The Dems are passing laws that are not constitutional and will be overturned by the courts!

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