These 145 CEO’s Of Companies Are Begging Congress To Take Your Guns


It used to be that the heads of companies kept their personal politics out of their company’s policies. People understood that a company was made up of people from all kinds of beliefs and backgrounds and that the company was there to provide a quality product or service and to make money so that employees could feed their families.

But, apparently, those days are over. Now, in case you’ve jumped to the conclusion that I’m talking about LGBTQ rights (a lot of companies have decided to take sides on that contentious set of issues), I’m not. I’m still talking about one of the main subjects that you came to this site to read about: gun rights. And, yes, there are a bunch of companies, it seems who want to take away your guns. Amelia Lucas gives us the details:

Leaders of 145 companies wrote a letter to the Senate on Thursday, urging the legislative body to take action on gun safety.

The letter notes recent gun violence in Chicago, Newport News, Virginia, and other places, calling it a “public health crisis.” But the leaders also say that gun violence is preventable, and lawmakers can step in to head off tragedies.

“That’s why we we urge the Senate to stand with the American public and take action on gun safety by passing a bill to require background checks on all gun sales and a strong Red Flag law that would allow courts to issue life-saving extreme risk protection orders,” they wrote in the letter.

Red flag laws, which are also known as extreme risk laws, allow family members or law enforcement to petition a court to prevent someone temporarily from obtaining firearms.

“These proposals are common-sense, bipartisan and widely supported by the American public. It is time for the Senate to take action,” the letter concludes.

Of course, this letter was signed by people who I would bet money have never had a gun in their hands for any reason and wouldn’t know the sensible end of it if their life depended on it. Which, ironically, is why they hire other people to carry guns to protect them while trying to disarm people like you and me who just want to shoot for sport and to protect our families.


So, the heads of companies like Uber, Lyft, Levi Strauss, Gap, Dick’s Sporting Goods (surprise!), and the obviously politically conservative Beyond Meat signed this letter.

Guess who is likely to see a drop in business just like Dick’s Sporting Goods did? Once word gets out, likely all of these companies. Simply because their CEOs are ignorant and self-righteous when it comes to guns and so spend their time virtue signalling instead of running their companies (or at least getting educated before they sign a letter like this).



  1. As I learn just which CEO’s signed the letter I will file the name of their company with the others from whom I will never knowingly buy anything.
    I’ll find a substitute or do without.

  2. I found out Nextdoor signed on without consulting their users so I promptly deleted the app and any messages get sent to spam.I wish you would have listed all 145 companies involved so I can seek alternatives .

    • It burns me to no end when an article doesnt list all the facts. I need to know which companies those are as well.

    • Yes and please let me know who these companies are.if someone has never blead for the USA or was never taught how to behave like a man and what that means.these type of people are only about them selves I am referring to the anti gun people who are scared because they know what they have been doing is wrong and are terrified that people will make them pay for being such an theiving ass.please Parton my frankness.

    BYE BYE!

  4. Glad to know, now I have less places to shop and send money. Just remember you can not fix stupid. If some one wants to kill it will happen regardless if it’s a gun, knife, hammer, screwdriver, etc.

  5. surprising all but Dick’s (from the list above) is all based out of San Francisco, CA.. America and real Patriots Let those LGBT all rot in hell!! When did CA become the US vs just one state within it??? I as well will stop buy/ using service from these companies!! When will this fault line breal CA off and fall into the ocean? do we need a few mortor round to help??

  6. Please do not be like “Main Stream Media”. Provide us a list of the companies that are onboard with gun control, “Red Flag”, registration, regulation and the likes. You only mentioned a few of the 145 companies who signed. By the way, one could say that these same companies are “Anti Constitution”.
    It is not hard to look up or understand the “Second Amendment”. There is an on going attempt to remove our “Constitutional Rights” and Freedom. These same people do not want “Free Speech”, “Freedom Of Religion”, “Taxation Without Representation”, The Electoral College, and many more things. Our Rights are being chiseled away.

  7. So, 145 CEO’S? Who are they? Name the Companies they head, the rest of the “name’s” of People on the Board of Director’s Are and all of the Companies they sit on the Board Of! You don’t like the Constitution and Bill Of Rights Of the United States Of America, maybe you ALL should try someplace like China!

  8. Yes, I want to know everyone of these 145 CEO’s?
    Because I will certainly boycott everyone of them.
    The 2 Second Amendment will not be infringed upon. Yes, there are nut cases out there.
    There are more people killed by knives then guns.
    There are more people killed by automobiles the guns. All a automobile is is a guided missile. Let’s restrict them. No one that drinks, takes drugs, smokes dope, shoots heroine, smokes meth, or snorts cocaine can drive a vehicle.

