School Board Vote Will INFURIATE Anti-2A Activists


The safety of our children is easily one of the most important things to any parent. After all, protecting their family is one of the driving factors for many people to buy their first firearm. Maybe you’re one of those people.

So, with school shootings being all over the news over the last few decades, it’s no wonder that parents (both gun owners and non-gun owners) are wanting to know how to best make sure that their kids keep safe at school.

People unfamiliar with firearms often tend to opt toward the idea that the government can protect their children by controlling or banning guns (even though that hasn’t happened anywhere that’s been tried). Other parents have different ideas, often because they have a better understanding of how school shootings tend to happen (spend just under two hours here if you want to be one of the few people who do know how those horrible situations tend to go and what the data says is the best way to minimize the number of deaths in a school shooting situation).


One school board has apparently been paying attention to the actual data around school shootings, and a recent vote by them will make anti-2A zealots lose their minds. Candace Hathaway writes,

On Monday, an Iowa school board voted to allow some teachers and staff to carry guns on campus.

During the Cherokee Schools board meeting, 32 individuals voted in favor of the measure and 11 voted against it.

Some parents expressed concern, presenting data about school shootings and requesting more information about the training the teachers would receive.

Other parents stated that they were grateful for the policy change and believe it is necessary to better ensure the safety of children at school.

“I think they should be afforded that safety that government and politicians have,” said Larry Pigott, grandfather of 11 kids in the school district. “I feel that is a necessity due to the times that we are living in.”

Another parent noted, “I just think of the difference it could have made at Sandy Hook or in Texas.”

The school board overwhelmingly agreed and voted to implement the concealed carry policy.

Good for this school board for taking sensible steps to protect children. We hope that other school boards follow suit and do the same.



  1. 9/14/2022, Christopher Scott Murphy of Democrat from Connecticut, with 2 words of, “I object,” to a Republican bill by Senator Ted Cruz, that would put police in schools for protection in the Nation’s schools to protect our kids and this DEMOCRAT just shut it down all for destroying the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution. For the next mass shooting or school mass shooting just remember this: It was NOT the Republicans who allowed it but Democrats with 2 words, “I OBJECT.”
    Senator Ted Cruz has a bill does what is above and there is money already appropriated from all of the government money that is not being used for anything. With ON MONDAY, AN IOWA SCHOOL BOARD VOTED TO ALLOW SOME TEACHERS AND STAFF TO CARRY GUNS ON CAMPUS is doing something that the democrats refuse to do.


  3. If we leave the kids in school then the faculty should do all possible to make it as safe as possible. I want some of the teachers and faculty to be armed especially if they are former military or law enforcement. This is a no-brainer. My son is a police officer and on his off days he provides school security and even has to provide it for a church on Sunday. this should not be required but that is what we have let the politicians bring us to! My son said he would like to see some of the school administration be allowed to carry. Because a school is a big area and by the time he could locate the problem and take out an active shooter, how much damage he could do in the meantime?

  4. I am so confused about people who care more about the criminal than the innocent. I say punt them off the planet. Either wake up or get the hell out of the way.

  5. Finely people that aren’t so afraid of guns look at the data and see that you ( or the teacher ) are the best FIRST RESPONDER …

  6. I hope that the teachers will get the same gun training as is given to Concealed Carry Permit holders, and the school districts pay for the training and licensing fees.

  7. When I was in high school in NY I was on a rifle team. There were four of us in my class. We had our rifles in the case with 22 ammo leaning against the back wall and would carry it from class to class. Never had a problem. Years later shot on a pistol team in the school basement range andnever had a problem. This is in NY

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