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As a responsible gun owner, you hope that you never have to use your weapon to defend yourself, but you also know that the sad reality of our world is that you just may find yourself in the situation where you have to fire on someone to protect yourself or someone that you love.

A homeowner in the East San Francisco Bay area of Brentwood, California, found himself having to use this last resort to protect himself from robbers who wanted what was inside his gun safe. Unfortunately for them, that’s exactly what they got. Chase Stephens writes,

[Neighbor Reggie] Nichols went outside to see what was happening. “I could see the guy lying in the street, so then I came back and got my flashlight and got my phone, ran over there. He was still alive but he wasn’t doing good,” Nichols said.

The homeowner came out and explained to Nichols that four men tried to break into his house about 11:40 p.m. and steal a safe.

“They made him open the safe. After he opened the safe, I guess they weren’t ready for him,” Nichols remarked, adding that his friend “came out blasting.”

Nichols also said,

I think he had the right to do what he did. Like I said, I’ve seen him. He was really shook up. I don’t think he wanted to do it but he felt like his life was in danger.

Fortunately, no charges have been filed against the homeowner as his actions appear to be legitimate self-defense.

In this situation, it’s both fortunate and unfortunate that the homeowner had a gun safe in his house. Unfortunate because the robbers specifically seemed to want what was in that safe. Fortunate, though, because he was able to use what was in that safe to save his own life.

It’s also good to remember that it’s exactly these kind of high-stress situations that we need to train for so that if we find ourselves in this kind of awful situation, we can take the effective action needed to save innocent lives.

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A brazen robbery gone wrong in San Antonio has resulted in several people being shot. While the situation is still unfolding at this point, it has been reported that a bystander with a concealed carry permit shot one of the suspects.


After the suspects fled the store, a man, described by McManus as a “good Samaritan” tried to stop the two men.

One of the robbers then fatally shot the man, McManus said.

A second individual, who was carrying a licensed concealed weapon, then shot and wounded the robber who had killed the person who intervened, McManus said.

McManus called the fatal shooting “absolutely senseless.” The victim’s name was not immediately released by authorities.

The other robber fled the mall, firing his weapon and injuring a man and a woman. These two individuals, along with the injured robber, were taken to local hospital, said San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood.

Two other people— a woman who complained of chest pains and a pregnant woman who had labor pains — were also taken to local hospitals, Hood said.

The condition of the people who were injured in the incident was not immediately available.

McManus says police are still looking for the other robber who is believed to have left the mall.


It doesn’t seem like the first good Samaritan who tried to intervene was armed. Tragic that he was killed in cold blood.

Not only did the armed citizen potentially prevented more people from being shot, he also may have sent a chill down the spine of other would be robbers. In a state like Texas, where concealed carry permits are relatively easy to come by, any thug committing murder and robbery in such a public setting should think twice. All accounts at this point seem to indicate that the second robber was firing indiscriminately as he left the scene.

Hopefully no one else dies in the hospital. Six people in total have been shot. The police are aggressively hunting down the suspect at large.


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A pair of armed lowlifes were in the process of robbing a Waffle House restaurant when a waitress ran out to her car and put a stop to the madness. She retrieved a gun and fired a warning shot in the air. With hot lead raining down from the sky, the thugs decided that the robbery was over and fled with a measly $200. The waitress has been fired and some speculate that this termination was due to Waffles House’s ban on employees possessing guns.

To the media’s horror the armed citizen strikes again:

O.K. granted, as a general rule of thumb, warning shots in the air are usually an ill-advised self defense strategy.

That being said, it’s not like the bullet falling from the sky poses some sort of extreme danger to the public like the reporter claims it does. As this MythBusters finding demonstrates, a shot fired straight up in the air probably can’t fall with enough velocity to be fatal, but when fired at an angle the falling bullet could potentially reach lethal velocity. It’s pretty unlikely that the bullet would have the bad luck of: (A.) landing on someones head, and (B.) have enough velocity to kill them, but it’s at least remotely possible.

Anyway, the risk of injury from falling bullets isn’t the main reason that warning shots are generally a bad idea. A shot meant to get attention and show the criminals that you mean business, could be misinterpreted as an attack on them, resulting in retaliatory gunfire. In most circumstances it’s a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the wrong decision.

The bottom line, this waitress was in fear for her life and did what she saw as necessary to protect herself. The shot in the air added little danger to the public and the thugs ran like hell for their lives. Score one for the armed citizen!

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Some people just can’t stay off of the social media. A thug in Staten Island demanded that the store owner he was robbing, live stream the robbery on Facebook or be killed. Live streaming is a relatively new Facebook feature that allows users to broadcast videos live to their friends and the world.

Not only was the crime caught on Facebook, it was also recorded on the stores security cameras. Now the police have two sources of video evidence and one source of audio to prosecute the suspect they arrested less than a half hour after the incident.

A more complete accounting of this bizarre incident can be found here.

Watch the dumbass criminal do his dumbass deeds below:

The store owner does his best to play it cool and deescalate the situation. Just before this recording started, the thug threatened to kill the store owner if he didn’t record the incident.

New York’s gun laws make it difficult for citizens to protect themselves, but in this case, a calm demeanor was all that was required to survive the knife wielding ice cream thief.

The thug got his wish and he went viral. Now he can enjoy his 15 minutes of fame from behind bars, where he belongs.





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