    But, most importantly, post ALL companies that say the government should take our guns away.

  9. These anti-2d Amend. CEO’s are liars to say the majority of citizens believe that anti-gun sentiments are bi-partisan and “common sense” so confiscation of all firearms will eliminate gun violence! Rubbish! This is Socialist/Communism philosophy and goes against our Constitution, so will be opposed completely!

  10. Yes and please let me know who these companies are.if someone has never blead for the USA or was never taught how to behave like a man and what that means.these type of people are only about them selves I am referring to the anti gun people who are scared because they know what they have been doing is wrong and are terrified that people will make them pay for being such an theiving ass.please Parton my frankness.

  11. It always amazes me how stupid the CEOs of companies can be and yet they are chief executive officer of their company. Surprisingly, quite often when these people are let go the whole company finds out how dumb they were about the business. So these morons don’t really mean squat.

  12. It would have been nice to see the actual letter and the names of the company CEO’s who signed it.

  13. Author lacks dignity of an complete article by leaving this reader in the dark. I shall blacklist him from my emails along with the 145 CEOS once found out.

  14. If all you are doing is re-sending a press release from the Fear Mongering Fake news media, then you are of no use to the gun owners who more than likely want to know who all 148 big names are and who they represent, so we can voice our own discontent with their decisions by boycotting their companies. It is noble to be the town crier, but the decibels of discontent increase 10,000,000-fold when all are informed.

    I would like to see who is trying to take my second amendment rights.


  17. Speaking of Dicks …. any group, penning an article like the one above, which doesn’t list the 145 Companies, is also kind of a DICK! …. Post the names, or also share the boycott … touting info and not giving it, is a DICK maneuver, called CLICK BAIT!

  18. There is no doubt in my mind that Progressive Insurance is on the list. The president is a flaming liberal that hates what the US is about. If you need proof, pay attention to their ridiculous and childish commercials. They are written to ridicule their audience and everything we stand for.

  19. These companies are pandering to the liberal, government indoctrinated public. People are led by the nose like cattle to follow the communist news media and the communist democrats. The indoctrination is in our government (public) schools and communist led higher education. The Constitution hinders their ability to take over the United States and turn our country into a totalitarian state. This country was ruled by law in the past and in the majority of my life. Over the past 15 or more years, the country is being ruled by “popular opinion”, in the government and in the courts. If we want to retain your Constitutional rights, both of freedom of speech and the RIGHT to bear arms, we have to speak up and speak louder than the communists. This has been going on since the end of WWII. England fired Winston Churchill, a hero of WWII, and replaced him with socialists. General Patton wanted to kick the Russian army’s butt’s all the way back to Moscow and was killed in an “traffic accident”. John Kennedy wanted to end our involvement in Vietnam and the democrats and even Lyndon Johnson had him killed. 58,000 plus fine young Americans paid the ultimate price for Johnson’s folly and the democrats’ goal to turn us to socialism was in full swing. I am a veteran and missed going to Vietnam by days in 1972. One of my good high school friends died there. Well, they are achieving their goal and have kicked into overdrive since Donald Trump beat their communist hero, Clinton. Now is the time to stand-up for America, the Constitution, for traditional family values and our ability to worship God as we choose. The left wants to destroy everything this country stands for and our families. Don’t let them do it. I swore to die for all Americans, even the ones I would rather terminate. I have three Honorable discharges from the US military and I do not care if these companies survive or fail. It is time to speak up and fight or lose over 200 years of American history and freedom.

  20. 2nd paragraph, last word (in blue) details: click on it. list all 150 Names and Company’s

  21. So to whom ever posted the entire list. A big thank you. While there was a lot of liberal blah blah stuff I’d would never use or patronize, there were several businesses I used previously. I say previously cause their Business is now on my banned list. Don’t respect my 2A rights then my wallet doesn’t open up for you either. Like others posted, I used to spend a lot of money at a now nameless sporting Good store. I won’t ever again.

  22. To Peter J Bertini and Hardluck, Thank you for showing me how to get the list. I printed it. Now I will avoid these when I can. I might Have to use 2 of them to keep my job. Others, I will avoid.

  23. I quit Dicks Sporting goods years ago, when they climbed into bed with Sarah Brady to steal my second amendment rights out from under me and they decided then to stop selling handguns. never regretted it one singal day, good riddence to bad rubbish….

  24. If you want to read the full letter.
    1. Click on “details” in the above article.
    2. It will take you to a new website
    3. half way down click on “Read the letter here” as published in the New York Times
    4 All 145 companies andnames are listed

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