Could Gun Control Have Really Prevented This Tragedy?


Gun control advocates never stop saying the most ridiculous things. Everytime some nutcase opens fire and injures and/or kills people, gun control advocates scream that more gun control would have saved lives.

But a recent mass shooting in California should make you question that narrative from anti-gunners. Jack Phillips writes,

The Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office in California said Wednesday that eight people died during a shooting at a Valley Transportation Authority railyard near San Jose.

“There are multiple injuries and multiple fatalities in this case,” sheriff’s Deputy Russell Davis told reporters near the crime scene, while confirming the number of victims who died. “The suspect is confirmed deceased.”

Davis said the suspect was an employee at the Valley Transportation Authority and the victims were also employees of the agency. The incident occurred at around 6:30 a.m. PT.

It’s not clear what type of firearm the suspect, who was not identified, used in the shooting, said Davis. Also unclear is whether the shooting took place indoors or outdoors.

“A horrible tragedy has happened today, and our thoughts and love goes out to the VTA family, the organization, and what they’ve had to go through,” Valley Transportation Authority chair Glenn Hendricks told reporters on the scene, adding that the incident occurred when the light rail service was starting for the day.

The shooting took place where Valley Transportation Authority vehicles are maintained and stored, he said.

So, would stricter gun control have stopped this tragedy? After all, it happened in California where gun control is strict. If already strict gun control didn’t stop this horrible shooting, what will more be able to do?


The answer is: Nothing.

That’s because gun control doesn’t work. All it really does is to keep the people who want to keep everyone safe from being able to have a firearm on their person when the stuff hits the fan. It makes it a lot harder to stop a slaughter if you can’t shoot back.



  1. They answer to the question “what would have stopped this carnage” is not “nothing”. In literally every public institution of “learning” in this country, the Leftist enemies of humanity who have been undermining them for half a century have created the disordered, self centered, entitled, self esteemed individuals that when they become teens and adults commit these heinous crimes against others. They then blame the behavior that results from the deceptions they have instilled in our children since early childhood on firearms or anywhere else that will distract from its true source. Few parents even noticed and many of the deceived among their ranks became unwitting participants in the event when in the 1960’s the legitimate virtue of self respect (selflessness) was discarded and supplanted by the phony virtue of self esteem (selfishness) at the hands of socially predatory instructors and mentors among others. Just ask yourself, when was the last time you ever heard the term “self respect” employed in any discussion with respect to raising children. Some of the deceived were complicit and are today while others were simply ignorant and complacent having been deceived themselves as children. As long as Americans who know better continue to finance the crap handed down to them by teachers unions, school administrators and other deceived or corrupted enemies of family and freedom, entrusting their vulnerable children to these social predators, the carnage will continue unabated. Once these enemies of your children’s genuine humanity are exposed for who they are, fewer and fewer will continue to entrust their children to them and skills of cognitive ability and enemy recognition will begin to return in them.

  2. No, and I seem to remember some one in WW II era that did gun registration & then picked them all up-door to door.

  3. Thank You (ain’t so) 😃
    Cause you are So Fucking Right 😠😠😠😠😠
    I, myself am very tired of the Socialist undermining of our Society !
    Time to investigate former teachers of these alleged shooter’s and observe their Teaching techniques of our Children……..and the poisioness SOCIALIST BULLSHIT that they spread throughout the Nation 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  4. The only thing “gun control” prevents is normal people being able to protect themselves! Never seen a criminal that gives two sh**s about gun laws!!

    • Exactly! Criminals, by definition, are law breakers! And the law makers know that and they don’t care. All that those gun-banners care about is establish a totalitarian dictatorship (yes, I’m being redundant). They seem to care little or nothing about human life (like the Soviet Communists) andhave decided that power isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.

    • Actually criminals care a lot about gun control. They want even more restrictive laws passed thereby ensuring they (the criminals) are safe from their victims.

  5. A firearm is a tool. No different than an ax, a chainsaw or a shovel. When used as intended, it is harmless. Left to itself, it will not move or commit any offense. When misused or handled by a person with an evil mind, it becomes deadly.

    If you are really serious about changing gun violence, begin in the home. Raise your children to respect others, to have faith in God and to treat others as you would be treated. Teach them about firearms, how to respect them, how to use them and the consequences of not handling them responsibly. Because, in the end, it is not a firearm that kills. It is the evil, immoral person holding the gun that does.

  6. No stricter gun control laws would not have prevented this crime, millennial parents of today do not teach their children self respect nor respect for others. A lot of those same parents are strung out on alcohol and drugs. Most mass shootings occur where no firearms signs are posted which doesn’t stop anyone from coming in with a firearm if they have a grudge with someone. What would have stopped it would have been if he had known other law abiding citizens were there with their firearms

    • Nobody can carry a gun in California, that’s why the shooter wasn’t stopped before killing people. Its still not the fault of a gun its the mentally impaired person pulling the trigger, so the blame should be on the person pulling the trigger not on the gun. Most mass shootings happen in states with strict gun laws, so gun control doesn’t work because if someone wants to use one to do harm all they have to do is go into a back alley and buy one from a black market gun runner.

    • Harry, how about the shooting in a Texas church where a good citizen was able to take out a wannabe mass shooter before he was able to shoot anyone? In California, GOOD CITIZENS are not allowed to carry guns AND they obey the laws. But, the one BAD guy with the gun did not obey the law and was successful because of the IGNORANT law.

      • Amen to that! I’m not sure Harry was being negative. I took his comment to mean there was no one there to stop the shooting because they’re not allowed to have a gun.

  7. Good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun examples are for more prevalent then bad guy with the gun kills many. Unfortunately, the MSM never reports on the good guy with a gun unless he or she gets killed. Also, we all know guns just don’t “go off” all by themselves, even when they are dropped. It’s too bad so many people get their information from Hollyweird. Until gun myths stop being perpetuated in the movies and on TV shows many people are still going to believe them. The ignorance displayed, even expected, in drama sickens me! Maybe we should start holding movies/cop shows accountable for people running around with their fingers on the trigger like “they do in the movies”

  8. Where I live, Silicon Valley, unless you contributed $10K or more to the stupid sheriff’s re-election fund, you couldn’t get a concealed carry permit, even if you were a jeweler carrying raw diamonds from place to place.

  9. Not a single piece of Anti Gun Legislation has prevented a crime.
    Criminals don’t care that it’s against the law.

    For every Law that’s been passed, Criminals find a way to circumvent or break it.

    Why people don’t understand that FACT, makes me ponder their intelligence.

  10. Gun control only works for tyrants, no Anti Gun Laws will stop a Criminal Act’s Stronger Criminal penalty’s will help …
    Crime rose with lenient judges giving soft sentences …
    Good guys obey the law Criminals DON’T …

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